How Do You Get More Creative Ideas & Flow? Can The Angels Help Your Creativity?

How Do You Get More Creative Ideas & Flow? Can The Angels Help You?


I’ve been busier with Angel Readings and Overnight Archangel Crystal Light Healing Sessions more than ever this year, so fitting video and podcast creation into the mix can be a bit tricky.

The creative process of birthing new creative ideas in the form of videos is always an evolving one for me.

When mishaps happen, sometimes they are a sign that a format redesign is needed. Or a structure change would be beneficial.


Yesterday I recorded a beautifully peaceful 29-minute Archangel Michael and the Seraphim Angels channeled message video.  When I uploaded the video to my editing software there was absolutely no sound.

Yep!  Natta.

I always do a 5-second soundcheck, yet yesterday I didn’t do a soundcheck because the sound had been working perfectly the last few videos. This time, my higher self, guides, and angels I feel had another plan in mind for my future videos.

My forgetting to do the soundcheck was on purpose I believe. Sometimes mishaps happen for a reason.

After meditating on this, this morning, I was shown in future videos… to answer one common question asked, and channeling messages for that question from Archangel Michael, and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team.  

Pre-recording the intro and outro of the video on audio and putting that to images. This will help the production of the podcast format so when I go to produce each video I can stay in “channeling mode”, channel deeper answers to many questions one after the other, without having to go into the same intro and outro each time.

Many more channeled answers can be done during one session and that gets split into many videos and podcast episodes that will help many more people in the future find the material from that searchable common questions that are frequently asked online.

Each video will contain one of the questions that I channel answer for and then it gets uploaded to the Archangel Awakening Podcast, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & sent out to you as an ArchangelsBless newsletter subscriber.

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to bringing channeled Archangel and Seraphim Angel material to the world. If you would have told me 25 years ago I’d be my own production studio with channeled Angel messages at the forefront I wouldn’t have believed you! 

You can tell in the energy flow of your creative projects if the structure of things is ready for a rebirth or revamp… from the old to the new. 

If things feel stuck or stagnant or you if feel uninspired in any way, ask yourself and your Angels and Guides, “What new idea is ready to be birthed through me right now?”


Or, “How can I rebirth this into a new form?”


The creative flow process is a fun one, yet it can also be a birthing struggle as well. To reduce the struggle part of new creative ideas I’ve learned to go into deep meditation, ask a question to my higher self and trust the visions I’m receiving.  

When I ask a specific question to my higher self and the Archangels I’m always shown answers, along with insights that I am to unfold and make sense of.  

I love it when creative solutions are shown to me by my Guides and Angels in a format that feels more fun, flowing, and enlightening.


Sometimes the creative flow process can feel like a big pile of unorganized scrap paper cut-outs laying on the floor in a messy arts and crafts room.  This can feel quite uncomfortable if you, like myself, don’t like things too cluttered.

Trusting your own unique process of giving birth to new ideas is key.

When you can break down what your individualized creative process is,  trust the many revisions ideas you’ll get.  No matter how many times it takes you to revamp something, you just may have a finished product, idea, or service that makes you sparkle inside as much as it does others.


Stay tuned for new blessed video releases coming soon.

Cheers to you trusting your creative process and flow!

May the Angels assist you with bringing many new creative ideas to you because you deserve it!


If you need specific questions answered you are invited to order a 20 Minute Angel Reading Today [if they’re not SOLD Out]


Thank you for tuning into to receive Divine blessings, awakening activations, and higher frequencies of light and love.

I’d love to hear more about your creative process or what you feel blocks you creatively in the comments below.

If you enjoyed these angel messages please share it with any friends who may benefit, subscribe, and hit the like button.


May you light the way for yourself and others, so all may find their way back home.

See ya soon.

In Love & Grace,



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