What Are My Angels Trying To Tell Me Today? – What Are Your Angels Trying To Tell You?? [pick a card] FACEBOOK LIVE VIDEO

What are your Angels trying to tell you?


By watching this Facebook Live Angel Reading [pick a card] event to receive an Angel message and answer the following questions for yourself…

  • What are you angels trying to tell you?
  • How to know if your angels are talking to you?
  • How do you connect with your Guardian Angel?
  • What are your Spirit Guides trying to tell you?
  • What do your Angel sand Guides want you to know?


You’ll also receive the following blessings from the Angels…


-Higher Divinely blessed blueprints of love, peace, calm, and abundance

-High frequencies of Angelic new earth energies

-Golden light frequencies, and blessings

-Awakening and ascension activations


Abundant blessings from your Guides and Angels are here for you now.


This Facebook Live Event is ideal to listen to if feel confused, fearful, stressed, have anxiety, or anytime you want to receive angelic love and help in your life.


You’ll receive an infusion of angelic love, blessings, and higher activations of pure Divine source light.

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What Are My Angels Trying To Tell Me Today? – What Are Your Angels Trying To Tell You?? [pick a card] Facebook Live Event Transcript…

Please forgive any typos BELOW because the following video transcription was auto transcribed…


Welcome, ArchangelsBless family. I’m so happy you’re here to… I am Kimberly Dawn… Welcome.


I’m gonna start again ’cause I’m not sure if it started, welcome ArchangelsBless Family! I’m Kimberly Dawn with ArchangelsBless.com. So happy you’re attending live!


I can already feel the angels and so many high frequencies ahead of time before this event started.


If you can hear me okay, go ahead and type, YES…if you can hear me, okay.


Would you like to receive higher blessings and frequencies from the Archangels and Angels while you’re watching this video??

If… Yes, go ahead and type YES, in the comments.


The angels want to have your permission to give you extra blessings and frequencies.


Welcome, I’m going to channel messages today regarding what your angels want you to know at this time, so whenever you are, just tune in to yourself and feel the higher blessings and frequencies of love for you.


[showing picture of hand-drawn cards, A, B, C, D, E, F].


Hi, Diana. It’s good to see you!


Hi, Dolly. Great to see you too!


Go ahead and choose A, B, C, D, E, or F.


Here’s my horrible artwork, but go ahead and choose a card, A, B, C, D E or F, whichever one comes to your mind.


What I’m going to do is channel messages for what you’ve chosen, so here is my hand-made pendulum chart, and what I do before I do readings is I ask the questions, I read your questions and then I look at what the angel specifically regarding your questions went to pinpoint because it’s sort of like an array of…


So much information I can bring through, and what they do is they bring up aspects of, Okay, these bullet points are important, and then I go into word-for-word channeling for what’s most important for you at this time…


So it’s so exciting to how you hear, so excited for you guys to receive these blessings, there are so many frequencies coming through, it’s like Unbelievable.


What they do is they send frequency streaming, it’s like I get lit up like a Christmas tree, even before I do reading, so they call it over, and they will also eat you while you’re watching this video. I’ve already said the opening prayer of protection. So let me see if there’s anything else.


After this video, for those of you that are new, you can click on the link after the video to download the 9 Free Prayers of Protection by Archangel Michael, that’s free at https://archangelsbless.com, and that link is in the first comments of this Facebook Live post.


So if you chose card A…


Card A: I’m going to channel messages now for different areas of what they want you to know at this time, and for those of you that didn’t choose a hearing for you to also just listen for messages while I’m going over those of you that chose card A because you’re gonna receive intuition while you’re listening…  the Archangels, Archangel Michael, the Seraphim Angel Healing Team that I work with are so high level and they’re so powerful, and they’re so sweet too, and they just want to bring you extra special attention today, so you’re gonna pay attention to the symbols, you see what you feel in your body what you hear while I’m channeling for those of you that shows and all the other letters you didn’t choose because you’re gonna be receiving messages as well.


This is an opportunity for you to further awaken your spiritual gifts. While you watch any of the Facebook Lives that I’m going to be doing in the future.


And the one I’m recording right now, so what’s going on with those of you that chose A, and see how it relates to you, because more messages will unfold later as well, so there’s fatigue and stress happening, and this is happening to many in the world right now.


For those of you that chose A, it’s important to listen to your body, listen to its inner wisdom and when you need to rest more, because it’s really a balance of also getting in touch with your health and getting in touch with what would help you the most with opening up to taking better care of yourself overall and deep self-care, so those are specific words for words with what’s going on…


What you might be telling yourself, for those of you that shows a is interesting.


