Predictions – Visions – Messages Typed January 20th, 2022

Predictions – Visions – Messages Typed January 20th, 2022


On 11/22/2019 (right before Covid hit the world) while my twin flame was trance channeling a Higher Being of Light…

Out of over one hundred trance channeling sessions my twin flame has done, this is the only one that was recorded on audio.

Garrett, The Higher Being of Light forwarned us that something was about to occur around the world that would affect everyone.

He proceeded to tell us, “significant changes will be in store, not far, or long…” at section 6:01 in the audio.

It was a subtle warning, yet one that I knew was imminent since I’d also been given dreams that in the year 2020 something was going to hit the earth that would have an impact on everyone around the globe.

I’d even typed an email out to my son at the end of 2019 letting him know I felt like we all needed to be prepared for this event that would affect us significantly.

I haven’t shared this until now…

Press play below to listen to the Trance Channeled Session from 11/22/2019, with Garrett, the Higher Being of Light, that speaks through my twin flame…




My intention for logging the visions, predictions, and messages I receive from the Higher Beings of Light is to help in the Awakening process for those that are ready…

During my incarnation in this lifetime, I have been “groomed” to be a clear channel for the Divine.

I receive clearing and healing sessions daily from the Higher Beings of Light, so that I can be, a “Divine Light” frequency transmitter of the highest order here on earth.

As the Higher Beings of Light transmit their frequency signals through me, as I meditate, sleep at night, and type the messages out in this blog post…

Mother Earth receives those energy transmissions and those who are ready to Awaken can do so with more ease and grace.

They show me…

My Higher Self (The Seraphim Angel part of me) has created a Divine Light energy grid around the entire planet to help in the Ascension process for those raising their hands for more help.


She was able to do this because of my physical incarnation here.

Many times, I have wanted to leave this planet because I have been through intense amounts of pain and trauma with a very rough childhood through age 43.

But the more Spiritual Cleansing Sessions I receive from the Higher Beings of Light, the more I’m able to see what my purpose truly is.

I’m here to be a conduit of light, so others may Ascend when it is time.


Below are visions, messages, and predictions I’ve received that you may read in case they can assist you with your self-care and Awakening process…

1/20/22 – Visions received during meditation after receiving a Spiritual Cleansing Healing Session

In this meditation session with the Higher Beings of Light, I asked…

What’s going to happen to the planet by the year 2028?


Keep in mind the timing can always change because of delays that happen.

These predictions may happen later than 2028 depending on delays or circumstances that occur…


  • There may be an attempt at something or someone trying to overthrow the U.S. Government.
  • Possible World War III has begun.
  • The enemy looks like it is on United States soil.
  • Electrical blackouts occur more frequently.
  • Military tanks outside on the streets.  Cities have a curfew.
  • Lots of threats of missile attacks prior to 2028.
  • We get rescued by Higher Beings of Light (like the Mayans were) before the intense bombings begin (right now looks like 2028 or later, even though timelines can still change).
  • The God blast happens after the bombings begin (right now looks like 2028 or later, even though timelines can still change).
  • I don’t know what “The God Blast” actually is, but my interpretation right now is an Astroid hits the earth or there may be Nuclear Fall out.
  • I recently had an image after we all get lifted up and out of here by Higher Beings of Light (like the Mayans)… most major cities on earth being completely flattened and probes or robotic AI’s are sent from these Higher Beings of Light to inspect the damage in detail.
  • I see lots of people choosing to pass away ahead of time, before 2028, because their soul will give them an “out”, as their life path/purpose is completed on a soul-level here on earth.


These were not fun visions to see.

I asked to be shown images and visions of what was going to happen, what did the world look like by mid-2028?

These visions could be interpreted differently of course.  This was my interpretation of what I was shown by the Angels and Higher Beings of Light for the time being (as this could change somewhat over time).

I know we are being assisted, protected, and guided by the Higher Beings of Light every moment of every day.

They showed me how my Higher Self is a Seraphim Angel, close to God, on the Higher Realms of Light.

The reason I came to earth was so that my higher self and other Higher Beings of Light could assist humanity before Armageddon happens on this planet.

Even with Covid hitting the earth, many may not want to face what is about to happen on this planet during the next 7 years.

I’m shown it will not be pretty.

The Higher Beings of Light have much compassion for us, to say the least!

That is why they are helping us daily.

I’m shown we will be given some “reprieves” during these years.

We need to continue to take the very best care of our health, first and foremost.

Eliminating as much junk food from our diets (if possible). 

Increasing high nutrient, whole foods so that our bodies can become more “tuned” to the Higher Frequencies of Light more easily.

Meditating with the Angels to clear our minds of the stress and turmoil.

Receiving Spiritual Cleansing Healing Sessions, as you are called to do so, to clear dark interference from your energy bodies.

A lot of what is about to happen is because the darkness is being allowed to proliferate before the great cleansing occurs on earth.

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