New Empath Protection Mini Unit (Archangel Crystal Lights)

Blessed 2nd Limited Release Edition 

Handcrafted, custom built, one of a kind. Sanctioned and blessed by Archangel Michael & The Seraphim Angel Healing Team. The Healing Crystal Mini Units are also infused with advanced healing light by the Seraphim Angel healing Team.  After these new mini units are sold there will not be any more built for now.

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$299 ($599 Value)   Includes 1 blessed Vogel crystal securely mounted inside.  Sold Out.



  • Blessings of prosperity and abundance
  • A stronger more pure connection with the Angels
  • Expand your awakening
  • Use it as a sage alternative (smoke-free option)
  • Activate your 3rd eye (increasing your psychic awareness)
  • Peaceful night sleep
  • Empath protection
  • Keep it running 24/7 in your home for added empath protection and angel connection
  • Each mini-unit is blessed specifically for you (and your household) by the Seraphim Angel Healing Team and The Archangels before it’s shipped…

“I believe the connection you have to the Angels that guide you could save your life.”


Would you like to clear the negative energy that you feel around you?  If so, you'll want to download the Archangel Michael House Clearing and Blessing Audio You'll feel the positive energy blessings right away from the Archangels.  It will also bring you more blessings, abundance, love, intuitive guidance, and peace.



Oh my goodness, Kimberly, I just love that I have a mini unit too! Can almost hardly believe it! Thanks for sharing in my excitement. 🙂 I had been wondering about the larger units and knew one would be meant for me at some point the moment I listened to your audio where you talked about what you could tell in your eyes and I cried tears of deep knowing because that had been my experience also.

My only concerns that I asked the Archangels about where the cost and how complicated the mounting process felt and how large…and so of course you created this!! Small, no mounting necessary, and extra money I’ve been waiting to come through for six months came through on the day you emailed about these mini unit gems. 🙂 So this is just such a perfect place to start and a perfect fit for where I am right now. Thanks for letting me share how miraculous it feels on our end each step of the way traveling this journey with you. And thanks for being brave and inviting all of us into the adventure! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Okay, so my session was incredible. I wrote down a couple things and the second I put the cloth over my eyes I could feel them get right to work, even more so than usual! And at one point I saw kind of an outline of myself with those grids you’ve talked about on my forehead. There are so many more details I could say but I don’t want to have you ready my email ALL day! Bottom line, unit seems to work perfectly. 🙂


Hey Kimberly,
I just wanted to send you a short message saying how much I am enjoying the Archangel Crystal Lights, they are soooooooooooo powerful and so beautiful!!!  It is just so exciting to be able to just go in the healing room when ever I want and get a session!!!  I am just so grateful and appreciate you sooooo much!!  Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart and soul! These Archangel Crystal Lights are like nothing on the planet at this time.
I Love You Deeply,

Two of my friends that know i have placed their pictures by the Healing light have had “true miracles.”   My one girlfriend who is in a relationship with a man that has a young boy with an illness who is 9 years old was still in diapers going to his special ed classroom.  He has finally gotten out of the diapers!!  Her relationship with her boyfriend and this little boy has been going so much better. She is writing things down as I have told her and she sees how it is helping her.


My other friend’s son is being promoted in the company and making better money. Thank you Archangel Michael and to you Kim for producing these little healing lights and for being such a wonderful light in this world!   
Hoping to get the large healing lights someday in the future!  
Linda S.

Are you an Empath?  Ever get drained from running errands, at work, by certain people, clients or group classes?

  • The New Empath Protection Mini Unit – (Archangel Crystal Lights) clears negative energy from your environment so you don’t have to be the sponge for other’s emotions.
  • Turn on while at home, on conference calls, at work, meditating, during client sessions or use as a sage alternative.
  • Brings in crystal clear white light energy that dissipates negativity on the spot. Also can use while traveling.
  • Clears negative energies from around you, your family, hotel or home.
  • Handcrafted, custom built, one of a kind. Sanctioned and blessed by Archangel Michael. The Archangel Crystal Light℠ Portable Units are also infused with advanced healing light by the Seraphim Angel healing team.


