the Spiritual Awakening Guided Meditation with Archangel Michael


Invoke powerful and blessed help from your Guides and Angels with Archangel Michael along with Archangel Raphael, Ariel, Uriel, Gabriel, Haniel, and Archangel Metatron by listening to this Spiritual Awakening Meditation.


Experience a powerful Spiritual Awakening Divine Light Meditation that will clear fear energy, activate your ascension.


By listening to this Spiritual Awakening Meditation you’ll also…


-Let go of fear you may have absorbed from others

-Meditate to release the worry

-Cleanse negative energy in your auric field

-Release worry and let go of anxiety with the Archangels


You’ll also receive…


-Higher Divinely blessed blueprints of love, peace, calm, and abundance

-High frequencies of new earth energies

-Golden era activation, frequencies, and blessings

-Awakening and ascension activation frequencies


Blessings from your Guides and Angels are here for you now.


Ideal to listen to if you’re feeling overwhelmed, fearful, stressed, confused, or anytime you want to receive angelic love and help in your life.


At just over 18 minutes you’ll receive an infusion of angelic love, blessings, and higher activations of Divine source light.

You’ll be able to positively shift your vibration and clear the fear by bringing in angelic help and blessings into your life right now.

Listen for free on YouTube here.

Or continue scrolling down to read the channeled angel messages from this blessed spiritual awakening activation experience.



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Spiritual Awakening Guided Meditation with Archangel Michael Transcript

Welcome to… Spiritual Awakening Guided Meditation [Clear Fear Energy] With Archangel Michael

I’m the author of 365 Days of Archangel Messages and Empath Survival Journal available on Amazon and the inventor of the Archangel Crystal Lights.
I help lightworkers raising their hands for more help receive Divine assistance, Angel messages, blessings, and healing from the Angelic realms of light.
You’ll want to listen to this meditation in a comfortable safe place because if you say yes you’ll be receiving Divine Archangel blessings as you listen.
Please don’t listen to this while driving.
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I call in Archangel Michael, Ariel, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, Haniel, and Metatron, along with your Christ Consciousness Guides and Angels of love and light.

I ask them to protect us with Christ white light and Archangel Michael’s light of protection now as we experience this Spiritual Awakening Guided Meditation journey they are about to take us on.

“Welcome beloved Spiritual Friends,

We gather here with you to assist you with your Spiritual Awakening process.

Allow the light of you to expand now as we bring in protection light all around you now, so that you are held safely in the highest Divine light that is of the highest light you can imagine.

Allow the love of you to expand as you breathe deeply. In and out…

Expanding your awareness with each breath you take.

Feeling your body relax and let go of tension.

Letting go of stress, worry, anxiety, and fear with each exhalation.

Feeling your body letting go…

Relaxing and feeling very safe and protected now.

In your inner vision, you see, feel, and sense a beautiful, golden stairway that leads to a magical place that’s glowing with light.

It’s drawing your closer to it because it feels full of love, light, and blessings.

You begin to walk up the stairway, appreciating every peaceful step you take because you sense how supported and loved you are.

With each step you take you become more and more relaxed, knowing how safe and watched over you are by all your guides and angels of love and light.

You can feel yourself getting closer to the golden glowing orb of light that’s waiting for you at the top of the golden stairs.

Each step you take you become more and more filled with peace, love, and calm.

You now find yourself at the top of the stairs as you enter into the love-filled golden orb of light where time doesn’t exist…

You are sensing that the orb is filled with love, peace, and blessings that are waiting for you to open up to them now.

Your body feels tingly as you can almost hear the most beautiful bells ringing.

You sense your energy bodies opening up to all the blessings that are waiting for you.

You are ready for them because it is time.

You are now receiving Divine light in its purest form.

All of us, your Guides and Angels, and all of the Archangels, including myself, Archangel Michael are circled around you as we bring you Divine light activations for your Spiritual Awakening process.

Your spiritual awakening has begun.

You feel us sending you frequencies of the purest form now.

You sense your heart chakra opening and expanding as you begin to understand how very loved you are in our presence and beyond.

The light of you knows the truth of this.

You are sensing the fear leave you now as it transforms into pure light.

Just for a moment, allow yourself to think about what worries you. What has been bothering you lately?

Think about any pain you’ve been going through, just for a moment or two.

Picture yourself putting your worries, fear, stress, concerns, pain, and angst into a wooden box.

Allow yourself to let go more and more as you surrender your fears into the wooden box.

Hand the box to us when you are finished.

Using your imagination, we now ask you to think about and envision what you’d like the wooden box to turn into.

What would you like to manifest or have in your life instead of fear and worry?

Picture, feel, and sense the wooden box turning into what you most want right before your eyes as we all are blessing the wooden box with God’s love and Divine light.

Sense what a miracle this transformation is that’s taking place before you.

You are feeling more and more blessed.

You are realizing that your thoughts matter.

You are being given a second chance now.

You are realizing there’s a new way to go about things.

You now understand how adored and cherished you are.

The light of you knows that things will be much easier for you now.

You are realizing that things can change now for the better.

Your heart is feeling more uplifted now.

We are now sending you Divine Crystalline Light frequencies that will enhance your ability to hear, sense, and feel us when we are near.

These Divine light frequencies will help guide you the next time you are in fear so that the light of love guides you instead of the fear.

You realize now that you can be guided by love, instead of fear.

You are learning to let love guide you now because you are one with Divine light and always have been.

Think about the old challenges that you had been facing.

Now see yourself moving forward through those challenges with ease and grace.

With love and Divine Light guiding you.

Sense how strong, centered, and stable you feel.

Feel how connected you are becoming as your light grows and expands.

The hand of God is with you now completely.

As you continue forth throughout the days, weeks, months, and years to come you become more self-assured.

More centered, stable, and grounded with your inner knowingness of what’s true for you.

Making decisions that are for your highest and best good will be easier now as you continue to honor yourself in all ways.

You are worthy of this our dearly beloved. You always have been.

We are with you always and we hear your call when you call upon us.

We thank you for experiencing this Divine Light Spiritual Awakening Activation with us here today.

You may return anytime you’d like.

As you are ready, go ahead and begin walking down the golden stairs back into your time-space reality in which you reside in your body.

As you reach the bottom step you will be fully grounded in your body again.

Fully awake and recharged with love, light, peace, calm, and protection.

We love you infinitely, always and forever.




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In Love & Grace,




About the Author

Kimberly is an Archangel Frequency Intuitive Who Specializes in Emotion Healing.

She’s also the author of 365 Days of Archangel Messages,  Empath Survival Journal, and the inventor of the Archangel Crystal Lights.

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