Archangel Michael House Blessing & Clearing (Audio) Instant Download

$19  Instant Audio Download 

$499+ value because home clearings usually cost $200 or more each. The more you use this, the more value you receive)

Clearing Negative Energy – Archangel Michael Prayer for Protection (included in this instant download)…


Clear, Bless, Empower…  Daily, Weekly, Monthy…(or as often as needed).

  • Multi-dimensional vibrations are brought in from Archangel Metatron bringing in sacred geometric coding placed in your home and the earth underneath your property for clearing, protection, peace & empowerment
  • Archangel Energetic Spiritual and physical support with all areas of your life, health, and clarity
  • Raises the vibration of your home and property with Archangel frequencies
  • Home Smudging Prayers with Archangel Michael
  • Archangel Metatron & Archangel Michael strengthening of the protection
  • Archangel Metatron’s sacred geometric coding for electrical protection


Purchasing and playing this clearing & blessing helps Archangel Michael and all The Archangels clear the distortion energy that is on earth right now. .

We are undergoing a huge removing of all lower frequencies on earth right now.  By participating with the Archangels in this way you help the entire earth and humanity be connected fully back up to Divine Light again (which sets everyone free)!

You might be asking… what does this clear…

I’m glad you asked… it clears…

  • Negative extraterrestrial energy & frequencies
  • Dark force energies, entities, and frequencies
  • Astral entities
  • Imprinted energy of others in the house or on the property, past or present
  • Cordings
  • Negative or dysfunctional programming, patterns, and belief systems from mass consciousness or dark force
  • Pain, stress, abuse, distortion and trauma energy
  • Imprinted past life time impressions in the Earth of the property and area
  • Illness, sickness, inflammation, and disease energy
  • Negative emotional and mental energy including confusion or chaos
  • Negative man-made frequencies
  • Any vehicles associated with the property will also be included and the negative energy cleared in or around it cleared for you

Instant Benefits For You…

1. Archangel Michael and his team clear your home of all lower energies.

2. Archangel Metatron and his team bring in Divine Sacred Geometry coding for your home that anchors in and holds:


  • Divine Protection Blessing
  • Divine Joy Blessing
  • Divine Health Blessing
  • Divine Creativity Blessing
  • Divine Longevity Blessing