Ascension Preparation – What Do Higher Beings of Light Want You To Know?

Ascension Preparation Is Happening Now – What The Higher Beings of Light Want You To Know…


On my schedule this morning I had it planned to record a video, however, I woke up feeling completely out of it. I was in my light body, and not in my physical body fully because my higher self, which is a Seraphim Angel on a higher level was doing major energetic upgrades on me last night while I was sleeping.

I then thought, “Okay I’m going to meditate before I do a video”.

During meditation this morning, I saw how much my higher self is working on bringing in New Light Grid work around the planet and so 60% to 75% of my energy is going towards that light work she’s doing. She showed me that’s also why I felt so out of it.

It’s just absolutely crazy living in a physical body when I am used to being a Light Being that lives at the God Consciousness, The God Source, The Divine.

I don’t think I’ve been reincarnated on Earth many times before.

This incarnation is the second go-around of this incarnation coming back in time, to this historical point in time on earth we are no living in.

I was told I incarnated on earth from the future, my light body lives in the future as a Light Being now.

I came back in time to assist with the ascension of humanity.

I have memories of being this Golden Light Body that’s close to Source light energy at all times and being able to have incredible capabilities of knowing all that is and ever was. Having gifts that I definitely don’t have while I’m incarnated in a physical body like I am now.

This is why my higher self and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team and The Archangels tell me it’s so important to have 3D physical balance along with Spiritual, Etheric balance.

Balancing the two parts of myself are so important in order to feel grounded to do the work I’m here to do in physical form. Taking care of both parts of myself (spiritual) and my (physical) 3D body is vitally important.

Some days I’m more etheric and some days I’m doing more 3D physical things. Like later today I’ll be doing more etheric work because I will be channeling messages for my clients with the Angel readings that have been ordered.

At this time on Earth, we are going through an unprecedented time, where the Higher Beings of Light view this as an opportunity to see who is raising their hands for more help from the Light Source, from God, from the Divine. Versus who is making choices that are more of a dark nature, not for the good of themselves or others.

The goodness of what happens with humanity is vitally important to these Higher Beings of Light.

What we are undergoing right now on Earth is a rescue mission, really.

All humans are given a choice at this time to make a decision to choose good or to choose evil (or not-so-good, dark energy).

What humans on earth are choosing the Light?

The Higher Beings of Light show me my physical body was made different than regular 3D Denison’s (They call humans, 3D Denisons). It’s ultra-sensitive like I have a million antennas in my auric field to pick up information or data that I can then translate into a meaningful form.

They tell me my sensitivities will continue to increase until it’s time to leave the planet so that I can assist others who are asking for more help.

I know there are a lot of sensitives on Earth and empaths, many of whom are part of the ArchangelsBless family that do go through what I do.

Many of my clients are empaths that are ultra-sensitive and get bombarded by the stress and negative energy on earth like I do.

This is why I’m so appreciative that I receive Archangel Crystal Light Healing Sessions every day from the Seraphim Angel Healing team and the Archangels.

I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t able to get the dark triggers, seeds, and cordings removed on a daily basis. Now that I’m able to be energetically cleaned off on a daily basis. I can think more clearly now because my thoughts aren’t being interfered with by the dark (like what happen) to most on earth.

Don’t get me wrong, the DF’s (Dark Force) still try to mess with me when I’m out of the protective space of our home energy where we have 5 Archangel Crystal Lights large units running at all times.

Most of humanity is being interfered with by dark energy and this is very sad, however, it’s been going on for over a millennium. The dark force energy thinks they’re winning in many regards and that’s why I’m told it’s going to get worse here on earth before the full Ascension process happens for the humans that choose the light (choose good).

I know I have to take the very best care of myself in all ways.

For instance, I can when I wake up feeling like I did this morning where I’m just completely out of my body.  When this happens I know I’ve received a very deep healing session by the Higher Beings of Light, an overhaul of new upgrades, and higher blueprints for the videos I am doing.

I know I have to listen to that part of myself of my physical body that needs to take it easy and rejuvenate a half of a day (before I complete the Angel readings that were purchased yesterday) in order to fully get recharged to do clear and precise readings for my clients.

The reason I’m sharing these experiences on my blog in this format is so that others that are sensitive and Empaths can better understand the process of making choices for their highest and best good. So they know it’s maybe needed to listen to their body signals telling them to let go, rest, and receive deeper healing when needed.

Letting go of “guilt and so-called should’s” put on us by our programming, our upbringing, or the World At Large helps us to make clear decisions on what’s actually for our highest and best good with our overall Soul’s life purpose.

There’s so much happening behind the scenes on Earth that we don’t fully understand. The political distress has shown many of us how things are happening by governments that may not necessarily have our best interest at heart.

Yet many of us feel like we are by-standards like there’s not much we can do about it.

Having more hope is essential right now.

Know that we are being assisted greatly by benevolent Higher Beings of Light that have our best interest at heart.

The tiny choices you make for self-improvement each day and to continue going up the ladder of your own positive changes in your life make a huge impact because it has an exponential effect not only on your life but the lives of others.

In other words, YOU MATTER!

You make a difference.

Being hopeful and making tiny changes for the good of your life and for the good of humanity will carry you forward in ways that will bring you to Higher Ground… if not now, then you’ll notice it later.

There’s so much more happening by the Archangels and the Higher Beings of Light, more then your eyes can perceive.

Continue to have faith, trust, and go forth, making the very best decisions for your life.

Because you are worth it!


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Thank you for tuning into to receive Divine blessings, awakening activations, and higher frequencies of light and love.

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May you light the way for yourself and others, so all may find their way back home.

See ya soon.

In Love & Grace,



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