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  • Do you know what you need to do to lose weight (consciously), but have trouble losing the weight and keeping it off?
  • Do you sometimes feel hopeless, frustrated, and unmotivated to diet and exercise?
  • Have you spent numerous dollars on workout equipment, programs, videos, meal plans only to feel disappointed in the end?
  • Would you like a more effortless way of losing weight for good?

Think Thin Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions™ is an easy to use Weight Loss Hypnosis ALL ACCESS Membership.  Our professionally sound engineered weight loss hypnosis audios are world class.  The Think Thin Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions™ help our members sustainably lose the weight and keep it off.

The average cost of one weight loss hypnosis session is around $200 per hour (per session).


Download ALL 12 Weight Loss Hypnosis Session mp3’s Think Thin Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions™ is less waaay than the cost of a cup of coffee each session if listened to daily or weekly.

Hi, I’m Kimberly,


Injuries and hormones left me feeling hopeless and 40+ lbs overweight by age 43.

I had lower back surgery when I was 37 and left knee pain from a jogging injury.
Because of these injuries, I didn’t feel like I couldn’t exercise like I used to.
I also had hormone fluctuations as I entered my 40’s that caused me to feel like I would never be able to lose weight again.
I found myself eating way too many of the wrong foods for me as a way to numb the pain.
I used to nightly binge eating chips and calorie-rich foods as a way to cope with the stress and anxiety.

I had chronic inflammatory pain that seemed to be getting worse by the year.

The pain used to throb in the back of my neck and head so bad!
I used to get bad headaches and have to take Advil…
And ice my neck and head while resting with an eye mask on for hours, even days sometimes.
The pain was so bad I felt nauseous like I was going to have to throw up.

I had lost hope…

I didn’t think things would get better for me since I felt like I’d tried everything.
I wanted to think I was smarter than the pain.
I’d tried every diet, way of eating, and healing method over the years only to find myself getting worse.

I didn’t think things could change for me at this point.

I’m a certified hypnotherapist, life & nutrition coach…
Because of this, I had even more guilt that the pain and weight gain were getting worse for me.
After reaching my breaking point and being embarrassed I’d gained over 40 pounds…
With my hypnotherapy background…
I decided to create weight loss hypnosis audios that would help make things easier for me.
I wanted the pain to go away because it was keeping me stuck in a loop of bad eating habits and non-movement.

I was stuck and emotionally drained!

I knew that the subconscious mind is a powerful tool that could help me think about food and my body in a new way.
I had a hunch if I could change the way I thought about food and my body, changing my habits would get easier over time.
I created the Think Thin Weight Loss Sessions to see if they could help change my eating habits and get out of pain.
I listened to the recorded sessions every day.
At first, I didn’t feel that it was working.
But I kept listening before I went to sleep at night or when I needed to take a nap in the middle of the day.
I knew that the hypnosis sessions were working on my subconscious mind…
Even if I fell asleep listening to them.
But then, little by little I found it easier to make small changes that led to me losing a pound at a time.
I found myself wanting to work out again because it felt good.

I noticed that I no longer craved overeating.

I was eating smaller portions and felt satiated from it.
This was not the norm for me since I used to like to feel overfull.

Over the next two years, I lost the weight, but this time it was for good!

I lost over 40 lbs by listening to the Think Thin Weight Loss Sessions every day.
The reason I lost the weight is because my behavior patterns changed the more I listened.
I craved less of the bad stuff.
I didn’t self-sabotage myself any longer.
I chose healthy food options without feeling like I was dieting.
I felt like the foods I now craved were fueling my brain and body better.

I had more energy to get things done without being in chronic pain.

The daily inflammatory pain is gone!
I’ve maintained my 40 lb weight loss for over two years now.

I have a sense of freedom that I’ve never felt before.

For the first time in my life, I’m keeping the weight off without the fear of gaining it back again.
It’s a huge relief to no longer be controlled by my old comfort foods…
Like Mexican food, nachos with cheese & sour cream (which used to derail me)!
I’m so grateful to be out of pain and to be at this point with my weight loss journey.

