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Hi Sweet Soul, Welcome to Your Angel Reading Today… 


  1. Watch this video to learn how to PICK A CARD to receive your angel reading online right now through this page (if you’d like visual instructions).
  2. Call in Archangel Michael (or your favorite Archangel) to surround you with their love, light, and blessings.  Ask a question. 
  3. CLICK A CARD you feel drawn to below (SCROLL DOWN AFTER PAGE REFRESHES). 
  4. When reading your Archangel message, notice the feelings, emotions, and internal images you experience.  You receive blessings from the Archangels with each question you ask. 

Message from Archangel Michael: “You are being reinvigorated today with a new freedom blueprint. If you say yes to receiving an upgraded emotional, mental, spiritual and physical freedom template, be ready for miraculous new beginnings to present themselves. Whenever you feel you are dragging yourself through mud or your thoughts feel heavy, please do ask us for upgraded angelic blueprints. This way what will set you free on all levels becomes easily available to you in the form of ideas, your gifts enhanced, aha-moments and doors opening unexpectedly. All of the Angelic Kingdom has ladders available for you and humanity at this time. You are worth receiving a lift off into bluer skies and the sweet joy songs of hummingbird days. Ask and ye shall receive and it is so.”

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About the Author

Kimberly is an Archangel Frequency Intuitive Who Specializes in Emotional Healing.

She’s also the author of 365 Days of Archangel Messages,  Empath Survival Journal, and the inventor of the Archangel Crystal Lights.

Kimberly's Archangel Crystal Light Healing Sessions awaken and connect you to the purest source of Divine love and light because her higher self is a Seraphim Angel and works closely with the Archangels on the higher ascension levels. If you are ethereally connected you will feel this to be true deep within.

If you've never experienced any of Kimberly's services, you may want to receive schedule an Angel Reading and receive messages from the Archangels with what they want you to know at this time.  Or receive an Overnight Archangel Crystal Light Healing Session to reduce stress, and bring in peace and calm.

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