Effortless Business Ideas & How To Find Your SoulMate? [Angel Reading Giveaways Facebook Live VIDEO]

Two Angel Reading Facebook Live Giveaways For The Questions:

Question #1 from M.H.

How to create a business based on all the things I love in life – with grace and ease? …A business that is naturally easy for me 💗 so it doesn’t feel like work?

Question #2 from J.L.

Will I find my soul mate?  Do you see marriage in my future, if so when?


During the following video, I channel messages for the two blessed souls who won the random Live Angel Reading Giveaway that was sent out to newsletter subscribers.

By watching this following Channeled Angel Message video with me channeling Archangel Michael, the Archangels & the Seraphim Angel Healing Team you’ll receive…


  • More wisdom about how to find your soulmate & creating a business you love 
  • Divine frequency blessings from Archangel Michael and the Seraphim Angels
  • Love, calm, and Divine love energy
  • Guidance for your life from the Archangels.  By listening to the channeled readings given during this Facebook Live Angel Reading event you’ll be receiving spiritual guidance that applies to your life as well.
  • Golden light awakening energy
  • Ascension activation frequencies
  • Divine Angel blessings of pure love


This Angel message video is ideal to listen to if you’re feeling lonely, unsure, want to create a life you love, or anytime you want to receive uplifting Angelic thoughts that will help your life.


Summary of Angel Readings given during the Facebook Live

Question from M.H. – How to create a business based on all the things I love in life – with grace and ease? …A business that is naturally easy for me 💗 so it doesn’t feel like work?

  • Star – Dream Deep, Wide & Big

  • Sheep – Much prosperity is in your future
  • Pencil – Write life dreams rough drafts, keep revising
  • Horseshoe – Good luck will come from you writing your dreams on paper
  • Sun-Moon-Stars – Allow it to be a magical journey. Many blessings come through magical manifestation
  • Gemstones – Blessing the gemstones through prayer and through the Archangel Crystal Lights creates awakens your power from within
  • Ribbon – Keep your eye on the prize
  • Cupid – True love is near and dear
  • Synchronicity will lead you there
  • Celebrate the journey
  • Spiral up – Find new ways of looking at things and doing things… this will uncover more
  • Jot down notes, like an inventor
  • Act like you are a detective, putting the clues together
  • More puzzle pieces are coming, keep an open mind
  • Don’t box yourself into certain ways of doing things or old ways of seeing business ideas
  • Stay expansive
  • The idea or ideas will pop in when you least expect them to
  • Expansiveness is the way
  • Be playful about it, think wider and bigger
  • You have the tools, it’s more about expansive thinking and daydreaming right now
  • Allow yourself to unwind up the spiral
  • Revise, revise, revise, clarify and try again in a different way


Question from J.L. – Will I find my soul mate? Do you see marriage in my future, if so when?

Butterfly – success and happiness
Comet – misfortunes, worry, and grief in your past. I’m so sorry for all you’ve been through.
Fox – there has been treachery on the part of a close friend. Also, keep this as a lesson for the future to be extra protective of yourself. Protect your energy and space will continue to be needed.
Hourglass – it’s important not to put a time limit on this because you will need to be vigilant when dating and use all your wits about you.
• Pay attention not to drop into the loneliness feeling and be sure to NOT settle any longer for less than you deserve.
Owl has a warning with it, be sure to vet the people you date so you don’t settle in any way or you risk having sickness and poverty from being with the wrong person.
Swan – happy marriage is in your future. 6 mo – 3 years but that all depends on you. The power is in your hands.
• More healing to do from the inside out on a deep level to clear out the old. The Overnight Archangel Crystal Light Healing Sessions would help you greatly because old traumas, past life entanglements, and old patterning would be cleared for you. Old hurts in your heart so you don’t keep attracting disappointment. The loneliness, disappointment, and old hurts in heart chakra need more clearing.
Squares – peace, danger warded off if you heal deeply like we’ve just mentioned and are vigilant with your own protection. No settling out of any loneliness feeling.
• Soulmate is nearby

Marriage proposal in your future if…

Green ribbon – important to work on your mental and emotional health
• Clear emotional reactions, bypass fear (Overnight Archangel Crystal Light Healing Sessions)
• Clear self-worth, feeling insignificant
• Stay grounded with practical tasks, get fully back in your body as you heal the emotional part.
• Getting present in your body now
• Brainstorm new ways that will help you meet that very special likeminded soul.  Get out of your comfort zone, but in a protected safe way.


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