Signs of a Haunted House


Episode 7 Paranormal Psychic Show Summary


Listen in as Viola receives a Paranormal Psychic reading from Kimberly answering the following questions:

  1. Should you move out of a haunted house or stay?
  2. What happens if a Priest and blessed your haunted home and the ghosts and demons are still there?
  3. What are the signs of a haunted house?
  4. What are the signs you are being messed with by evil entities and demons?


Thanks, Viola!


Evil Entities and Haunted Houses – What Are The Signs?

The paranormal psychic reading you listened to above was a challenging reading to do because of how severe Viola is being messed with by dark entities, evil entities, and demons.  After I did this psychic reading, the Seraphim Angel Healing Team did a deep clearing and healing sessions on me that night because the dark entities tried triggering dark seeds within me so they could try and access me.

The Seraphim Angel Healing Team and Archangels that work through the Spiritual Cleansing (Archangel) Crystal Lights are super efficient at clearing and healing all darker seeds that are triggered in my clients and me as soon as we fall asleep each night.  I awoke in the morning recharged, clear, alert, and refreshed.

I am so grateful for the daily healings I receive through the Spiritual Cleansing (Archangels) Crystal Lights we have running 24/7 in our home.

If those darker seeds were not removed and I didn’t have access to something like that Spiritual Cleansing (Archangels) Crystal Lights they would have continued growing and reproducing in me which would have allowed the dark entities to have access to me very quickly.

When darker seeds aren’t removed, cleared and healed by blessed higher beings of light like this one would become more filled with dark energy themselves because the dark seeds would grow and get bigger inside someone’s energy system, their body which would cause a tremendous amount of health problems, mental disorders, mood swings, and energy loss.

Dark energies getting their tendrils inside most of the humans is not an uncommon occurrence.  It happens quite often without one’s conscious awareness of it.

Luckily for Viola, she is intuned and psychic enough to be aware of the dark entities that are messing with her and her family.

You can learn more about how dark entities and dark energy works in this article.


Transcript of Episode 7 – Evil Entities and Demons – What Are The Signs?


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It’s hard to deal with all the negative energy that’s out there in the world. Welcome to the Paranormal Psychic Show with Kimberly.

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Welcome to the Paranormal Psychic Show. I’m your host, Kimberly.

I give paranormal readings and spiritual cleansing tips on the show today on the show, Viola sent in her question from Germany. Her question reveals in detail more about the signs of a haunted house and evil entities. Listening to Viola’s question closely, we’ll bring you detailed symptoms and signs of what it’s like to be severely haunted by evil entities.

This is an extreme case. I’m going to give Viola a paranormal psychic reading with the help of my guides and angels, Archangels, Archangel Michael and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team listener discretion is advised because the information presented is about how to deal with dark, negative energy and it may go against normal 3D belief systems and thinking. Different solutions are given based on each person’s belief system. With each reading that I do and what the higher beings of light, know would work best for that person at that time.  Our mission is to bring you applicable wisdom about how to help yourself and your loved ones. When paranormal or dark negative energy is involved.

Disclaimer, I’m not a medical doctor or counselor or lawyer. I recommend you continue to see your medical doctors, counselors, and healthcare professionals and follow their advice.

The Paranormal Psychic Show will run for a total of 13 weeks. Today’s show is week seven. My intention for having the Paranormal Psychic Show be a 13-week radio show series was to bring my clients and followers more valuable and very important information about how to protect themselves from dark entities and malevolent ghosts who seek to hurt humans. If you haven’t asked a question yet about any paranormal or dark energy you may be experiencing, please go to clear and submit your question before the last show, which is the 13th show. Get ready to hear what the Archangels and Seraphim Angel Healing Team have to say for.

Viola, I spent a decent amount of time in meditation, downloading psychic information with what’s going on with Viola. The solutions I’m intuitively given to convey may seem to the point because I know I only have a certain amount of time to give Viola the intuitive information I received. The information I’m about to convey is said with much heartfelt compassion and love.


Viola resides in Germany and she says, my neighbor died last year, the 3rd of January a sudden death and his wife died also a sudden death 2014 during her vacation after my neighbor died, the haunting first started in his house and all of a sudden our house became also haunted. Our house was never hunted. The booth houses are connected and have two separate entries. The house is built in the early fifties the family who built the houses sold both houses separately. I tried to get information about the family, but nobody could say anything.

Me, my mom and my sister and my cat, we live in this big house in my neighbor’s house. You could feel that something like darkness, something evil and haunted is there. It’s very creepy. In my house, I don’t feel comfortable anymore and it doesn’t feel like home anymore. I feel all kinds of things that I can’t explain. It feels like all the things that happen in my neighbor’s house are also affecting our house too. For me, as an empath is from really hard to deal with. My health problems I’m experiencing are headaches, heavy, painful migraines, a stomach infection, immune system, infection, sleepless nights, dizziness, feeling wanting to fall down, breathing problems, especially nighttime pain and itchiness of the whole body. More new allergies than before. No energy getting to week. Simple, easy things to do would take the whole day to do nervous breakdown until near burnout.

