How Do I Know If I Found My Divine Soulmate Twinflame Partner? Angel Reading VIDEO

How Do I Know If I Found My Divine Soulmate Twinflame Partner? Angel Reading VIDEO…


Hi Sweel Soul, Welcome. I’m Kimberly Dawn with I’m the author of 365 days of Archangel Messages available on Amazon and Empath Survival Journal… available on Amazon. I’m also the inventor of the Archangel Crystal Lights that you see running here and the Archangel Crystal Light Portable unit you see here.


Today’s Question: “How do I know if I found my Divine soulmate twinflame partner? I’m going to be answering that question. Channeling messages from the Archangels and the Angels for someone by the initials S. M. and her question is… “What is next for me regarding a romantic relationship in the physical with my divine partner?”


So I’m going to channel these live. I haven’t looked into any of these questions I’m going to be doing in the next series of videos and podcasts. So for this question… I’ve already said the opening prayer of protection with Archangel Michael and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team which are who my guides are and my spiritual team is.


I’m going to see what impressions they download to me and what, what they want me to share with you at this time. As you’re watching this, see how you can relate… and see what messages come through for you while you’re watching me channel these messages for S. M.


Okay. So a lot of times when I start channeling, I’ll get word-for-word sentences, and it’s a stream of consciousness that comes through with my clairaudience, abilities that my higher self has helped me open up over the years. And so I’m going to start channeling word for word, and then we’ll see what images come after that.


Remember to trust yourself. In this matter, you are progressing along quite nicely with honoring yourself and learning to love yourself. You are at the stage of your growth and evolution, your evolutionary point, that you’re not willing to settle any longer, which is an excellent position to be in that. You’re holding yourself to high standard, and you’re not allowing yourself to drop down into the territory of loneliness, to where, to the point of you let someone in, that’s not healthy for you. So check that box. You’ve learned those lessons and honor yourself with knowing the inner wisdom from within that. You already do know this person is coming.


When this person will arrive, will depend upon both of your, your willingness to your readiness to meet. You’ll notice when you do meet this person, this person is quite fond of you. They’re showing me you’re going to feel glances. You’re going to feel admiration from this person. And you’re going to feel like a curiosity. It might not be an instant spark. So as much as it is a feeling of comfort, you’ll feel comforted and like a good friendship develops a deep friendship develops first.


So some of the signs of that you’ve met your soulmate or twinflame, your Divine Partner, as you were to some of the signs… a feeling of that comfort, feeling, a feeling that this person has great admiration for you, a sense of feeling that you’re at home. Like you can trust them a sense that a feeling that they’re showing me an image of the person hugging you from behind, he’s hugging you from behind and a feeling that, of a safety, a safety feeling, but you might develop a deep friendship first before you are able to trust.


You will trust this person, but it will. You are wise in taking your time because that develops the deep friendship to begin with so that you feel comfortable with, with all the love, energy, that, and the peaceful energy you’re going to feel from your divine partner… The way that they’re showing this to me is very strong for you. Your pathway is being cleared for this, and they also want me to acknowledge what a great job you’ve done, because I know those of you that submitted a question.


You just put your initials in, but you also put your email. And so I noticed from the email, you are in the weekly healing sessions, the Overnight Archangel Crystal Light Healing Sessions with the Seraphim Angel Healing Team. And the Seraphim Angel Healing Team wants me to acknowledge for you that you have been cleared of a lot of the resistance and the, a lot of darker energy stuff that was kind of on the outside of your energy field.


A lot of darker seeds, even implant stuff has been from your energy system, so that you feel like you can breathe deeper now. And you feel the sense of peace that you haven’t felt in a long time before, prior to the healing sessions… You’re feeling a deeper sense of peace. You’re beginning to really come into your own empowerment. They’re congratulating you for this because without the dark interference so much because of them removing the dark interference for you during those weekly healing sessions, and your willingness to be able to clear the blocks to clear the confusion and to clear the misunderstanding of self up…


To clear the distortion energy up, and they have lifted that for you each week, they do deeper and deeper layers as you ask for specific help. And they say, continue to ask and write down what you need help for because that does help us help you specifically with lifting the veil on those, lifting the dark interference, and lifting the veil on those aspects that used to weigh you down.


So now that those have been cleared more, as you continue with those healing sessions and continue to work on yourself and honoring yourself every single day, your divine partner will reach you easier. And they want me to let you know that that is what happened with me meeting, my twin flame in 2015, I had been doing clearing. They had been working on me so much and clearing the old with the crystal lights so much that, um, I mean, for a good two years around that point or a year and a half, that I was able to meet him because he was on the path to meeting me and looking for me. So circumstances aligned themselves because we were both ready, but I was at the point of, I just give up if I don’t really meet him, it’s okay. I honor myself, no matter what I’ll be, I’ll just be single because I don’t want to settle.


I was at a similar point as you’re at. So that’s what they want me to tell you. There’s much hope in this person than appearing out of nowhere, appearing out of the blue when you least expect it. So continue honoring yourself. Okay. And great job with all the healing work you’ve been doing with the Seraphim Angel Healing Team in your weekly healing session.


And they smile like that. Smile with you. And they also say you work with the fairies and the fairies that work with you, are sprinkling fairy dust on you for you meeting your divine partner. And so with that said, we, they say, we send our love, our admiration and great respect to your embodiment on the earth, Namaste’.


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