Spiritual Cleansing (Archangels) Healing Sessions

(held weekly)

Need help clearing and healing the Anxiety, Grief, Loss, Fear, Trauma, Emotional Abuse, Codependency, Feeling Lonely, Not Absorbing Negative Energy From Others, Low Self Esteem, Shame, Confusion, or Worry?

If you answered yes that means the weekly Spiritual Cleansing Energy Healing Sessions will benefit you greatly, sooner rather than later.

Ask yourself, “What is hanging onto any of the above costing you or your loved ones?” 

Or do you ?…



  • Want to manifest more abundance?

  • Need more energy protection?

  • Want to find your purpose?

  • Want to find your passion for life again?

  • Desire more self-love?

  • Want to feel more empowered?

  • Need to reconnect with your intuition?

  • Want to take back your power?

If you answered yes to any of the above… you’ll want to reserve your space today by clicking the PayPal button…



  • Weekly Spiritual Cleansing Energy Healing Sessions
  • Weekly Channeled Audio Archangel Messages for You and the Group
  • Weekly 10 Minute Empowerment Audio Angel Meditation (Channeled)
  • Monthly Live Q&A Angel Readings – Email me one question per month and I’ll give you a personal reading on the Live VIP Q&A Angel Reading Call with the recording sent to you as a VIP Member afterward.
  • Access to the VIP member’s area to get support and receive positive energy from other members


$25/week (join today because available spaces will only be open for a limited time)

(Choose Mon or Tue Night)
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You’ll receive your welcome confirmation email within 1-2 hours after purchase, usually sooner.

Pssst… this is the hidden gem of all the Spiritual Cleansing Healing Services because the Seraphim Angel Healing Team is able to clear the energy blocks for you so you can finally receive all the goodness, blessings, love, peace, joy and abundance waiting to reach you. 



Sneak Peek Into The VIP Member’s Area…

You are discovering what prevents you from having an amazing life and more confidence and peace for a reason.


How many thousands of dollars have you spent and hours of frustration and pain have you gone through from trying things to heal the anxiety and past trauma that haven’t really worked?  

These Spiritual Cleansing Energy Healing Sessions will save you thousands of dollars and endless frustrating hours from trying to do it yourself or on healing modalities that don’t work.

How do I receive these weekly Spiritual Cleansing Energy Healing Sessions?

The Spiritual Cleansing Energy Healing Sessions are weekly 1-hour healing sessions given to you by the Archangels and Seraphim Angel Healing Team while resting for an hour in the comfort of your own home on either Monday night at 8 pm PST or 11:59 pm PST on Tuesday night while you sleep.

Your Spiritual Cleansing Healing Sessions happen in the comfort of your own home each week on either Monday or Tuesday night while you rest or sleep.  No travel required.

How does this work?

  1. Choose what day each week you’re available to receive your Energy Healing Sessions (Monday at 8 pm PST or Tuesday at 11:59 pm PST – be sure to check what time it will be in your time zone).
  2. Read the complete instructions for your Angel healing session. these are also sent to you within 2 hours after purchase.
  3. On the night you have chosen you’ll receive your Energy Healing Session for one hour from the comfort of your own home while laying down in a resting position.
  4. You’ll also be receiving protection and healing from Archangel Michael & The Seraphim Angel Healing Team each night of the week while you sleep to clear bring you more energy healing so you feel more loved, protected and peaceful.

How much time will I need?

Only 1 hour per week to receive your Energy Healing Session is needed.  Then 10-15 minutes to listen to your weekly VIP channeled energy healing audio meditation helping you reconnect with your intuition and feel more empowered.

80% DISCOUNT80% off for the Spiritual Cleansing Crystal Light Unit – VIP Members Only

The Seraphim Angel healing team spends over 6 + hours on the night of your healing and bringing you overnight healing the other nights of the week.  They also deliver to you energy protection around the clock, 24/7!

What else will I receive?

  • Soul contracts cleared – to lift the fear, pain or doubt – helping you get what you really want out of life
  • Soul retrieval – lost parts of your soul retrieved and integrated into wholeness with your soul again
  • Healing of past life Karma with the Angels
  • DNA family lineage clearing (healing the bloodline)
  • Blessings from the Angels for more prosperity, peace, confidence, and abundance
  • A stronger more pure connection with the Angels
  • Activation of your Ascension codes with the Angels
  • White rose of peace blessing from Mother Mary
  • Activation of your authentic vibrational self & your soul’s purpose blueprints
  • Blessings from the dolphins
  • Protection blessings from Archangel Michael
  • Activation that enhances your intuition and brings in clear thinking that’s fully aligned to your higher self

You’re not alone.  You’re worth it.  You deserve to be more peaceful, healed, confident, calm, relaxed, blessed, and abundant!

You matter. This is your time to invest in yourself you can feel empowered, peaceful, relaxed, confident and have an amazing life that you deserve.

Angel Healing

HI Meeka 😊

Hope all is well with all of you. Tell Kimberly I’ve been enjoying all the weekly healing sessions.
They are awesome! 💓🤗💓  Marilyn

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Disclaimer:  Kimberly is not a medical doctor and does not practice medicine. Kimberly doesn’t diagnose, heal, cure or treat disease. Kimberly recommends people continue to see their medical doctors and follow their advice. Kimberly’s work and the use of the Spiritual Cleansing Crystal Lights℠ is a complement to conventional medicine. The theory behind these treatments is that the body develops blockages in its energy field and disease or imbalances are the results. These treatments are designed to eliminate those blockages so that energy can flow more freely through the body. Spiritual energetic work theory believes when one’s energy field is in balance, the body’s latent healing ability can heal itself. Kimberly makes no promises or guarantees about the results of this work. You should always consult a qualified healthcare professional with questions about any medical condition. The inspiring stories shared by users are confirmed to the best of our reasoning ability. We make no claims or guarantees regarding anyone’s personal experiences or results from completing the healing sessions, programs or meditations on this website.  By using this website, and purchasing any products or services, you agree that Kimberly and her Company are not responsible for your success or failure with the purchased product or service.