I’m passionate about helping other women like myself…

  • Lose weight without all the pain and struggle I went through
  • Become more motivated without the self-blame, guilt or criticism
  • Let go of fad diets or doing cardio for countless hours
  • Get a better night’s sleep naturally
  • Gain confidence and trust in themselves again
  • Keep the weight off without obsessing about the scale
  • Easily maintain a balanced, non-restrictive lifestyle
  • Love their bodies again!

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Escape To Your Own Private Island With Each Think Thin Weight Loss Hypnosis Session™ You Listen To

The Journal Of Consulting and Clinical Psychology Study

Early studies discovered that people who used hypnosis lost more than twice as much weight as those who dieted without hypnosis.


A meta-analysis by British researchers found hypnosis can help regulate the release of peptides that control how hungry and full you feel.

We All Know How Hard It Is To Stick To A Diet & Lose Weight


You might be committed entirely to restricting calories, cutting out the “bad” foods, and forcing yourself through grueling workouts. But no matter how hard you try, there’s always something that makes you fall back into old habits.

Maybe you put back on the weight you lost or even more upsetting, gained more weight this time around.

When dieting and exercise don’t work, you may feel guilty, ashamed, and frustrated with yourself. If you need help losing weight, you are not alone.

Research suggests that over 50% of individuals who take part in a fitness program will drop out over the first six months.

And, 97% of those who attempt to lose weight through dieting will regain lost weight—and perhaps more—within three years.

Truth is that willpower alone isn’t enough when it comes to weight loss.

Why Willpower Alone Usually Doesn’t Work With Weight Loss

Think Thin Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions™ are a powerful tool that can help you address unconscious thoughts and core issues that are feeding the cycle of self-criticism.

Hypnosis works by relaxing the conscious mind so you can access your subconscious mind, which influences your behaviors without your awareness.

Because subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and desires come from old traumas and forgotten formative experiences, they may not match up with your conscious weight loss goals.

They might be holding you back.

For example, your subconscious mind might be saying, “I don’t deserve to feel good.”

Hypnosis—led by a certified hypnotherapist—helps you identify and reprogram that belief. In a safe, gentle trance state, you can rewrite your internal script.

Your subconscious mind can then start saying, “I do deserve to feel good. I deserve to take care of myself and meet my goals.”

✔ As you transform your unconscious programming, it becomes easier to avoid cravings without intense feelings of temptation and depletion.

✔ You can break the link between food being an emotional reward or punishment and feel more in control of your choices.

✔ And, you can naturally be more drawn to exercise in a way that helps you lose weight

Professional sound engineering details for the Think Thin Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions™

Our World Class Weight Loss Audios Help You Avoid Common Pitfalls

Diets that severely restrict caloric intake may get quick results, but they trigger a “starvation response,” which causes it to slow down its metabolic rate to conserve energy. 

Our weight loss hypnosis audios are specifically designed to assist you with eating only when you are hungry.  You’ll be able to achieve a sustainable lifestyle that nourishes your body, mind, and soul.

For most people, carbohydrates are the bodies most needed fuel for energy and glucose, which is the primary fuel your brain functions on.  Cutting out certain carbohydrate food groups can cause a deficiency in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

The Think Thin Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions help you know what carbohydrates work well for your body type.  You’ll naturally get in touch with what vital, life-giving foods and nutrients help you lose the weight more effortlessly.

Eating frequently throughout the day, three small meals and two to three snacks will stimulate your metabolism. Skipping meals, including breakfast, can decrease your metabolism.

Our weight loss hypnosis sessions help you easily maintain a balanced, non-restrictive lifestyle.

Overall most diets offer a plan that isn’t realistic to your life, your preferences, your schedule, or cooking desires. If you cannot adapt to your new style of eating for the long-term, any results you see will not be maintainable.

The Think Thin Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions are sustainable and doable for a busy lifestyle.  No more cutting calories or carbs until you starve.

How does it work?

