Clarity Channeled Reading



What has come up recently that you need assistance with the most?


Channeled insights, guidance and word for word audio messages for two pressing questions you have right now.

Sold out.  Currently full.

50 Minute Clarity Channeled Audio Reading Just For You

  • Divine Aura reading so you know exactly what’s been blocking you from moving forward with your ideas, your dreams, inspiring work and feeling like you are living on purpose each day.
  • Receive your higher life purpose blueprints that have been waiting for you (we usually can’t fully receive or unfold our higher life purpose blueprints until we have cleared the outworn patterns and energy blocks within the energetic bodies).
  • Find out what your soul gifts are.
  • Find out more about your life purpose options your soul wants you to know about in order to live a life that makes your heart “sing with joy” each day.
  • 2 of your most pressing questions answered.


Would you like to clear the negative energy that you feel around you?  If so, you'll want to download the Archangel Michael House Clearing and Blessing Audio You'll feel the positive energy blessings right away from the Archangels.  It will also bring you more blessings, abundance, love, intuitive guidance, and peace.

How will this help me?

  1. Are you trying to discover what your life purpose is and want to know what one version of your life purpose might be? (I believe we all have 10 versions or more we could embody, it’s up to us to choose 1 version that fits us right now).
  2. Do you know you have a higher life purpose but are not moving forward with it and want to know why & how?
  3. Would you like some new ideas for what may work better for you?
  4. Are you spinning your wheels not getting anywhere, but want to know more possibilities of how to move forward with clarity and peace?
  5. Are you wanting to know what other avenues or choices you have right now are so you can feel like you’re spending your time purposefully each day?
  6. Are you wanting to meet or be with your twin flame, soulmate or true love and would like help clearing what’s blocking you from that?
  7. Are you wanting to have more freedom with more energetic support so your life gets easier?
  8. Do you have specific questions you’d like to ask me for your In-Depth Channeled Reading?

If you answered yes to any of these questions this reading will benefit you tremendously and be a gift to your soul.

Ask yourself, “What is hanging onto the fear or not moving forward with confidence costing me or my loved ones?” 

What You Get…

  • 50 minutes of channeled audio messages from the Archangels & Seraphim Angel Healing Team emailed to you within one week of paying for your session. (Value $350)
  • 2 questions answered to help you get unstuck so you can move forward more effortlessly. (Value $125)
  • Aura reading – I scan your auric field and describe what patterns and energy blocks are ready to be cleared. (Value $150)
  • 2 week VIP membership for the VIP Aura Cleansing Angel Healing Weekly Sessions (you choose either Mon or Tue nights) so that the energy blocks that have been blocking you from fully moving forward will be cleared and healed for you by the Seraphim Angel Healing Team. (Value $50)

Who This Isn’t For…

  • If you have health or medical questions, this reading isn’t for you since I’m not a medical intuitive.  It would be best for you to seek a qualified medical professional or alternative medicine doctor for your health concerns.

What happens after I sign up for the waitlist?

  1. My assistant Meeka will email you as soon as an opening becomes available 1-2 weeks in advance so you can grab up your session and begin.
  2. You will be asked to email back your two questions you’d like to ask the Angels for your In-Depth Channeled Reading.\
  3. Meeka will also place you in the weekly VIP Aura Cleansing Angel Healing Weekly Session of choice for either Monday or Tuesday night for 2 weeks straight.  You receive 1 healing session before your reading and 1 after your reading to make sure the energy blocks that have been standing in your way have been cleared so you can move forward with ease and confidence.


Finding and living my purpose was something that took me my entire life to figure out by trial and error.  You could say I’ve been obsessed with it ever since my son was born 23 years ago.  I remember looking in the help wanted section of the newspaper when my son was less than a year old trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life because now I had a soul who was going to need me to be the best version of myself that I could become.

I’ve noticed certain energy blocks and patterns that get in the way of us living our life purpose (soul’s calling).  I love identifying more life purpose options and helping the roadblocks be removed for clients.

I’ve helped countless clients, friends, and family members with finding their life purpose and soul’s calling.  Most often even when I’ll be talking to a complete stranger I’ll begin getting “downloads” from the Angels as to what job, work, new business idea or creation would be really good for them to consider.

I see my client’s life purpose (soul blueprints) and I also see and can hear what energy blocks they have that has been stopping them from moving forward with their life purpose more fully.

We are in a challenging and blessed time on earth where living on purpose each day (in alignment with our soul) has the potential to make a hugely positive and life-enhancing impact for those who are suffering.

Are you wanting to know…

  1. How do I have more clarity daily?
  2. How do I have a stronger connection with the Angels? How do I learn how to read Angel signs in my life?  How can I become more clairvoyant?  How can I hear the Angels more clearly?
  3. How do I stay calm and confident?  How do I trust yourself more fully?  How do I best deal with self-doubt? How can I move forward more confidently? How do I truly feel my worth?  How to love yourself more?
  4. How do I draw my true love, twin flame or soulmate into my life and have a healthy relationship?
  5. How do I cope with not fitting in?
  6. How do I navigate the challenge I’m facing in my life and stay centered?
  7. How do I access my own gifts and help them grow and flourish? How to stay focused on your purpose?
  8. How to protect yourself as an Empath?  How do I face all the energies coming in?
  9. How do I stay on track and become more financially secure?

Out of questions 1-9 above, which one would make your life easier if you had more answers to? Ask yourself, “If you were to get those questions answered for you, how would it help you overcome the main issue(s) or challenge you’re facing?”

You are invited to join the waitlist for your  “Finding Your Purpose” Angel Reading to get started on your higher life purpose journey.

In Love & Grace,

Message from Archangel Raphael from my book “365 Days of Archangel Messages” available on Amazon.

“There is no need for you to suffer any longer. Joy is here for you in a substantial way. No amount of your suffering will ease the suffering of others. You healing you and asking us to help is what lifts the pain for others. You lead by example. Your joy gives others permission to allow theirs in too. Be like the hummingbirds singing and chirping in the shade trees. Feed off that which brings your heart the utmost sustaining happiness. You deserve this kind of good lovin’. We are smiling for the bright shining light that you are. All is uplifted in the presence of the Divine You.”

Listen in on a 3 (Mini) Clarity Angel Readings that I did on the latest LIVE Angel Call.  Keep in mind the quality of your recording will be much better because yours is done with a professional microphone.