How To Deal With Disappointment? Archangel Messages & Energy Tips Podcast #29

How To Deal With Disappointment? Messages & Energy Tips from the Archangels…


Listen to “How To Deal With Disappointment – Archangel Messages and Energy Tips Podcast #29”

Hi Sweet Soul,

Have you experienced some disappointment recently?


Welcome To Archangel Messages & Energy Tips Podcast where I bring through 3-8 minutes of sincere Archangel messages & energetic guidance that will bring you more peace and calm.


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Here’s what Archangel Michael & The Archangels have to say about the…


Energetic frequencies and prevalent thoughts that are happening in the world right now (that you may be experiencing, sensing, or picking up on):

“Many of you are experiencing disappointment and frustration in various forms.  You may have felt like your dreams were dashed from you recently or in the past.  The energy of loss of hope is prevalent and pervading.
There’s also a sense of longing for something more.  This longing is a good thing actually because there’s always more available for you if you should want and accept it.
For many of you, there have been misgivings about not feeling like you belong or not feeling worthy.  There’s much hopelessness that’s been spreading since COVID-19 hit.
For those of you that are sensitive and empath, you may be picking up on the hopelessness of others as you go about your day and do your daily activities.  You may also be sensing insecurity in the world around you, uncertainty about the future and how things will pan out.
This is to be expected considering the shakeup that just happened in the world.  (Sigh)”

Energetic blocks that may be coming to the surface:

“Dark energy, lower level energies are having a hay day, feeding off the sorrows of the human race, like battery sources.
Triggers can happen in each individual such as past emotional pain, intense levels of fear for no apparent reason, increased anxiety levels, cold sweats at night, and tearing up out of the blue with a heavy emotional heart.
The energy is becoming overly intense at times for many.  You may have felt like you are getting “out of whack” or like something is off-balance within the energy systems of your body.
This may be happening more frequently as you press on, trying to focus and get your tasks at hand done.  If you’ve experienced the aforementioned you’re not alone.”

Energy tips from the Archangels to help you get through everything:

“We want you to know that this is a time of deep inner transformation if you allow it to be.  This is the time to notice what is off balance for you and making adjustments accordingly.

Now is the time to not ignore the inner signals any longer.  To realize there is more happening behind the scenes than meets the eye.
When the pain gets to be too great is when humans by nature pay attention and are willing to make the necessary changes but sometimes by then, it is too late.
For you, you don’t have to let things slide this long.  Your openness and readiness to ask for higher assistance at the same time as taking full responsibility for your actions are key here.
Now is the time for humanity to address the “issues in their tissues” so to speak.  It doesn’t have to be too late.
We know the journey has been a long one for many.  You are ahead of the rest of you are willing to face the pain, ask for higher help, find tangible 3D solutions, and know you have never been alone in this.
Even though the darkness in the world has grown, the light in your can prevail.  There IS hope.
Seek to ignite the light and you will find more peace and solace.”


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May you light the way for yourself and others, so all may find their way back home.


See ya soon sweet soul!


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Rather than post photos on Facebook, I thought I’d post photos in my blog posts instead.  (I removed all my content from my personal Facebook page due to the controversy going on over how personal data gets used on there).

Got my first Covid Pfizer shot last week (they just became available in Oregon in April 21′).  Felt tired that night and the next day… was very thirsty.  Drank lots of water.  Could feel my immune system kicking into gear more and doing something.

Arm was very sore that night and the next day as well.  Ah, dreading the next one, but will bite the bullet and get er done. After receiving it, I do feel like it will help.  Glad I got the Pfizer shot cuz after doing a lot of research, the J&J one was a no-go for me.

This is what I make my morning tea out of.  Yuuuum.

Gluten-free homemade bread gettin’ ready to go into convection oven.

This tostado tasted soooo good.  Was craving eating Mexican food out somewhere.  Hadn’t done it in ages since I like making most of my meals at home so I can reduce salt, bad fats and so forth.  But this little splurge was way worth it!

My cat Olive’s FAVORITE food… Natural Balance – Turkey & Giblet Formula.

Super Pink Moon of 2021 taken 4-26-21 with my honey’s Astro camera.  It’s not actually pink though (pink filter used).  However, it’s named Pink Moon since a certain pink phlox flower (moss phlox) blooms at this time of year to mark the arrival of Spring.

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