Okay, and this is overall, they’re picking up on the frequencies of those of you that chose, and for those of you live and who will be listening in the future, it’s like an energy frequency of… I’m not going to get what I want, and they want to tell you that it really is more about you defining what you want and you clarifying your needs and clarifying, it’s a refining process also of trial and error of what’s going to work best for your health your body and what’s gonna work best for the coming one, ahead, because this is a rebalancing process for all of us right now after the coved virus, and while we’re still going through it, you…


This was an awakening process of further getting in touch with your health and listening to your body as to what it needs from you at specific times, and what’s not gonna work for you as well, and your mental health is what I’m hearing as well, it’s of…


Something’s not right, or the signs that you need energetic clearing more as well, the signs of, I need to also cleanse my thoughts and clear my thoughts for the day so that I’m clear, because sometimes we can have static lives or stress that we can feel like it’s them or the world out there, or they’re causing this when it’s really more about your clarification and cleansing process, and let’s see what comes up for blocks for those that chose card A…


How you want to go about things, it’s a re-confirmation, they say the blocks are what I’ve already mentioned, the re-confirmation of clarifying, clearing and getting in touch with the true essence of view.


So the next thing that comes up for tips or for those of you that chose card A is having deliberate thought, be very clear about your intuitive awareness, be very clear about what you are actually feeling versus repressing your feelings, and for the tips and antidotes for those of you that shows a…


Paying attention to your heart chakra… saying no to those, a few others around you that you might feel like takers or the world is just taking from you and you have nothing left to give, clearing any triggers as well that happens to you.


So it’s a clearing process of paying attention to is this triggers is the thing that is what happened to me, wanting me to clear the deeper issues in my life on the… Is my soul trying to get me to clear deeper things that have happened to me, and looking at that as a blessing, not a curse, because it’s how you think about things that will empower you or make you more disengaged or feel just empowered.


I know you all can relate, we all can… Taking a deep breath, and they want me to revere again for those of you that I have just joined the video, if you want to type YES, you can say yes to the angels if you would like more blessings and higher frequencies while you’re watching this video. Even they’re sending frequencies through the sound of my voice to assist you at this time. It’s an honor to be here with you.


So that is for A… And the more, one more for tip for card A… Let’s see what comes up on this chart here, your highest vision, rather than focusing on the negative, consider your highest vision of what you want for your life when you do that, aim high, and it will encompass more of the frequencies and blueprints you’re receiving today, which will help you as you move forward.


This [pendulum and word for word] is how I channel for my readings because I feel like it goes deeper, I go into my pendulum chart and then I go into word for word channeling.


So for those of you that chose card B, let’s see what the theme is, and then I see what the theme unfolds, the story that they tell me, they point me to all these different pinpoints of important aspects to give you, and then it’s like a story that unfolds for you.


Okay, pain, dysfunction, illness is coming up for what’s going on for those of you that chose card B…


Some anxiety and depression as well. And what you might be telling yourself, for those of you that chose card B, okay…


Letting fear go out of your life, and when I say what you might be telling yourself, This could be so unconscious, you may not even be aware of it,


Some part of you may feel disconnected emotionally, not available out of yourself.


So that’s also what’s going on in [what the angels point out with the pendulum]…


Okay, more word for word channeling from the Angels…


Bad memories from the past might be coming up for those of you that chose me, and then some of you are looking for your true love and wanting to know the essence of your true. Okay, so for tips regarding how to change your life, and then tips, and then I’m gonna channel word for word, for those of you that chose card B the…


Okay, meditation is important for those of you that chose card B…


Expanding your heart’s desire, and then letting go of the old is coming up, and don’t settle your worth it, and writing out ideas of how you can reduce stress in your life will help you.


So those of you that chose card B, There are triggers with pain, anxiety, depression, there are also things happening where burdens from others, burdens from family members, you might feel extra responsibility at this time because of what happened with COVID…


or loss of a job, or any type of hardship…


It’s important to pay attention to your purpose, more understanding, this is a time of great awakening for you to uncover your purpose and to unfold what you are naturally gifted at, this is a time of going deeper instead of paying attention to say emotional disconnection or too much distraction, because sometimes distraction they’re saying is good because it allows you to receive more healing, especially if you ask for that, but out of yourself too much, it’s important to go within and to really understand yourself more at this time, writing out a new direction for yourself, writing out more about the energy of what you want to change and your new pathway, like paving the road ahead of you clearing the forest trees…


