Spiritual Awakening & Spiritual Enlightenment (Part Two)


Episode 9 Paranormal Psychic Show – Self Actualization and Spiritual Awakening

How do you achieve spiritual enlightenment?  In this show you’ll learn more about:

  • How to achieve enlightenment
  • Are you going through a spiritual awakening?
  • What do demons have to do with yin and yang?
  • Benefits of thankfulness, gratitude, and gratefulness

I’ve decided to have this be the last Paranormal Psychic Show for now (show #9). Perhaps there will be more later.

It is with heartfelt resolve that this will be the last.

The Paranormal arena has been a challenging area for me to go into, but I knew I was guided to do the Paranormal Psychic Show and go into the Paranormal field for the reason of how many people are struggling with this almost unseen area of life.

The Paranormal area, due to the sheer numbers of very unfortunate individuals victimized by these severe types of dark force entities that many of us have never experienced or are unaware of…

There were so few options for these individuals that I felt a duty to step out and assist them in their time of dire need. Some may not understand this, but that is my commitment not only for those who seek just simple resolve but also in this case for those with a much more pressing cry for help.

Until you experience directly, it’s easy to put blinders on and not want to hear about these things that may cause fear, but my heart goes out to all who are suffering in this area.

Hopefully, all that information I have brought forward with the readings done in the show will continue to benefit those who need this information the most in the years to come.

The show replays will remain available on iTunes for those who are searching for relief and help.

As I have alluded, many people are in the spiritual arena who only want to focus on Angels and the positive, however, I had to go into the truth of what’s going on from behind the scenes energetically with the darker energies on earth negatively affecting so many humans lives.

In my experience, the spiritual awakening process is about waking up to both the yin and yang of what’s happening on earth, not just the yin. When either the yin or the yang is denied there usually is some sort of awakening event or catalytic event that will occur in a person’s life to get them to a point of paying attention to that which they have been in denial about.

Catalytic events can be part of the awakening process, so that’s why I believe that people who experience paranormal activity have a great opportunity at hand.

They are being called by their soul to wake up.


Yes, a wake-up call in many regards for them on a human level to see that which usually cannot be seen with the 3D eyes, but to look within on a deeper level and realize that there are different spectrums of light and existence happening on earth simultaneously.

There’s more than meets the eye going on and it’s time to uncover what their soul’s purpose is more fully by going through a spiritual awakening process of their own.

I believe even though dark beings don’t have good intentions on earth and want to feed off of humans; it’s an opportunity for us to see beyond the filtered veil and embrace the spiritual side of ourselves, our inner knowingness more deeply than ever before.

All of the readings I’ve done on shows 1 – 7 were for a very purposeful reason for educating and sharing extremely pertinent information about how to look at and deal with the darker energies on earth.

I often have a heavy weight on my soul due to my soul’s mission. I came here to help those people who are raising their hands for more help, many of which have been drowning for quite some time from the darker energies on earth feeding off of them.

I see this every single day in my practice when I work with clients. My guides and angels have tuned my frequency and my inner vision to be able to see what’s happening with how people are adversely affected by dark energies on earth.

I’ve had to set my ego aside to do the work my soul came to earth to do.


Many don’t realize the severity of what some go through with this. I believe there will come a time since things don’t seem to be getting any better on earth where this information will be more needed and ever more appreciated.

I’ve recognized that some people don’t want to or aren’t ready to hear information about exactly how the dark energies on earth are affecting humans negatively.

Even if one has only heard but a few moments of the show it may help them remember where to find the information should they need to in the future.

I believe many listeners realize that it’s not a candy cane world of only good things happening. There is duality that’s apart of the ecosystem, and there are more dark things happening on earth.

We see this in the news every single day with all the violence and tragedies.

When the balance of dark becomes greater than the light is when things reach a tipping point… and I believe we have crossed that tipping point for some time now.

To learn about the other duality of what’s going on here on earth helps humans the same way learning how junk food affects the body or how hanging out with the wrong crowd of people can be a detriment.

We cannot cower from the darker segment of this “duality”… it’s time to begin to understand and learn from what’s taking shape on earth.

This is a simple process and no different from our conditioned responses… It’s no different from the bad habits we continue to participate in.

Why do we continue to eat junk food when we know it’s bad for us and the consequences it brings or even the old adage from our parents that when we hang out with the wrong people, we become the “so-called” wrong people?

Those things are there for us to learn from and we must continue to evolve and be the better self and provide that light that can assist not just ourselves but for all others as well.

The thing about those hard lessons you’ve learned in life and how tough that was for you to get through, but once you learned more about how to overcome those problematic circumstances (possibly from others who had learned how to get through those things) the easier it was for you to navigate those roads better.

The same goes for the Paranormal arena of life. The more you are willing to learn about how the dark energies or dark beings affect humans the easier it will become for you to make empowering and freeing choices for you and your loved ones.

And that will be the key to the beginning of your awakening.


May the Paranormal Psychic Show bless and expand your heart, your higher awareness, your life, and the lives of your loved ones.

Let me know in the comments below what touched you the most about this episode... I'd love to hear!

What you share may help someone else going through the same thing.


PS Please share this with any friends who may benefit.  Thanks… I appreciate you!

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