I believe we are set free with the ability to receive more abundance, joy and love when we end soul contracts with the Angel’s help.


Soul contracts – how they work.


I am an extremely loyal person.  Looking back on my life I can see how making agreements (which result in soul contracts) with others held me back when I said yes and really wanted to be saying no, but said yes out of guilt or obligation.

As I got older I learned to say no to requests of my time and energy when I knew in the end it would just end up dragging me down and taking me further away from my soul’s purpose.

It’s hard enough to not make agreements (soul contracts) in this lifetime out of a sense of obligation, loyalty, duty, or feeling like we owe something to others out of guilt.

What about agreements we have in past lives?  Could past life soul contracts be affecting us now?

Here’s what Archangel Michael and the healing team have to say about soul contracts we may have…


Archangel Michael and the Healing Team, what soul contracts do we need to end from our current life and how do we know if past life soul contracts need to be cleared?


“It’s a good practice overall to ask that all soul contracts be ended, across all timelines and on all dimensions.  We say this to you because all agreements made in all places you exist in (even in past lives) can create a vulnerability.  It also creates a cording into your energy system (your auric field) now.

This is because all timelines exist at once, as do all dimensions.  Nothing is separate.  There are darker beings who enjoy utilizing these agreements and even tricking humans into making soul contracts.  These soul contracts can cause a rift in the timeline, which creates an opening to enter into and feed off of the light of humans by the dark for their own purposes.  Uncleared soul contracts also cause energetic disturbances with one’s overall health, which can contributes to long term health issues if left unaddressed.

Interdimensional soul contract tricking by darker beings has been happening for at least a millennia here on earth.  This causes humans to feel drained, confused and lost.  Humans also receive thoughts from these darker (lower consciousness) interdimensional beings that are not for the person’s highest and best good.

Darker interference like this is part of the culprit of the hate crimes on earth. This allows not-so-good interference from darker beings.  It also directly contributes to people acquiring addictions that end up sucking the life force energy out of them.  We have given you a prayer below you can say that will help you end these soul contracts that may be prohibiting you from reaching your full potential.

Whenever you feel restricted, bound up, not free or cannot reach higher emotional joy states you may want to say the prayer.  It gives us permission to help you interdimensionally where most of the vulnerabilities are so that the dark cannot access you from other interdimensional places across the timeline.

We also can do this with even deeper healing and clearing during the Monday Night Angel Healing Sessions For Empaths.  During which you receive past life karmic DNA healing, along with a stronger light shield of protection put into place around your auric field so that you cannot be played upon by the dark so easily.

This is our specialty to see what it happening on all dimensions of time at once.  Which helps us bring healing for those areas that block humans from seeing the truth.  For humanity has been played upon like this for a very long time on earth.  Being interfered with has prohibited them from fully accessing their Divine light directly.

It is your birthright to request that all soul contracts be ended.  This helps set you free so you can have more abundance, joy, love and fully embody your soul’s purpose while in physical incarnation.

Your requests will be made so.

We love you infinitely, always and forever,



What prayer do I use to end soul contracts with things that are not for my highest and best good?


“Archangel Michael and the healing team, 

Please end all contracts, bonds, pacts, alignments and agreements between anything that is not for my highest and best good including all dark or lower level energies.

Please do this across all time and space, dimensions, realities and on all timelines. 

Thank you and so it is.”


(This is the prayer that’s included when you purchase the Empath Portable Unit (Archangel Crystal Lights) (Revolutionary Sage Alternative).


Here’s a couple questions for you I’d love to hear your feedback on in the comments below…

  1. Where in your life do you wish you felt more freed up with less entanglements?
  2. What haven’t you been able to make progress and move forward with no matter how hard you try?

I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.

May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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