There’s a lot of pain. You can picture the forest trees, the part of the forest is in pain, such as a small fire or something like, that’s what some of you are going through, and the… The pain is a way for you to get in touch with the inner parts of yourself and to go deeper with your own journey, that you’re on the right track as you do because sometimes we want to emotionally disconnect as humans when you’re in a human body, you’ll want to emotionally disconnect instead of the pain…


It’s important to write out what does it want you to now, ask us to come in, the Archangels, all of us, and ask us to be with you while you’re writing out your pain and anything that could be blocking you at this time or getting your frustration out on paper, and that starts opening up your vision, what…


Of your purpose, because when you were incarnated in a human form, and they even say, can really kind of test to this, it can be so painful sometimes, and how do you make it out of the…


How do you make it out of the forest of pain??


How do you make it out into the sunshine and into the bed of flowers again, and that is clarifying your needs and getting in touch with the pain and letting it teach you…


You may feel re-resistance and feel disengaged. So they are sending all of you many blessings right now, so for those of you that shows, see, let’s see what story unfold and then I’ll channel more word for word Angelic messages for you.


This is different to do readings in this format.


However, I’m so excited to participate with you guys in this way…channeling for many of you.


The one that I see is self-criticism is coming up, and then feeling a sense of lack or not enough, and what you might be subconsciously telling yourself is, I don’t feel like I belong.


Are you being critical in your own thinking towards self?


Some of the blocks that are coming up for those of you that chose C or how you want to relate to others could be relationships, some relationship blocks, getting over past relationships.


And the tips for those of you that chose card C are…


Some of these tips are nurturing yourself very deeply within your inner child, the child within, that little one from within, feeling grateful for what you do have, and then replace worry, so that’s coming up, release worry and fear around what others think of you as well, cutting cords.


So let me change word for word, for those of you that chose card C:


You may feel pain from others, because a lot of you watching our Empaths and sensitives, so you can say this prayer…


“I cut cords between anyone and anything that’s not for my highest and best good at this time, I release them to God, I released them to the angels. I let go of the pain in my heart and I ask for deeper healing in my heart area right now for anything that could be blocking me or anything that’s getting in the way of me living my full purpose on Earth and me having joy, and me having abundance and you having abundance, joy, love, peace, harmony, and cutting cords with anything, not for your highest invest God across all time and space.


All levels, all dimensions, all realities, and all timelines, including negative and dark energy.”


This is gonna help you tremendously as you move forward.


They say not to worry about how you’re gonna do it so much as get in touch with the process of yourself, get in touch with the process of your own thinking of loving yourself through your own thoughts and so clarifying the resistance you have, so any resistance you have to others, relationship worries, letting that go and helping… Unfolding it.


It’s like unfolding a big not… Or a tangled mess, you got like a ball of yarn, a big piece of tangled yarn, a thin unfolding it one at a time, and you just…


It’s like, what thoughts are causing you the most pain, what worry thoughts, and then as you look at that on a scale of just one day at a time, one minute at a time, and pretty soon that ball of yarn is all entangled and it feels better.


The light can get in it, your guides and angels can reach you more because they’re showing me, for those of you that shows, see, and a lot of us can relate to this, is that when there’s so much stress in the session, just content sometimes in pain and worry, the light can’t get in self, our chakras like a funnel that opens up, so it’s important to start and tangling your own worry and stress and releasing it one by one, loving yourself anyway, embracing the inner child, embracing a little one from within, and then you can open up the funnel of your crown chakra, ’cause sometimes it’s like this, it’s like it’s bottled too tight at the neck…


It’s important to open the funnel, make it wider so you can receive more light, and you do that by letting go, worry, meditation, allowing yourself to love yourself anyway, love yourself right where you’re at, is what they’re telling me, and they’re sending you lots of love and light right now.


For those of you that chose card D:


You can… So there are struggles with despair, despondency, personal power struggles as well.


But really feeling despair for those of you that chose card D… sometimes trust issues with self and others, feeling unsafe, this is the time, especially even this COVID thing that happen and where we are social distancing…


There’s more mistrust happening within the self and others. What you’re telling yourself that you are almost victim like, but that you might be influenced by others, feeling abandoned, and the blocks that come up for those of you that chose card D.


You may be feeling alone, you might want to be in a relationship or regrets from the past…


The tips that come up of how to change your life, and I really wanna focus more in word for word channeling here… so that’s why I’m getting these bullet points here, so the next right action or choice is important.