  • DIMENSIONS: 3’’ (height) x 3 1/2’’ (diameter) with one blessed Vogel clear grade A crystal
  • High-density Archangel Michael blessed ethereal flashing LED light source (with on and off switch)
  • Remote control
  • DURABLE – Long lasting quality
  • BEAUTIFUL – Bamboo’s clean look goes with any decor
  • Magnetic closure lid (Swivel lid attached by wooden peg. Can be completely removed).
“Kimberly, I am so grateful to you for everything that you do. The messages, the healing, and the knowledge that you provide is so important. Knowledge is power and just knowing how to protect my energy and my family is everything to me. I have the Archangel crystal light lamp, the portable unit, and get the 1:1 treatments for myself and everyone I love. They are so beautiful and so very powerful!! I do believe that most of our illnesses are emotional trauma that gets stuck in our bodies and causes illness. I couldn’t have gotten to this level of health and happiness without your help from the Archangels. Thank you so much for being open and sharing your gift with all of us. Also, I go to sleep to your 13 minute Archangel Michael meditation most nights. Your voice is so soothing that I’m asleep within minutes. God Bless You! And your family! Sincerely,

H.P. – Texas”


“Hi, Kimberly,

Thank you so much, Kimberly, for another beautiful light that I can feel working. Even just knowing it was there made me focus more often on dialing in, so to speak.

The other thing I absolutely love about the unit is the quantum increase in ability to take the light ‘out there’ more, as I move around my day. Knowing this helps others too and our planet is such a joy and blessing. So wonderful in so many ways.

God bless and endless thanks,

M.A.  – Australia”

How does turning my Mini Empath Protection Unit on automatically clear my home, property, and environment without depleting the Vogel crystals itself?
  • The Empath Protection Mini Unit’s clearing, protection, and healing power come from Archangel Michael and the healing team directly.
  • Think of your Empath Protection Mini Unit as a signaling device.  When you turn your unit on it sends a signal to Archangel Michael and the healing team instantly.
  • The energy current you feel running when you turn your unit on is coming from the healing team themselves, not the Crystal.
  • The blessed Vogel crystal’s strength will always be recharged by Archangel Michael and the Healing Team as soon as you turn your unit on, never depleting the crystal itself what-so-ever.  Your Empath Mini Unit (Archangel Crystal Lights) has been sanctioned and blessed by Archangel Michael and the healing team completely and that will never change!
  • The energy current comes directly from Archangel Michael and the healing team to you and the environment around you, (not from the crystal itself).  Meaning, the blessed Vogel crystal’s strength will always be recharged by the healing team every single time you turn your unit on without you having to do anything.


What are the basic instructions for using the Mini Empath Protection Portable Unit?
  • You’ll want to plug your unit into a surge protection strip (the surge protection strip should also have an on/off switch on it due to that kind being a stronger surge protector).
  • Keep the bamboo lid OPEN when in use.
How do you take care of your Mini Empath Protection Portable Unit?
  • This unit is of a solid design, yet was not made indestructible so some care in handling will ensure that it will last longer than if it lives in a world of hard knocks.
  • Clean or dust your unit with a soft tissue or microfiber cloth only if it noticeably needs cleaning.
  • Be careful not to drop your unit to keep the crystal and electronics safe.
What can you use your Mini Empath Protection Portable Unit for?
  • Sage alternative – Smudging your home, office, or work environment simply by turning on your unit.  You may move your unit into each room with a prayer but simply turning your unit on will clear the space automatically.