The real power of listening to the Think Thin Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions™ is not what it does for you, but what you do for yourself.

Often we feel stuck in our patterns because of subconscious programs that we unconsciously operate from daily.

Each Think Thin Weight Loss Hypnosis Session you listen to you clear subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that limit your potential. Through the power of YOUR OWN choice, these old programs are replaced with new, empowering beliefs.


After listening to the weight loss hypnosis audios, you’ll take action and make choices that naturally help you lose the weight and keep it off.

Our clinical hypnotherapist, Kimberly Dawn has professionally recorded each of the Think Thin Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions.

All of the Think Thin Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions™ are professionally-engineered for maximum relaxation, benefits, and enjoyment.

We attribute this to the high professional quality and effectiveness of our inductions and trance deepeners, which are profoundly relaxing and designed to make you as receptive as possible to the positive hypnotic suggestions, so you naturally make new choices that empower you.

Our mission is to help you…

  • Lose weight without the struggle
  • Become naturally motivated without the self-blame
  • Let go of fad diets or doing cardio for countless hours
  • Get a better night’s sleep naturally
  • Gain confidence and trust in yourself again
  • Keep the weight off without obsessing about the scale
  • Easily maintain a balanced, non-restrictive lifestyle

Our hypnosis audios are custom designed to empower you to have a new mindset and a healthy lifestyle without all the pain.


The keen focus on quality is why our weight loss hypnosis audios bring immediate positive results, and are highly regarded and reviewed.


It’s your turn now…

We receive many messages each day from people just like you sharing how our weight loss audios have helped them not only begin their weight loss journey more effortlessly but keep the weight off.

Listeners continuously say they feel more in control of their mood, their eating, and their lifestyle choices after listening to their first session.


Because we have a 30-day money-back guarantee, there’s no risk to you.

If you’ve tried everything else on the market, you’ll find this unbeatable.

Jess N.

First of all, I want to thank you for creating a way for us to get help for ourselves and in a way that doesn’t encourage embarrassment or comparisons to other people and with all of the media hype.

I am a born skeptic analytical engineer type and am not easily persuaded to take the word or promise of any quick weight loss revelations.

Given long hours at work being sedentary at a desk and occasionally doing the weekend warrior thing, I ballooned from 169#s to nearly 230 pounds in a 5′ 9″ frame so yes I was really in a state of being badly and grossly overweight. I was a poster child for really bad eating habits with processed and junk foods.

Eating fast food on breaks and primary meals on the go plus not getting real nutritional sustenance my body needed. I am amazed how much processed sugar I was taking in and on the “healthy” thought, I was taking in a couple gallons a week of diet soda. Much better than sugar soda pop, right?

Yes I craved the sugars in a form that suited me since I am not a dessert or candy person. Instead those processed foods had tons of sugar in it and as long as it was invisible, I convinced myself that this was good and healthy.

I enjoyed eating high saturated fat fried and deep fat fried foods; again not those that were beneficial like mono fats and such. To me I needed a thorough reprogramming since I could not manage what I was eating on my own volition.

I had to rethink the function and process of eating and that it was something necessary for refueling the essential and efficient operation of my body and not about what I wanted to eat just because I saw a commercial or an ad for something that just looked good.

So this was the sorry state I was in and all of the weight loss audios helped me rethink the entire process of what the purpose of eating meant and treating my body to those nutrients that I had so long forgotten about.

My body was being tortured every day by the kind of intake happening and trying to metabolically stay afloat even though it was a losing battle to body aches, clouded thinking and headaches caused by terrible eating habits. I feel like I have a new lease and given this second chance to really live and experience new foods with a taste and flavor that was never experienced before.

I more easily manage what I eat and it is not a “diet” at all. It is a normal way of living and being respectful of my body and mind as the hypnosis sessions taught me how to do things through a proper perspective and respect for myself and even those around me.

I have always been aware that the mind is incredibly powerful and with the weight loss hypnosis audios, I used the suggestions and integrated them into my own good habits. If anyone wants to ask I am glad to answer since this was such a wonderful program.