Doing the next right action or choice, because sometimes we can go so far down in the rabbit hole of despair that we forget it’s important to take tiny action steps daily towards growth and improvement, also clearing birth trauma, because that’s coming up a lot right now, even for my clients.


Also, selfishly seeking joy, because what’s the opposite of despair… is joy!


That can be hard. That’s a hard jump. So that’s why it’s… Sometimes just the next right action, the next thing that is good for you.


And there’s no stitching is right, it’s more so of the next action that will be empowering for you, the next tiny thing that will lift you higher on the stairwell.


Also, you may need to adjust your budget.


Even though it adjusting your budget, they say there are still ways to have quality food and nutrition by eating more simple and Whole Foods, you can still save money while you take care of your body in that way.


So for those of you that chose card D, Let’s channel word for word now…


Understanding that there’s a purpose to all of this, you are enough being more light-hearted and playing more, but even though it’s… It can be heavy… And the energy can be almost so many blocks that there can be despair, trusting there is a purpose for your life, that’s what they’re saying, understanding that there are deeper things happening, deeper shifts within you that you can this…


It’s like the transformation of the Phoenix Rising out of the ashes.


You can utilize what happened as a transformation of your soul to go to those higher states of consciousness in tiny increments out of time, the despair is here, or the despondent or the feeling of abandoned or even disengaged is here to help lift you up, even though you feel so alone, we are with you even though you feel out of it.


We are watching over you, we hear your prayers, we hear your request for help, there’s not a moment in time where you pray and you are not heard… That is how much you were watched over and we are with you, sending you frequencies, and they say it is also for you to open up more to love and worthiness.


Saying…I am worthy of receiving higher frequencies from my soul in the angels, God, the divine…


I am open to receiving all of the light that… I am open to receiving the goodness that I am, I’m open to receiving the blessings in my life that I am, when you do this, we can come in and help you more, because it is your worthiness of claiming You are worthy because you are born worthy.


It’s disbelieving the lies, that is what the Angels want for you… In part with you opening up to more goodness, then you can imagine for your life because you are already worthy and you have been since you were born.


Okay, so for those of you that chose, card E… Let’s see the story that unfolds…


Oh, I’m so appreciative of you guys. To you, I just wanna say I love you guys, I love you, love you. And this is fun to do with you…


Okay, so for those of you who chose card E…


Well, this is… I know for a lot of us, there could be unresolved issues, but also there’s just heavy energy of could be some complaining, but needing to…


It’s just that you feel hopeless in some ways, there could be a feeling of fear, fear, terror, and pain and panic happening, and then the blocks, what you could be telling yourself, even if it’s unconscious, and when I say this when you talk about telling yourself then just being aware of this could help you change it in empowering ways,


You may be unconsciously telling yourself… I’m sabotaging myself, you could feel like you might go into sabotage behavior because you don’t feel like you can do it, and so then you might slip back into sabotaging or… Or not trying.


And that could be unconscious, bad habits you might regret later might be happening, and how to overcome in the tips for your life, feeling gratitude, acting as if… \


Changing it around and acting as if… And then the healing antidotes, writing out the crappy thoughts, then write out the statements from your higher self’s perspective.


So if you chose card E…

A deeper healing might be needed for clearing those areas that feel so heavy, they feel like they drag you down in the mud, so you know those days you wake up and you just feel like you’re dragging through mud, and so I…


How am I gonna get through this? That’s when to write out the crappy thoughts or the pain and just the angst, and then ask the Angels, please help me, transform this, please help me to alchemize this into gold.


It’s spinning gold. But how do you even have that kind of faith?


When you’re down in the doldrums like that, it’s hard.


So hard sometimes.


So acknowledging the pain, acknowledging the frustrating thoughts, writing them out will help you just feel like you’re validated because a lot of times they’re saying to me to let you know, it’s a lot of times more about validating yourself.


Saying… this is okay for me to feel like this it’s okay for me to…


This is a hell place we are all in…at this time, being here on earth in this antiquated world.


And so it’s okay to say, I am going through this and not denying the feelings, and then ask the Angels to shine light on that, ask them and your higher self…


Please shine light on this, so I can see a different way, I can see a way that’s gonna be easier for me.


I can understand where I’m going, I can understand where the gold is for me, the gold nuggets, and when you acknowledge yourself in this way, more help is there.


Pay attention to what happens spontaneously… you will meet people in your pathway when you acknowledge yourself like this and ask that more light come to your situation that you even wrote on paper or saw in your meditation or prayers.


