I believe the love of you knows that you are celebrated (beyond belief) for your courage of being on earth at this time.


There’s so much goodness in the world AND there’s so much stress that happens to all of us throught the week.  I just got back from driving in slushy snowy road.  Had to make a sooner stop than I thought by pressing on the breaks down a hill before a car crossed my path in oncoming traffic, yet my tires did not grab the road, they only slid in the snow.


I gently tapped the brakes harder to get my car to stop in time… thankfully it did.  Whew, stressful driving moment after leaving the gym.  How many of these stress inducing moments happen to us during the week?


For me, I try to keep them to a minimum, but it isn’t always possible sometimes to keep stress at 0% as you know.


If you have been wanting to reduce your stress levels, you’ll enjoy the following message…

Question by Kimberly:


Archangel Michael and The Healing Team, how can we be more stress free?  What messages or advice do you have for us to reduce our stress levels?


“Your heart is in the right place by asking this question.  


Stress reduction begins by first asking yourself the following two questions:


1. What is most stressful area of your life right now that you’d like our assistance with?


Creating a stress reduced life is made easier by first identifying the area you experience the most stress, looking back at your life over the past month and year.


2. What stressor in your life, that has continued to persist over time, would you’d like resolved the most?


Answering these two questions will begin to reveal to you where the stress holds the potential of creating higher cortisol levels in your body and a brain.  


We do not have to tell you that when your brain is stressed to the max higher solutions from your soul and us cannot reach you as easily.  


It is when you are in a relaxed, calm state of being that your brain can consistently deliver to you solutions from your higher consciousness with more ease.


As you are in states of peace your brain waves are relaxed.  


When we give Kimberly and her clients Archangel Crystal Light Healing Sessions we first begin sending the brain healing peace frequencies of calming light to bring the nervous system into a completely peaceful state of being.  


This way the healing team can bring you energy healing or perform energy surgery (if you will) to remove the blockages that cause stress in the body system to persist.  


As body disturbances are removed while in a brain state of deep relaxation the nervous system can naturally rewire itself with peace frequencies that signal the rest of the body to relax upon entering a meditative state while in a healing session.  


As Kimberly and her clients have gotten used to these healing sessions their brain states have been able to enter into Alpha wave brain frequencies more often with less “noise interference” from the outside world.


These Alpha wave brain states are easier for them to reach as each Archangel Crystal Light Healing Session occurs helping the entire body rhythm become more peaceful on a regular daily basis.  


Frequent weekly healing sessions have assisted Kimberly and her clients with being able to sustain daily states of peace on an ongoing basis for longer periods of time.  


With peace comes ease of being and with ease of being most experience more abundance, overall well-being and gentler attitudes towards others and life in general.


Most people on earth hold deep resistances within their energy fields, muscles and even organs.  When these are looked at energetically by us they look like fibrous tissue that begins to band together and bind the person up (literally) into a giant ball of stress.  


If these stress resistance bands in the energy field continue to grow they can even form masses in the body tissue itself and become tumors or become growing cancers of the body.  


This is because the natural healing capabilities of the body having been blocked by ongoing stress and begin to tighten up into a larger energetic formation of stress-matter within the tissue itself.  


When one stresses out this causes the tissues and cells to freeze up their natural healing flow and what takes their place is an energy disturbance of sorts that can continue to grow if not released up and out of one’s energy field through a precise method of energy removal.


Your energy body also has a multi dimensional nature to it.  Within these multi dimensional layers are pieces of dark matter that can intrude upon the peaceful states of an individual. 


As the dark matter grows multidimensionally it causes the person to have prolonged periods of stressful states that continue to increase overtime.  


You can say that the dark that exists upon the earth know this and purposefully want to cause states of stress, anxiety, anger and hateful thoughts in people… this allows the dark to feed off of the stress and fear like they are having a gluttonous thanksgiving feast over and over again.


We know this is not easy to hear, yet it is occurring at a steadily alarming rate and also causes physical ailments in one’s energy system to continue.  


This dark matter can contain within it programs to perpetuate the hate, greed, destruction and misuse of power that we see is readily happening amongst your country leaders today.


As this continues beneath the surface from hidden view… energetically you are seeing the results in the news and media as more darkness and destruction perpetuating (which only causes more stress in people, which the dark love).  


We say this only to assure you that we are quite aware on an energetic level of what is happening from behind the scenes that causes deep seeded stress in the lives of individuals and humanity at large.  


As you become more aware of this yourself you may rest assured that there is an antidote to these energetic disturbances we have formulated for you shall you say yes, that will assist you from the higher realms of light with all that you find yourself plunked down in the middle of here one earth.


Your livelihood matters to us… It matters to all of the higher beings of light here helping the planet and the Angelic realms.


The human body was not made to be energetically beat up by all of the destruction frequencies on earth that are so prevalent today, you see?


Ask for our assistance… we will be with you as you take time out to meditate with us or receive a Monday Night Archangel Crystal Light Healing Session, helping you know what choices will ultimately bring you more peace and which ones steer you further from it.


You always have a choice as to how you want to proceed with your life in each given moment.  


All you request is heard by us.


Ask and you shall receive.


We love you infinitely, always and forever.


And so it is.




May your heart know how much you are treasured, loved and watched over.


I’d love to know what insights you received from this post and how it helped you.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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