How To Improve Your Living Situation? Ask A Question – Video Tarot Reading with Archangel Messages

How To Improve Your Living Situation? Ask A Question – Video Tarot Reading with Archangel Messages


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Transcript of Channeled Tarot Reading

0:00:02.8 S1: How to improve your living situation… Hi guys. In this video, I’m answering the question, how to improve your living situation. Ms. Wrote in and she purchased a reading that she asked the question, What will help me the most with overcoming my current situation, my suffering in my living environment, including what I can focus on for the rest of this year in order to align myself and pave the way for more of my dreams to come true in 2022. So if you’re watching this, you can see what messages apply for you with how to improve your living situation as well, and subscribe, then post your question below for a chance to win a free 10-minute one question YouTube video reading for a guaranteed reading. You can order your YouTube terrain today by going to the link below or by going to arcane, Jill’s blast dot com reading, stay till the very end, and I’m going to draw a message for everyone from my book, 365 days of ARC Angel messages that’s available on Amazon. So I’ll draw a message for you randomly at the very end… Okay, let’s get started, I’m going to say the opening prayer of protection now, and then begin the tar reading.

0:01:28.2 S1: We send our love to Mother God, we send our love of Father God, we ask that this Carol reading be completely protected with Christ line and God’s golden light of protection, anything out of divine light must leave and be removed. We ask Aranda Michael in the healing team to surround us now in your light of protection, all the way through us and around us in places shield, a protection around our entire energy bodies now, all the way down into the center of the earth, protected by Archangel Michael. And the Sarah formal healing team, and all the way up to the divine and protected and held safe by archaic and this are from Angel Halen team, we asked that we are pure clear channels for everything that needs to be cleared to heal and transmuted. We ask, we come from love and not ego, that everything that comes through is for the highest invest, good for you, your family, friends, acquaintances, and all of humanity. Thank you. And so it is… So for M.S. I’m going to ask which deck do I start with first, which deck would be best for her first…

0:02:34.5 S2: Okay, this one. And then based on her questions, I’m going to then see what comes up, I would put my glasses on here regarding her questions… Let me just get situated. Okay. Regarding her question of how does she improve her living situation and line her life up so that what can she apply this year, so 2022 goes really well for her to help improve her situation, her living situation… Okay, we have the world is reversed, and night of Pinnacles is upright, and swords is reversed. The world, the World reversed. Usually for me, the world reverse… Let me feel what messages are coming through for her to… Word by word, word-for word.

0:04:00.4 S1: It’s like a cycle of break-up of a cycle or unfinished business, cycle is ending, or the break up break up of a cycle, and then we have night of Pinnacles is upright, and the night of Pinnacles, this is consistent energy consistency, so applying consistency in your life with your dreams, to align your dreams, so consistency of action with daily action steps or weekly action steps to move your dreams forward so that more money manifest for you in 2022, and then we have 10 of Swords.

0:04:38.4 S2: And that’s upright, and the Ten of Swords is, let me feel fun for you. Well, there’s been betrayal happen in your living environment with this person, and it’s just ongoing, it drives you absolutely nuts, and I’m so sorry that you’ve been going through this for so long, and let’s feel what other messages come through for you with these cards. And then I’m gonna pull some other cards as well… We have the seven of Cups is reversed. Your bubble burst, your bubble burst with this person, it just… It gets so old, and so really, it’s protecting your energy so you can move your dreams forward, which I know you already know that your initial MS and then the Chariot is reversed. So The Chariot reverse is no progress. You feel like you get jammed up because of this person and because your living environment and then night, night of Cups is… Let’s feel here. Romance coming in and charm, and even having that kind of energy for yourself, so I don’t know if you’re currently dating or you’re thinking about dating, or you’re in online groups or… But there is a potential for 2022 for someone to come in for you, but also be very careful of calling in the highest and best for you, and this person is in calling in somebody that has a good heart and is very caring, so romance and charm coming in for you.