You can even picture meeting people spontaneously that gives you a sign or hearing something on YouTube, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video.


Or you hear a word or a sentence that’s like, Ah, spontaneous like, I know I’m being helped and being open to receive that help, we’ll put many more blessings in your pathway, but for those of you that chose card E, it’s really about acknowledging…


Validating yourself and loving yourself enough to also say no to others when you don’t feel it’s right for you, and honoring yourself all the way home, all the way to what you’re heart wants.


For those of you that chose card F:


Let’s see what comes through.


And I mean, is coming up again…


Feeling like greed or selfishness is happening in the world because when there are lack and scarcity energy there’s greed energy and selfishness as well.


You may be feeling you also are wanting to appease yourself, it’s just painful, so it’s normal to want to appease yourself…


Saying to yourself… Am I good enough?


This is coming up for those of you who chose card F and then feeling rejected as well, and then some of the blocks are…


Feeling betrayed by others… you might in feeling a betrayal on some sort, which the Dark Energy plays on, so really knowing it’s not personal against you, it’s more about you claiming the light and transforming the dark into the light.


Okay… more on how to change your life here… Let’s see.


Clearing imprints from the past. Clearing birth trauma is coming up again. That’s a huge one right now.


Imagining what you want, imagining abundance, and then the tips that come through, or trust the flow in the process of where you’re being guided, so trusting yourself more, there’s a deeper resonance coming through for you with regard to acknowledging your past and forgiving yourself from past mistakes, acknowledging that… there is a better way for you.


The past doesn’t have to repeat itself, you are aligned to a higher purpose as you ask yourself to be, and as you see yourself to be.


We are aware of all of you right now, those of you that chose F…


There’s more in your life and knowing you are worthy and not settling, there is a shift happening and…


The Angels are wanting to speak to everyone now…


There are deeper messages here, your life will continue to improve as you move through the pain, the angst, and the… There’s a theme for everyone for all of these cards chosen.


And it’s similar.


So many of you are going through the same thing.


The Breath of Life is great for you, not to give up in despair.


You have so much ahead for you!


And there’s a multitude of ways to get there.


We know there’s so much drama, it’s happening in the political arena and the news.


We understand this, but that is why it’s so important to turn inward and go deep within your own processing, as you do…


Not to be afraid of the excavation process of what comes up, because then you can heal and transform those areas from within yourself.


You can see them through new eyes, allow yourself to see yourself through our eyes, allow yourself to see yourself through new beginnings because as you do, we meet you there and we greet you there with so much love and abundance and capability that we already see you’re capable of…


We already know your capabilities, so it’s about you seeing them, it’s about your own transformation in the human form, in your 3D form, because we can’t do it for you, it is your processes because we aren’t living in your body…


We don’t have to live with the results of what happens in physical form, as you do from any choices you make.


It’s your process of each day growth and taking the next step that will help to climb up the steps in your spiritual journey or of the spiral.


You can picture all of us sending you so much light and giving you huge hugs and light of many higher frequencies for you at this time.


As you relax into these frequencies, you may wanna drink lots of water today and rest as needed.


You’re going to probably rest very deeply tonight, after this video, you’ll probably receive many, many shifts, so it has been our honor to spend time with you here today, we love you all…


Infinitely always, and forever, Namaste’.


I thank you, everyone, thank you for being here. I’m so happy to experience this with you… with all of you…


It’s amazing to feel all of the frequencies and blessings coming through for everyone, I can just… I’m getting these images of you all out there receiving so much light from the Angels, and I feel them…


I feel I’m coming through me.


So anyone that, if you want a personal reading, if they’re not sold out, a lot of times they’re in sold-out status on my website, at ArchangelsBless.com, because I get filled up really fast.


But just come back and check and see if they’re not available if they get sold out.


You can receive a 20-minute personal reading on audio.


Also, you can download the 9 Free Prayers of Protection by Archangel Michael and listen to the Archangel Michael Anxiety Relief Meditation. [you’ll automatically be notified of my future Facebook Live events].



Be sure to share this with any friends who we benefit, like comment and subscribe.


Love you guys so much.


See you next time.


I love you guys, so happy I got to spend time with you.



If you need specific questions answered you are invited to order a 20 Minute Angel Reading Today [if they’re not SOLD Out]


Thank you for tuning into to receive Divine blessings, awakening activations, and higher frequencies of light and love.

If you enjoyed these angel messages please share it with any friends who may benefit, subscribe, and hit the like button.


May you light the way for yourself and others, so all may find their way back home.

See ya soon.

In Love & Grace,



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