I need some occasional tweaks so I will continue using the weight loss audios. I am grateful for the minor dollar expense to change from heading to a medical disaster to feeling more like,”An apple a day…” mentality.

Thank you again so much !

Sincerely, Devon S.

Early this year, I realised that I was consuming a lot of junk food that kind of make me feel better. My inclination to food became a way to overcome the sorrow of my breakup. I ate almost everytime I used to feel guilty or bad about what happened. Starting early in the morning with bacon and fries to all sorts of drinks and carbohydrates, I end my day with a bucket full of ice cream. Within 4 months I gained about 20 pounds and started having physical and psychological issues. Then a family friend suggested weight loss hypnosis sessions. Intially, I was skeptical about the session and thought it wasn’t working at all, but gradually the sessions had a silent effect on me and this made me want to listen more. The voice and the calmness that it gave me, made me feel uplifted. There wasn’t any burden left on my shoulders. I stopped taking refuge in food and turned towards the relaxing audios.  Food no longer gave me that pleasure that it used to. I was taken over by the weight loss sessions that made me feel liberated and happy again.

Jenna L.

Stress has hugely contributed to my excessive weight gain. I have been exercising for quite a long time now but the results have not been as desired. Weight loss hypnosis is no less than a miracle for me. The weight loss audios have helped me de-stress and relax both physically and mentally. The background voice is soothing, and I love how it enables me to picture everything she says. I strongly believe that mind changes first and body later catches up to instructions. It is working for me and is effective.  So appreciative I found them!

Mary S.

“I forgot to say how much I’m enjoying Kimberly’s weight loss recordings. They have done me the world of good. K.J.”


Pricing That Encourages Your Weight Loss Success

Become naturally motivated without the self-blame

Let go of fad diets or doing cardio for countless hours

Lose inflammation

Get a better night’s sleep naturally

Quickly and pleasantly begin your transformation journey in a way that ensures you sustainably lose the weight and keep it off

Gain confidence and trust in yourself again

Keep the weight off without obsessing about the scale

Easily maintain a balanced, non-restrictive lifestyle

$228 Value



Frequently Asked Questions


How Does Weight Loss For Hypnosis Work?

Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool when it comes to losing weight because it helps you dive into your subconscious mind and figure out what your secondary benefit is. Meaning, there’s a reason why you’re keeping the weight on.

Most people logically understand how to lose weight. The problem isn’t learning what to do, but it’s in implementing healthier habits long enough to see results.

When you consciously want to lose weight, but your subconscious mind has conflicting data or old programming, it’s very hard.

The goal of weight loss hypnosis is to align the negative subconscious habits with what your weight loss goals are. Hypnosis for weight loss can be incredibly effective when applied correctly.

By reprogramming your subconscious mind to help you better, you’ll naturally make healthier choices and lose weight because your habits will have changed.


Can hypnosis really make me lose weight?

Being able to lose weight more easily with hypnosis sounds too good to be true, but it starts by changing how you feel about food. It’s important that you do not feel like you are on a diet. When you can avoid eating out of an emotional trigger, then you can go about changing the emotional image you have of your body as it relates to stress-related eating.

At this point, you will become more motivated to exercise, which is the other part of losing weight. Hypnosis will provide suggestions to your subconscious mind that your conscious mind will use to help you become slim.

Using hypnosis for weight loss with the Think Thin Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions™ brings your subconscious and conscious into unified synchronicity with one goal of losing weight, which helps you be able to make empowering choices and stay there on a long term basis.

What if it's difficult for me to relax while listening to the weight loss audio sessions?

You can start by lying down and clearing your mind before listening to the Think Thin Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions™. Go to a place where you can relax and not be disturbed. If you have other thoughts that are interrupting your thoughts focus on thinking other things as you begin listening to your weight loss audio session of choice.

Can I engage in other forms of therapy while I'm using the weight loss hypnosis audios?

People do other forms of therapy, such as acupuncture, meditation, and relaxation techniques, to name a few.