0:06:37.3 S2: And so, how do you improve your situation moving forward… Let me see what concept with these cards is now… We have King of Cups is reversed and empty hollow emotions, like robotic. If you feel like somebody comes in or around you that has… It feels empty or hollow. Definitely not let that person in. But this also could be that you could feel like that person is like that in your living environment that you’re living now… Your living situation right now. Even if male or female or whatever, but this person has the energy of King of Cups reverse, which is empty hollow emotions robotic, and then seven of ones is proving yourself… You feel like an underdog in a lot of ways. And then we have four of swords, which is like, This is failure and rejection, healing of wounds and disappointments, so this is really a time of nurturing yourself and healing as this, these next couple of months for yourself and then setting the foundation with moving forward with trusting yourself, your good instinct, your alignment, but really it’s telling you to have patients with yourself and do consistent action steps and heal yourself when you get knocked off you’re ground by your living situation, it’s just you know how to do this, it’s coming back to those healing moments of caring for yourself and nurturing yourself and even…

0:08:41.4 S2: I don’t know if you have a temporary work place to go to or not, but just taking the time, the time out to heal yourself as you already know how to do, and let’s see what comes up with these cards… AA. So manifestation, New Beginnings, answered career, continue writing down your prayers and trusting and believing in yourself, because this is as you enter into 2022 this next year, it’s new beginnings for you, and even in the future, if any one of you are watching these videos and you feel like this applies to just feel these messages for yourself as well, and so for Ms, lots more manifestation coming for you, so let’s see what else you can do to help improve your living situation, we know that you like music, so definitely singing in your music when you can and listening to them in your headphones, why you meditate? Listening to music that’s really peaceful, taking care of your body, making sure the basics are taken care of, are you eating nutritious-ly, taking hot baths for yourself if you need to, take time to nurture yourself, writing down your divine guidance and then knowing that your prayers are being answered in unexpected ways, music to your ears will be happening in 2022, even though the situation with this person or this energy of where you’re living, it’s hard to change it right now, I know.

0:10:38.6 S2: But continue to focus upon the blessings of your life and taking your care of yourself and having consistent energy with manifestation in order to build your savings. And so you can change your situation. But also what I’m getting is this person like this is something may or may not happen, take it with a grain of salt or meditate on it, but this person… I feel like this is something… A vision that I sense is like, This person has heart… It might have heart issues. And I’m not sure that this person is going to be on earth right now. Not right now, but it has been with covid happening, but also in 2024, I feel like 2023, 20, 24 and 2025, there’s gonna be a more… A bigger exodus, people exiting the earth.

0:11:46.1 S1: So people are gonna exit the earth even more in 2023, 24 and 25, and I almost feel like this person might have an out at that time because of health issues, so this person in your living environment might have this situation to where they… Have something happen here in the hospital or they have something with their heart, I don’t know if it’s a harder to a stroke, or they have to have heart stuff, just acute heart situation, and then it’s gonna be… They can choose to exit or they can choose to stay, that’s their free will of choice, so I’m just telling you the energy surrounding the situation, and I don’t know, and so the advice for you in the next one, two, three years, you and this person is to also help them or see if everything’s in order, if they were to exit, Do they have a well, do they have a trust? What happens to the house? If they were to not be on the earth anymore, what happens to… What’s going to… What are their wishes, what are their… Well, what does their will say, What do they want it to say, do they have things lined up in that manner, what are the steps for even…

0:13:19.2 S1: What are the steps for a state and even maybe get reading more about planning for some… Say someone’s at the end of their life, and not saying This person is, but it’s a possibility, I’m just saying for this person, to me, it looks like to me within three years might have… We all have opportunities for exit at certain times, juncture points, this person is gonna have a juncture point, and so her affairs in order, and then so you might be placed in the role of caretaking at the end or getting things in order, and so it’s good to read about a state care, what are the steps, what are breaking down those steps of what happens when a loved one, if they pass, what are the steps to manage their state, who does this person want to be the executor of the estate type thing, and getting everything in order, just in case. And I know it’s not fully your responsibility, however, this is something that this person… It’s important that they think about. And so whether they choose to make sure that everything’s in order or not, that’s their choice, but it’s something that you might find out from them to see if things are in order.

