Do I Have Psychic Abilities? Angel Reading VIDEO Do I Have Psychic Abilities? [Archangel Healing Messages]

Do I Have Psychic Abilities? Angel Reading VIDEO with healing messages from the Archangels…


Hi, sweet soul. I’m Kimberly Dawn with I’m the author of 365 days of Archangel Messages and Empath Survival Journal. Both books are available on Amazon. I’m also the inventor of the Archangel Crystal Lights that you see here. This is the mini-unit and this is the portable unit Archangel Crystal lights. The question that I’m going to answer today, or channel messages for the question wrote in… “Do I have psychic abilities?” DV wrote in and said, “Do I actually have clairvoyance and or hear see angels and feel divine guidance?


There are so many people that wonder that. So I’m excited to channel word-for-word messages and see what images come through from the Archangels and the Seraphim Angel healing team. The Archangels and the Seraphim Angel healing team are the healing team that works with me and my clients. They have so much love for you for humanity and in assisting the earth at this time.


First, I wanted to read a part of a delightful email that I got, from a client who’s in the weekly healing sessions, the weekly Overnight Archangel Crystal Light Healing Sessions. And she wrote something about my blog posts because sometimes on the blog post, I post pictures of myself. Just started to, again, post pictures of myself doing everyday life, uh, grocery in the grocery store, or picking up cat food or getting a COVID vaccine shot that is on one of the blog posts. And she writes, “Oh, and so fun to see Kimberly’s pictures. I’m amazed to see her doing human things. I think I must feel her angel self so strongly from all the work she’s done. That’s just how I see her and forget that she’s human too.” I giggled when I read that because that she is in the weekly healing sessions.


So she feels the Seraphim Angel part of myself that does the healings with the Seraphim Angel healing team with all my clients. So she sees that angel part of myself, working on her, working with her, helping her evolve and learn. So thank you so much for that email. It meant, it meant so much in touch my heart with everything that you said and how that channeling touched you. Um, but it’s funny because most of my everyday life is human. Like in this human existence, you know, the channeling part with me channeling it’s only a small fraction of, I feel like my whole day because you know, it just like all of us, we have to get through all this crap. Basically, that’s on earth, all the stuff, all the that’s out in the world right now, all the stress even dealing with COVID this past year and now getting the shot.


And, um, so a lot of my day is doing mundane tasks that we need all need to get done and self-care and exercise and eating good and cooking, healthy food. And, and so it’s, it’s kind of funny to me because there’s so much, I think a lot of us spiritual beings at this time are like, Oh, this is a lot to be here right now. It’s just, it’s a lot. And so I really empathize with all of you feeling like it’s just heavy and hard. Some days are just hard to get through because there’s trying to keep your head above water and do all the tasks needed and reach… or possibly reach your goals. I just want to give all of you encouragement. And so do they with lots of hope, healing, and love during these videos, um, and podcast, if you’re listening to the podcast so that you can feel uplifted and like, there is hope for what you’re going through. So I’m going to channel messages now for D.V. And she asked, “Do I actually have clairvoyance and, or hear, see, and feel Divine guidance. And so let’s see what comes through.”


Yes, of course. So now I’m hearing word-for-word. That’s usually how it starts opening up for me as I hear words. Yes, of course, you have clairvoyance clairaudience and clairsentience, your abilities are opening up more and more. You are, and you are understanding the different frequencies that you’re sensing and picking up on. You’re discerning, you’re becoming more discerning and they want all of you to know that being discerning with the intuition you’re receiving is very important to realize what feels like yuck energy and what feels like higher vibration energy. And what’s helpful. And what’s not helpful. You’re learning to discern these things for yourself as a sensitive because you are a sensitive empath and they want you to know, to protect yourself, continue to use your due diligence with protecting yourself and your energy. I did see your email address, D.V. and you are in the weekly healing.


So they’re acknowledging how much the healing sessions they are assisting you as a sensitive with learning to protect yourself more. And even, I think you have a portable unit here, that you can put in the pouch it came with and carry with you. When you go to the grocery store or you’re doing, um, activities out of the house, or even use this while you’re meditating, because this is a signaling device that goes directly to the the Divine been blessed with frequencies. And it goes directly to the healing team… The Seraphim Angel healing team and the Archangels so that they know your location and can surround you with their protection frequencies even stronger. And especially because you’re in the weekly healings, you have extra protection because you’re in those healing sessions from the darker energy, the negativity, the stress on earth, but they also want you to picture a silver reflective material around you.


