Spirits In Dreams – Visitation Dreams – Why Do They Happen? VIDEO

Why do spirits in dreams show up?


What to do when you get a visitation dream?

How do you know if the spirits are good for you or not?  Enjoy the video below to find out…


What’s covered in the video…

• How to know whether a visitation dream or spirit in your dreams was good for you or not.
• How to protect yourself from dark energy when you get a bad vibe from a dream…
• What helps you stay protected…
• What to be careful of when participating in meditation with groups of people or at events…
• How to get rid if dark or negative energy that’s bothering you…


Also mentioned in the video:

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Listen to my interview with Alan B. Smith from KGRA Radio, Paranormal Now, on the topic… What The Dark Doesn’t Want You To Know… 


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I would love to hear more about your experiences with any visitation dreams you’ve had and what you felt like afterward in the comments below.


What you have to share just might help someone else…


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