9 Powerful Archangel Michael Prayers for Healing (Video)

Archangel Michael Prayers for Healing


One thing I think you’ll agree with me on is that the world needs more good-hearted prayers because things don’t seem to be getting any easier.

In this video I read you the 9 Archangel Michael Prayers that are in this blog post that I channeled for you.  Enjoy…


In my early twenties as a single Mom I used to wonder whether prayers really worked, so often times I would avoid praying because I didn’t want to bother the angels with my measly requests.  


That all changed when I was coming home after dropping my toddler son off at his father’s house for the evening.  I stopped to check my mailbox and after taking the key out, three gang guys with masks turned the corner and had a gun turned sideways pointed at my face.


I saw fear in their eyes and backed away.  They told me to get down on the ground.


I reacted by backing up, cursing and yelling at them out of sheer terror, not knowing what I was saying really.  I threw my keys down on the ground towards them.


In that instant, I prayed for help and suddenly something told me to turn and run around the corner away from them to try and make it to a neighbor’s door in my townhouse complex.  I had a sudden instinct while I was running that if they shot me in the back, then I’d still make it to a door and to the hospital.


To my surprise, they didn’t shoot me…


I banged on two neighbors doors before someone answered and called the police.  The gang guys took my purse that was in my car. 


The cops later made sure they wouldn’t be able to come back and steal my car in the middle of the night by unhooking something in the engine.  


From this point forward I knew that prayers work!


I’m going to reveal with you nine incredibly powerful Archangel Michael Prayers for Healing that you can say when you need them the most.  They’ll bring you Divine protection and infinite blessings…


Tips When You Pray For Healing

  • Picture… in your mind’s eye who you’re praying to…
  • For instance, all of the prayers you’re gonna read below, I channeled directly from Archangel Michael
  • It’s suggested you picture Archangel Michael within your thoughts before saying the prayers so that he knows you’re calling on him. 
  • He will arrive in less than a split second, as soon as you picture him, because he’s not bound by time, nor space and is dedicated to all humans on earth who ask for his assistance (without question).
  • When you want to pray for family or friends, replace the word “me” or “my” in the prayers with the person’s name so that Archangel Michael and your Divine Angelic Guides will know who you’re praying for exactly.


Are you ready?


Without further ado…


1. Most Powerful Prayer for Healing


“I’m requesting assistance now with all that needs to be healed within me and around me.  I am open to receiving healing light from Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, and all of my Angelic helpers because I know I can’t do this on my own.  


Show me what I can do on my part to heal myself as well.  Assist me with taking the best care of my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self.  


Clear and heal old thought forms and programming getting in the way of me clearly seeing what I need to do for myself.  I give you full permission to clear and heal the root causes of any “dis-ease” occurring within me.


Connect me to my higher self and God completely so I may receive the complete healing power of Divine Light now.  I am open for a miracle to occur.


Thank you and so it is.”


2. Archangel Michael Prayer for Protection


“Archangel Michael, surround me with your protection light now.  I am open for all the assistance you can bring me through your loving grace.  


Help me to stand strong in the face of adversity, darkness, negativity, and chaos of the world.   


Protect me from the darkness of this world and all that is not for my highest and best good.  


Thank you and so it is.”


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3. Prayer To Remove Blockages


“Assist me with seeing more clearly and removing all that’s blocking me from receiving what is for my highest and best good.  


Remove blocks that are standing in the way of me having optimum health, longevity, love, healthy relationships, peace, joy, and prosperity in all areas of my life.  


Help me to see what it is I need to do for myself to see past the misperceived perceptions of truth I may have.  Assist me to know what steps are best for me to take at this time.


Guide me to remember and have the strength to do what is for my highest and best good so that I may thrive in all areas of my life.  


Thank you, and so it is.”


4. Prayer for Clarity and Strength


“Clear the confusion, distortion, limited thinking, old programming, and other people’s energy from around me now.


Remove the 3D filters (old programming) that I may not even know I have that are getting in the way me having ideal health, longevity, love, healthy relationships, peace, joy, and wealth in all areas of my life.  


Help me to see what it is I can do on a 3D, physical level… which you God and my higher self, cannot do for me that I must do for myself.  


Once I can see more clearly what steps I need to take, help me to remember and have the strength to do what’s for my highest and best good so that I may thrive in all areas of my life.  


Thank you, and so it is.”


5. Archangel Michael Prayer Before Bed


“Protect me and my loved ones while we’re sleeping.  Help my dreams be protected and blessed with the purest heavenly light possible.  


Help me to sleep peacefully so my body rejuvenates and heals deeply.  Clear all negative or disturbing energies from within or around me.  Remove any negativity I’ve absorbed from others.  


Help me to understand what my soul’s calling is here on earth so that I can live on purpose each day.  I surrender my will to God’s will for my life now.


Thank you and so it is.”


6. Prayer to Archangel Michael for Financial Help


“I ask for assistance and blessings with knowing how to prosper financially with infinite wealth.  Help me know what I can do for myself to create unlimited abundance in all areas of my life here on earth.  


Guide me with seeing clearly what it is that would create the biggest breakthrough financially for myself.  Clear and heal all old programming, thought forms, beliefs, and other people’s energy that’s getting in the way of me living a prosperous life.  


I am open to receive all that is for my highest and best good financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.  


Show me (with clarity) what options would be for my highest and best good that will create the most financial stability in my life.


Help me create absolute financial freedom for my life, even if I don’t believe I can do it.


Thank you and so it is.”


7. Prayer for Career Guidance


“I ask for assistance with my career now.  Help me to be aware of what options and choices are available that I may not know about.


Show me what would be good for me to learn and help me move forward with courage and a deeper understanding of what my purpose is.  


Show me how I can best serve with the skills and abilities I have and could still develop.  


Help me to see past my limitations I’ve placed on myself within my own mind.  Help me to create absolute financial freedom for my life, even if I don’t believe I can do it.  


Thank you and so it is.”


8. Prayer to St. Michael for Personal Protection


“I give you permission, Archangel Michael, to be my personal protector and spiritual guardian so that I am fully protected ethereally and physically while I walk this earth.  


Assist me to know that you’re near and that you’re real.  Help me to be wise about the choices I’m about to make so that I can also protect myself to the highest degree possible.  


Remove negative energies around me that are not for my highest and best good.  Show me the way so I may know what steps to take that will keep me safe.  


Thank you and so it is.”


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9. Archangel Michael Prayer for Cutting Cords


“Please cut cords between me and anything or anyone that’s draining me energetically, causing me stress, or that’s not for my highest and best good.  


Remove any darker or negative energies from around me or within me that is causing me to feel confused or out-of-sorts.  


I give you permission now and in the future to help me to know who and what’s for my highest and best good and what’s not.  


Help me to set strong boundaries for myself so I can make clearly wise decisions, ideal health, longevity, financial stability, peace, and joy.  


Thank you and so it is.”



In Conclusion

It was my honor to channel these nine super blessed Archangel Michael Prayers for Healing for you and your loved ones.  


May you feel how protected, safe, loved and surrounded with Divine light you are… each and every time you say the prayers for yourself and loved ones.


Remember, you’re worthy of receiving all the Divine love and blessings coming your way.  May your heart be open to receive all the goodness, blessings, abundance, peace, and joy that’s waiting to enter your life this day and forevermore.


Please share this with any friends who may benefit.

PS If you would, take a moment to share the image below on Pinterest because your friends will love it.  Thanks… I appreciate you!

Archangel Michael Prayers for Healing

Archangel Michael Prayers for Healing


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