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Spiritual Protection Items


We went live on facebook today.  During the live facebook session I answer a couple client questions about the Archangel Crystal Light Spiritual Protection Portable Unit and the Empath Protection Mini Unit (Archangel Crystal Lights).  Enjoy…


Message from Archangel Michael

(Day 278 from my book, “365 Days of Archangel Messages” available on Amazon)

“You are a valued member of the community and society at large. Your light is like a lighthouse in the night for many souls trying to find their way home. Your job is not over yet, you have much more love to give. Shine your light upon even the desperate ones so they may know where God’s love resides. When love is untainted and from the heart it gives a passageway for others to find their path. What helps one, helps all. There is no need to give until depletion, only to shine your light brighter upon all things that enter your path. We assure you, more troubled souls need your beacon of light to light the way for them in the dark of the night. In doing so, your life will be blessed with abundance miraculously for the rest of your days here.”



Ways the Archangel Crystal Light Portable Spiritual Protection helps you energetically & WHY use one…

Watch Archangel Crystal Light Portable Spiritual Protection Video

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May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


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