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Message from Archangel Chamuel: “To be given a heads up about things coming up in your life would spoil the precious moments of love shared with those you are about to encounter. Whether you deem your experience troublesome in surprising moments or exuberant, either way there is love to be shared amongst souls who may be needing a desperate reminder that they too are loved. There is refuge in knowing we back you with great love beyond logical comprehension. When things seem unresolvable is when they have the most resolution ready to anchor in. I am here to help you see the cracks in the doors most needed for you to open. For there waiting is the greatest love of all ready for your light to fill it.”



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Kimberly is an Archangel Frequency Intuitive Who Specializes in Emotion Healing.

She’s also the author of 365 Days of Archangel Messages,  Empath Survival Journal, and the inventor of the Archangel Crystal Lights.

Kimberly's Archangel Crystal Light Healing Sessions awaken and connect you to the purest source of Divine love and light because her higher self is a Seraphim Angel and works closely with the Archangels on the higher ascension levels. If you are ethereally connected you will feel this to be true deep within.

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