0:14:43.8 S2: And then let’s see what other advice comes up.

0:15:00.7 S1: Getting grounded. So yes, and you were so empathic, so it’s so important to get grounded, we know bare foot with your feet on the pavement or the outside, when I know it’s really rainy where you live, but also just saying no to things that we… You feel like are too much for you, or impose upon your boundaries, and then you’re not alone, all your guides and angels are assisting you on the higher realms, including a male figure like your father and your higher self, and all of your guides and angels are assisting you even your animal totems, your angels, and your inner instinct, you know ahead of time if something’s gonna go down, so you can sense it in your gut and wherever you sense that in your body, if an appeal or anger is gonna happen in your living situation and then trust your instincts and protect yourself ahead of time and just… I know you have to be… It’s choosing to be hyper-vigilant on that sometimes, and then healing yourself with that, and I know it’s a challenging, let’s see what comes through with cosmic awakening guidance, oracle cards that I have available at archangels bless.

0:16:28.4 S1: I did these cards to see what words come up, so if you like to get messages regarding with words, that’s why I created these cars with the archangels, so passionate exploration, igniting, Dorman ideas. Surreal becomes real. So know that you will have a turn of events positively for yourself in the future, and you will have your dreams come true, be vigilant with who you let in your life though, and even if it’s a loved soulmate, make sure that you do your checks and balances and are cautious and they earn your respect and trust slowly, and then, yeah, a decision is at hand, inner wisdom, Compass, new direction for you, the new direction is coming up again, so wonderful. Year ahead for you, along with can be a difficult, thunderous cinder storm sometimes with eruptions, you managing your living situation, but trust yourself continue to move forward with small steps daily and weekly and heal yourself in between with everything you need to do for nutritious eating. What do you need to do for body care exercise and deep breath, singing music and letting go. Any of the projects you’ve been thinking about, it’s a good idea in 2022 to launch, the ones that you feel are in balance, that you feel like if you just put daily weekly attention towards, you can eventually manifest them.

0:18:14.8 S1: I’m gonna draw a message for you from the Archangel oracle cards for goddess sets available at archangels bless. I know I went over the time here, but I really wanted to unfold this for you, and so I hope these messages help you just know there’s frequencies in these readings in extra templates and blueprints for you that will assist you as well with the higher blueprints in templates that will help you move your projects forward, take the best care of yourself and enhance your intuition, your intuitive abilities, which are already very strong with you. So your message is freedom. Freedom is coming in the future for you. Card Number 5 Archangel areal message, higher pathways will be revealed to you. Ask for a sign from me and I will deliver one to you through the wind, be open what you’ll find will delight you. Connect to what your heart desires. What would you prefer more of? Celebrate new options coming your way, even if you don’t know what they are yet. So thank you, Ms, for asking your question, because for those of you that have a challenging living situation, hopefully some of these messages assisted you as well, and I’m gonna draw a message for everyone from my book, 365 days of archangel messages now.

0:19:41.6 S1: And it’s from arcane howrah day 37. If your energy reserves are low on any given day, call me in, I am here for you, ask me to lift worry from your thoughts, what feels heavy to you can be transformed into feeling much lighter tonight as you sleep, I will bring you a new way of looking at the situation at hand, if you’d like this way your body, mind and spirit can restore itself more efficiently through the peace and healing I bring you today, and during your slumber, what seems like a detriment may be a blessing in disguise. There is no need to fret only to connect to the great or you that is overseeing your journey here on Earth, your soul connects with us frequently for updates on what may work better for you, you have an entire team of advisors guiding your every step. We are strengthening your energy reserves right now, be at peace and know that all as well. It was so wonderful to bring this through for everyone in… For you, Ms. Who asked this question? I hope this video has touched to subscribe, then post your question below for a chance to win a free 10-minute one question YouTube video, reading for a guaranteed reading order your YouTube terrain today by clicking on the link below or by going to https://archangelsbless.com/reading


0:21:07.2 S2: Thanks for watching everyone. See you soon.

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