Calling Archangel Michael, before you leave your home… picture the silver reflective material so that it protects your energy even stronger. And know your intentions are powerful with your protective shielding around you. Because that’s reflective energy. It’s like when people have, uh, used silver to use, they used to use silver to sunbathe their face because it reflects the sun. Well, this reflects outward and it will reflect dark with the intention of it to reflect all… Anything, not for your highest and best good, all dark energy, all negativity, all stress, it reflects off of you. So they want you to picture that bubble of silver reflective material, very strongly. When you are doing things that are out of your normal sanctuary space and they say you are developing your gifts even more. And they show me a picture of you writing journaling messages upon awakening in the morning, say the weekends or your time off you write messages.


But before you go to sleep, they say, you can ask us questions. And then in the morning, pick up your journal and write messages down. First thing in the morning when you’re all clear and just came from the spirit world and those messages will reveal to you more clues. And so that’s the, they say that what you’re learning to do in your process, of expanding your intuitive abilities is you’re learning to decipher the frequencies within the messages. So if you see an image or you hear a sound or a song or words from us, you’re learning to decipher the frequencies and put that into… a clear message for yourself, like a stream of consciousness, that the more you practice that writing messages, even images, writing those down, drawing them out. If you want, the more that you’re going to bring through that stream of consciousness from us consciously.


And you’ll realize when you’re channeling and in that mode of downloading streams of consciousness, like they say, I’m doing now… downloading a stream of consciousness. You’ll realize when you’re doing that, versus when your own mind is interfering. And that’s what you’re learning at this time is how to let go of your own mind and down and be in that clear state. Like when you first wake up, say your prayers of protection, do your silver reflective light. Even you can play the Archangel Michael House clearing and blessing. If you want, before you meditate, that’s available at under “shop”. And then that creates that shielding of protection before you channel. And then you can begin asking questions and writing down or drawing or seeing what images come to you. And then the messages will stack on themselves. They’re showing me stairs and you’ll go up the stairs to let the story unfold.


And you’ll, you’ll realize that it comes from your higher self and us the stream of consciousness it’s beyond the logical mind. Although they say we use the logical mind to also show you images from your past or show you, um, symbols from a feeling you had at one point in your life. All of those layers of information can be given to you at once or in steps. And then you unfold the story. So you’ll get better and better at it, but you have, you have natural-born abilities. We want to clarify that you have natural-born abilities because you’re sensitive. You were born a sensitive. So now it’s about you’re in the weekly healings, which has cleared a lot of the dark energy that gets placed around a lot of people on earth, just because the dark like defeat off of humans, light, that’s been lifted from you.


It continues to be, and it does with your intention as well. Of removing that… of clearing that… Doing your protection. And so now you’re developing your strong light stream of consciousness from your higher self, from your crown chakra, your heart, your crown chakra, all the way up to the divine, all the way up to your higher self. And then the divine through that stream of consciousness, the downloads happen. And then it’s getting out of your own way and deciphering the messages and allowing them to blossom. It’s like having fun with it, playing, allowing them to blossom, and then telling your guides, okay, the messages are coming too fast, or they’re not, they’re not fast enough, but you might, you can tell us to slow things down as well, or tell us to explain things better, slow things down, amplify things like you’re amplifying a movie screen or a still shot amplify that.


And then you could say, okay, you showed me this image from my past. What do you mean by this? And then write down messages. You hear, feel, write down your feelings of what you feel from that. And that will unfold your gift even more because really it’s an exercise it’s like exercising or building a muscle. The more you use it, it will strengthen. So we want to say congratulations for listening for asking this question for tuning in congratulations. Thank you for being in the weekly healings, your higher self. Thank you because your higher self has been able to anchor down into you more so you’re embodying more of your higher self because you’re in those weekly healing sessions. Great job. Continue. The excellent work of embodying your folder self here on earth. Namaste


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See you soon, sweet soul.

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