Amethyst Pendulum (Blessed by the Archangels)

Tear Drop – Reiki – Dowsing – Wicca – Chakra Healing – Crystal – Balancing – Amulet – Kinetic – Divination – Lucky – Gift (Natural Amethyst Stone)


In ancient times pendulums were used as dowsing tools to locate water, metals or ores, gemstones, oil, graves, and other objects and materials.


Healers use a pendulum to locate problem areas on the body while psychics may use pendulums to communicate with their higher self, angels or spirit guides.


The pendulum is also used to reveal answers to questions hidden from your conscious mind. Focus on a question, and the pendulum will provide you with the answer.

As you need to know the best decision about infinite varieties of topics, by using the pendulum you can find the answer for:

  • Opens blessed spiritual doors for higher wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening, and spiritual gifts.
  • Helps you discover information about finding true love, past lives, past-life events, relationships, and how to receive more abundance.
  • Decide which job offer you should take or refuse, how honest or dishonest your prospective employer, employee, or business associate is.
  • Decipher if someone is telling you the truth or lying.
  • Clarify what vacation destination would bring you the most joy.
  • Decide what foods are most beneficial for you to eat.



AMETHYST PENDULUM – 100% natural amethyst stone. Enjoy bringing in more positive energy, luck, healing, and blessings.






CHAKRA AND HOME CLEANSING – Chakra balancing and healing. Brings in positive enlightenment energy into your home or space. Helps clear negative energy so you can have a peaceful night sleep.





DOWSING – Inspire feelings of peace, love, calm, and tranquility. Use for decorating and meditation to help you know what choices are best for you.  Use prayers and your pendulum to bless your food.







DIVINATION – Amethyst brings in spiritual protection, growth, and safety. Use for fortune telling or to find out yes and no answers.







REIKI – WICCA – Delivers healing energy for you and your loved ones. Wonderful healing stone gift for women.








Round gemstone size: 0.63 to 0.75 inches

Length of chain plus pendulum: approx.  9.75 inches

One piece – chain included

Color of amethyst gemstone may vary


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