1. To see the best results, you should put your focus on only one weight loss hypnosis audio each day or night of the week for seven nights in a row.

2. Only listen to the hypnosis recordings at night or when you have time to meditate during the day deeply in a safe space.

3. Start by listening to one hypnosis session each night for seven nights in a row.

4. Repeat the process for all of the weight loss hypnosis sessions.

5. After you go through all of the weight loss hypnosis sessions by listening to each one seven nights in a row, choose your favorite audio of the week to listen to for seven nights in a row.

6. Rotating your favorite audios each week until you achieve your weight loss goals.

How quickly will I see results after I start using the Think Thin Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions™?

It depends on the person. Some see results almost immediately, others sometime during the first 21 days, and for some, it may take longer.

How will I know if it's working?

Your life will begin to change, and you will notice these changes. The changes may be small at first, but as you progress through all of the Think Thin Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions™, you’ll notice that you make healthier lifestyle choices that are easily sustainable.

Who is in control when I listen to hypnosis recordings?

You are in control all the time. Although you will enter into a state of mind that is highly relaxed and focused while listening to the recordings, you will still be in full control.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a technique where therapy is used through hypnosis to deal with a variety of problems, including health issues. You can reach a state of higher consciousness where you feel like you are asleep, but you are actually awake. You may feel like you are having a dream to the extent you are able to totally block out everything going on around you.

What can hypnotherapy do for me?

Hypnotherapy is used for suggestion or analysis. For example, hypnotherapy is used to treat health issues such as reducing pain, losing weight, or even to help you quit smoking. When used in conjunction with goal setting, it can help you stick with your goal until it is achieved.

Will I remember what happens during my session?

You will remember what happens during your session unless you instruct the hypnotherapist to suggest you forget.

Will I lose control in hypnosis?

One of the great things about being in a hypnotic state is you are still in control. If you are suggested to think something or do something that goes against your beliefs, you can reject it. Some people even go so far as to come out of their state of hypnosis completely.

What if I am too intelligent for you to put me under?

Intelligent people are easier to hypnotize because they are closer to a state of hypnosis naturally. They are more open to suggestion. This partly explains why they are able to transfer thoughts from their subconscious mind to their conscious mind easier.

How does it feel to be hypnotized?

It depends on the person, but for most people being hypnotized is a very relaxing feeling. Some people do not feel anything while others describe feelings varying from cool or warm, a tingling feeling, to light or heavy and even feeling just normal.

When you are hypnotized, you are not asleep and do not know what is going on around you. Some claim they did not even know they were hypnotized. How a person reacts to the suggestions of the hypnotist is the only way to be sure they are hypnotized.

Can everyone be hypnotized?

A qualified hypnotist can hypnotize anyone who allows themselves to be put into a hypnotic state. They use varying techniques to do this.

We all go through trance-like states of mind throughout our day. This happens naturally, and we often think nothing of it. Have you ever found yourself daydreaming and you are totally oblivious to what is going on around you? A hypnotist can put us in these trances, so our subconscious mind is more receptive to the changes we are being asked to accept.

Can hypnosis help with my pain?

It most certainly can, and pain relief is one of the most sought after uses. The hypnotist will start by asking how much pain relief you are attempting to realize a significant improvement in how you feel.

We have all heard how powerful the mind is. It can have significant influence on how your body perceives pain.

Being able to change these signals our body is receiving is one of the things a hypnotist will do for you. Examples of people who have been shown to feel considerable improvement in pain are people with IBS and Fibromyalgia.

I get very anxious. Can hypnosis help me with that?

Yes, but how that’s accomplished will vary from person to person. The hypnotist will need to understand what is causing your anxiety. What circumstances are putting you in this state of mind? Understanding this is necessary so they can go and resolve it. 

Could I become stuck in hypnosis, unable to wake up?

This is a common question, but it has not happened before. Let’s say your hypnotist had to leave in the middle of your session then what? In a short amount of time, you will come out of being hypnotized on your own naturally.