Turn on your Mini Empath Protection Portable Unit while doing the following activities to clear negative energy in the environment and bring in positive energy that fills the space with peace, clarity, protection, and healing…

  • Large crowds of people
  • Bless your food and water
  • Yoga class
  • On Video calls or conference calls
  • On the phone with friends or family
  • At work
  • Meditating
  • During client sessions
  • Praying
  • Shopping in stores like Walmart
  • Running errands
  • Traveling
  • Receiving Angel messages or channeling 


What prayer do I use when I turn my USB Empath Protection Portable Unit on?
  • It is best to keep the prayer simple and straightforward.
  • You may want to write down in your notebook the following – filling in the blanks (as many requests as you’d like on any given day)…

“Archangel Michael and the healing team, 

Would you please help me with…__________, __________, ___________).

Would you also help me feel more __________, (list a feeling you’d like to be feeling instead).

Thank you. And so it is.”

What prayer do I use when smudging my home with the USB Empath Protection Portable Unit?
  • It is best to keep the prayer simple and straightforward.
  • You may want to write down in your notebook the following (filling in the blank)…

“Archangel Michael and the healing team, 

Would you please clear all negative energy from my around me, my environment and loved ones.

Would you also help my environment feel more __________, (list a feeling you’d like your environment to feel like instead).

Thank you and so it is.”


How much water should you drink when using your mini unit?
If at all possible, a good rule of thumb is to drink twice the amount of water you normally have been drinking before and after using your Archangel Crystal Light Mini Unit at home.

The reason being is that we are made of mostly water.  When you stay well hydrated the healing energy current that can run throughout your body will be stronger and more efficient when you increase your water intake.

Can you travel with your mini unit?
Yes, you may travel with your Archangel Crystal Light Mini Unit.  Keep in mind that great care will need to be taken of your mini unit while traveling to be sure the electronics last a long time.  Be sure to wrap it in bubble wrap or with extra padding if it will be in your suitcase.
Can you clear your other crystals or jewelry with your mini unit?
Yes.  The Seraphim Angel Healing Team says that they will clear, recharge and fill with blessings any of your crystals, pendants, and gemstones by placing them near your mini unit for 20 minutes of time with your unit on.  You may say a quick prayer to the Seraphim Angel Healing Team and Archangel Michael to please clear, recharge and bless them while your mini unit is running.

The healing light frequencies that will be placed inside your crystals, pendants, and gemstones will bring high vibrational light frequencies to all who wear them or come close to them.  The bonus of doing this is that it also assists Mother Earth with her cleansing, purifying and bringing in Divine Light process.

Can you run your mini unit throughout the day or while doing household activities?
Yes, many leave their mini units on 24/7 for ongoing healing and protection.  

In the beginning, you may find yourself slightly in such a peaceful state that you don’t feel like doing “logical tasks” while your mini unit is running.  This is quite normal.  Picture it as healing energy being sent to you from the Seraphim Angel Healing Team as soon as your unit is turned on.  As this happens you may feel sort of “out of it” for a while until you get used to the healing energy current running.

Once you have received enough energy healings from the Seraphim Angel Healing Team this will get easier for you to do.  You’ll need to feel out how efficiently you can do household tasks while your mini unit is running.

You may find you want to lay down or sit in a relaxed position while your mini unit is running at first.  Be very careful as to 3D based tasks in the beginning.  Later it may get easier and you’ll be able to do regular tasks with more clarity as your mini unit is switched on.

Be sure to listen to your body on this and know when it is better for you to be fully grounded in your body, in 3D mode versus half in your body and half out of your body (which is what happens when you are receiving healing light from the Seraphim Angel Healing Team usually).

You may want to ground your feet on Mother Earth, with a grounding pad or by eating something before driving a vehicle after receiving healing sessions through your mini unit to make sure you are completely in your body in 3D mode while driving.

Please Note: We priced the USB Empath Protection Unit – (Archangel Crystal Lights) at an extremely low price point for this product and cannot guarantee perfect crystals but that is a non-issue due to how they perform and the minor flaws are of absolutely no consequence to the function of the unit. (We like the crystals that have occlusions because they defract the light better and make prettier designs on the ceiling).

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