Cutting Energetic Cords Prayer With Archangel Michael Blessings! VIDEO

Cutting Energetic Cords Prayer With Archangel Michael Blessings!

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Cutting Energetic Cords Ceremony Prayer With Angel Blessings


“I ask Archangel Michael, all of the Archangels, and God (the Divine) to cut cords between anyone, or anything that I’m corded to now.


Please remove the root of all cordings and clear any negative energy in and around me from these cords.


Remove all negative energies, frequencies, thought forms, not for my highest and best good or that are seeking to disturb.


Please remove all negative energies and these cords across all time and space, all dimensions, all levels, and on all timelines. 


I invite the Angels, Archangels, and the Divine to place a shield of protection around me now and my loved ones so that we are safe, secure, loved, and protected.


I give my permission for you to protect and bless me and my loved ones now and while we sleep.


Thank you and so it is.”

About the Author

Kimberly is a Love Specialist Intuitive Who Channels Messages That Bring Emotional Healing.

She’s also the author of 365 Days of Archangel Messages and Empath Survival Journal available on Amazon.

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