Is hypnosis appropriate for everyone? Are there any drawbacks?

Yes, it is appropriate for most people. Exceptions would be people who have schizophrenia or who have epilepsy. Otherwise, anyone can experience hypnosis without drawbacks. If you are under a doctor’s care, it is always suggested for you to seek the advice of your physician first.

How can I get in the mood for hypnosis, if I'm not?

This is not something you have to motivate yourself to do. All that’s need is an open mind with relaxing and the resolve to continue to listen to the audios until you reach your weight loss goals.

Will I have free will during the hypnosis session?

You are still in control, so you always have free will. Your mind is now more open to suggestions, but you can stop the hypnotic state you are in at any time.

Will there be any negative after-effects from hypnosis?

No, there are not negative after effects. When hypnotized, you will be relaxed and may even fall asleep. Because your subconscious mind never sleeps, you will still hear suggestions from the hypnotherapist as they make them.

If I am in a state of hypnosis, will I be aware of my surroundings?

Not only will you still be aware of your surroundings, but you will be more focused on the suggestions coming from they hypnotherapist more deeply.

What are the signs once I am under hypnosis?

Normal responses include a more relaxed feeling, slower heart rate, your breathing slows down, and some people feel like they are floating.

Can I use hypnosis instead of seeing a doctor?

No. Before attempting to change anything significant in your life it is always recommended to get the advice of your physician.

Are medications needed or used during hypnosis?

It is never recommended to stop using your medication unless told to do so by your doctor. However, no medication is required to clear your mind for hypnosis.

What if I'm too old to change?

Age has no bearing on changing because of hypnosis. When you are hypnotized suggestions, come to your subconscious mind, and it does not know age.

What if I don't believe in hypnosis?

You are in control, so if you do not want it to work, it won’t. But if you are open to the possibility of it working, it will work as well as you let it.

What makes a person a good hypnosis treatment candidate?

Do you want to change things in your life? Are you open to suggestions? If so, you are a good candidate.

Do I have to use headphones when listening to the hypnosis audio recordings?

No, you do not unless there are others in the room with you who do not want to hear what you are listening to.

Do I have to listen to your hypnotherapy recordings at night?

These recordings are designed to be used at night for a reason. It is best to listen to them right before you go to bed because you will get a suggestion at the end of one telling you to meditate, go to sleep, and wake up rested when you are ready. These can still be effective during the day if that is best for you, but you may want to set your alarm to wake up in case you fall asleep while listening to them.

Can I use hypnosis downloads during the day?

You are given a suggestion to fall asleep or simply meditation at the end of each of the recorded sessions. They will still be effective no matter the time of day or night you choose to listen.

What should I do if someone interrupts my session?

Start over from the beginning or wait until the next day or night.

How many weight loss hypnosis sessions are needed?

1. To see the best results, you should put your focus on only one weight loss hypnosis audio each day or night of the week for seven nights in a row.

2. Only listen to the hypnosis recordings at night or when you have time to meditate during the day deeply in a safe space.

3. Start by listening to one hypnosis session each night for seven nights in a row.

4. Repeat the process for all of the weight loss hypnosis sessions.

5. After you go through all of the weight loss hypnosis sessions by listening to each one seven nights in a row, choose your favorite audio of the week to listen to for seven nights in a row.

6. Rotating your favorite audios each week until you achieve your weight loss goals.

What happens when I come out of the session?

The suggestion made is for you to meditate or if you feel like it go into a deep, restful sleep. You will feel refreshed if you’ve had enough sleep the night before.

Will I remember what is said?

Sometimes you may not. The recordings are set up for the suggestions to be given to the subconscious mind. Your conscious mind may forget the suggestions, and this is perfectly normal.

Will I feel silly, or will you make me do silly things during hypnosis?

The recordings are created to help you. They are for clinical use, and you will not be told to do or say anything silly.

Think Thin.  Stop Emotional Eating.  Get The Body You Want.

If anytime during the first 30 days you are not completely satisfied contact us and you’ll receive 100% of your money back.

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