I believe hope is ensured with the Angel’s help.



Angel Healing



Message from Archangel Michael and the Healing Team


“We are with you as you call upon us during your times of inner turmoil and upset.  We are watching over you always.  


Right now it is ever so important to ask for higher assistance, light and love during those times when you feel no one understands you… for we do.  You may be feeling your sensitive nature is amplified even more right now as the world is going through continued political upheaval.  


Your sensitive self may be feeling this more from within the deeper layers of your light body and chemical aura.  Now is the time (as you feel drawn) to call in our light to bring you more viable solutions with anything that is concerning you.  


For when things seem hopeless, this is only the dark playing upon human’s emotions for their gain.  We are here to bring you a higher level of protection, connection and Divine light directly from your Creator.  


The time segment you are in right now has begun a tumultuous period where your leaders are showing that they cannot be relied upon for what they said they would do.  It is up to you to listen from deep within yourself to your inner being and ask, “What’s best for you to know regarding what’s for your highest and best good?”  The answers will be revealed to you by your soul and the Angels.  


When you call upon the Angels and your soul like this you will receive healing from the Angels without question.  So much time has passed since the dark arrived interdimensionally here upon the earth to claim their stake no matter what the cost – much of which has gone on without humanity suspecting there is something behind the scenes (interdimensionally) working for it’s own purposes and not for the good of humanity.  


Many more are waking up to realize that the 3D world cannot be relied upon…for the support and nourishment they truly need is of the soul, from the Divine directly, from their Creator. With the Angel healing that we bring through on Monday nights we remove the dark shrapnel within one’s light body that’s been blocking group participants from knowing the truth and we also bring in higher blueprints from their soul that secure a most loving connection to their soul and Divine.   


We thank everyone that’s in the Group Angel Healing on Monday Nights for requesting our assistance in this way.  It is our honor to refine your higher light connection and protection that surrounds your 3D body and auric field.  


Many humans have holes, cracks and fissures within their auric field (their light body) from past life traumas and hardships in this lifetime.  The darker interdimensional beings see these holes or cracks as a way in to gain ground with humans so they can elevate their society by utilizing the raw materials of this 3D world.  


This has been happening for at least a millennia.  These darker beings do not feel they are doing anything wrong, just as in this 3D earth, some capitalist do not feel they are doing negative things to the earth when they use up all the raw materials for financial gain at the expense of humanity.  


These fissures and holes within the light body (auric field) are entry point vulnerabilities that allow the dark to play upon and utilize unsuspecting humans for their gain.  This is also why you are seeing the political systems around the world play out in the manner they are… like puppets playing out a drama on stage.  


Your requests are heard.  Ask and you will receive higher assistance from us.  


You have more light, power and higher connection then the dark.  By requesting all that is not for your highest and best good be removed from within you first, you allow us to assist you with healing the vulnerabilities or entry points.


When you feel your emotions are not stable and you feel loss of hope, this is a sure sign to call us in to disconnect any cordings or lower level stuff within you and on the outside of your auric field.  This way you are covering more ground.  


So much of the time charged emotional states are played upon by the dark as a way in.  If you have thoughts like you are feeling “crazy”, this is almost a sure sign that the dark is at play on some level.  For inner peace comes from the Divine, chaos from the dark trying to have their way. 


Sometimes all the dark needs to do is trigger the darker shrapnel inside humans to set their frequencies off in order to manipulate or control.  This can wreak havoc upon the health of an individual in a multitude of ways.  


Sensitive souls are especially keen with noticing that something feels “off” within them.  Call upon us for Angel healing and strength, for it is why we are here.  


All of your requests and prayers are heard.  We will be with you now through the rest of your years here upon the earth.  


The light has the power to heal and always will.  The dark thinks it is winning but will ultimately not.  


Your awareness is key.  Rest assured, more assistance is being delegated for you as you request it to be so.  


We love you infinitely, always and forever,





Message from Archangel Raguel

(Day 101 from my book, “365 Days of Archangel Messages” available on Amazon)

“Trust that you are being guided. What you most want IS possible. There are so many friends, resources and people being sent to you that you cannot see yet. Have faith that all is working out in alignment to your soul’s greater good. Keep on tuning in deeply to source energy and let go of what no longer serves you or your life purpose. Spring time is coming and you are breaking new ground with it.”


I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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