Weight gain. My mom knows that something is going on but can’t really explain it. The ghosts have used her in the past to hurt me really bad. After I tell her, she says she doesn’t remember anything or wouldn’t do such things. The ghosts or demons even used her voice and I thought, my mom called me and my mom says, I’ve never called you with my sister is even worse. We used to be very close and best friends and now we don’t talk to each other. Only for essential matters. I can’t talk to her. She explodes really fast and hates when I am near her. I noticed that she changed completely. That happened in 2014 until today, we are only fighting for me when I see my sister, she is my sister, but when I look into her eyes and give her a hug and a kiss, she’s not my sister.

I feel like her soul spirit left her body and there is another spirit or ghost or whatever in her body. Not sure what it is, whatever it is. I don’t feel comfortable near her and wouldn’t even change my tee shirt in front of her. I can’t explain, but she is not my sister at all. I never felt like I had family support since childhood. I fight a lonely fight when I tried to talk. Nobody wants to hear anything. I’m totally alone. I sometimes end up talking to my cat. It’s worse from midnight until 3:00 AM sometimes until five or 6:00 AM my neighbor. My youngest brother inherited the house with his wife and two daughters and two dogs ever since they moved in last year. Ever since they moved in. The hauntings got worse. My neighbor’s constantly fight with each other. Everything started last year. On a scale of one to 10, 10 being the worst, it’s a level 10 I have been pushed down the stairs more than once.

Nearly hurt my head really bad. Every time when that happens, I feel like something is touching my back or my shoulder pushing me really hard. One evening I wanted to go back home and I suddenly fell down and hurt my right shoulder. I still have issues with my shoulder. I sometimes feel like something is strangling me or I can’t breathe or I start to cough really bad. That only happens when I go to Saint Francis Church to hear holy mass. I suddenly can’t pray or sing. I sleep with my cat in my living room since over a year. I had early last year in my bedroom, a horrible experience. Our House has been blessed more than one time. We even had a holy mass after the house blessing. I always go to church and hear holy mass and pray. Me and my mom blessed the whole house with holy water.

Suddenly the house would get really extremely cold. The light bulbs would explode. Electricity explode. My personal belongings that I use daily disappear before my eyes and also the things I use daily. I feel energy loss sudden weaknesses and both of my arms, my back feels strange, like something is behind me, a strange feeling. It also happens only the evening time until nighttime. I struggle every day. Everything is double hard and all parts of my life I had many job losses and when I found one, everything goes okay during the job interview and they want to give me the job and the next day I get a call and say they gave it to someone else. It happens all the time. I always feel that negative entities are talking or whispering in their ears and say, don’t give it to her. I simply gave up about job searching. My health has gotten worse.

Even living a healthy lifestyle, no medication works or any kind of treatment really helps. I lost interest in many things. I have to force myself to do something. My creativity is gone. I’m forcing myself to do things, but in the end I’m exhausted. It doesn’t matter what I do, I constantly struggle and feel totally stuck. I’m seeing ghosts, demons, negative entities and some other things that I can explain. My biggest question is should I stay or move out of my house with my cat because if I continue this way, I feel like I’m killing myself slowly. How do I get rid of all the demons, negative entities and ghosts once and for all?


I’m going to give Viola messages from the Angels and Archangels with regard to what she can do in her situation that will help her with this complete hell she is going through, but first, we need to take a quick break. We’ll be right back.

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Welcome back. I’m Kimberly, your host of the Paranormal Psychic Show.  I’m going to answer Viola’s question now regarding what she’s going through, messages I received from the Archangels and Angels regarding what would help her the most right now with her situation. Viola, it’s absolutely horrible what’s happening to you and your family with the dark negative energies kicking up their heels and now haunting you guys after your neighbors have passed away. The good news is that you have a decent grasp on what’s happening paranormally and energetically to you and your family and what’s negatively influencing you guys. You don’t feel to be in denial about things, which is super good because that means you can face them head-on. What I see is that next door and on the property there, there are some negative energy imprints looping and replaying from negative events in the past.

The prior owners next door possibly struggled with some addictions. The ghosts on both properties have been taken over and infiltrated by dark demonic beings. There is dark spirit possession happening now. Unfortunately, I see at times your sister, her central energetic column gets taken over by demonic entities 60 to 90% of the time. That means that they’re influencing her behavior to a large degree. There are ghosts trying to contact you viola further for assistance because they know you’re empathic and sensitive. They know you have gifts and can hear and sense them. They want you to help them. The dark force entities, the demons that are in and around there are predatory that is next door and on your property. When the neighbors died, the dark entities lost their food supply because they were feeding off of them energetically. They were feeding off of their light. They even contributed to their deaths in some way and may have even caused their deaths.

These demonic horrible beings then looked for a new food source, which was you, your mom and sister. They have caused a lot of horrific things to happen in people’s lives. The dark entities there are trying to make the humans go insane so they can feed even more because the person can’t work. They’re trying to get it to where the people can’t work. They can’t function in life. They want them to become non-functioning humans so they can feed and grow in power even further. The demonic beings cause even more harm in women for some reason. They have a hatred towards them. There’s also a ghost hanging around that doesn’t like children. I’m sensing and the living humans try to communicate with the dead in ways that are causing them to become more vulnerable to dark energies. I’m not sure if that’s on your property or the one next door. This could be in the form of Sanseis or Ouija boards or EVP’s (Electro-Voice Phenomenon) is trying to communicate with ghosts, meaning someone next door or someone on your property has tried to communicate with the ghosts in a way that’s not a good way and this has made things worse. It’s opened up a door and given the demons and dark energy permission to mess with the living humans even further,

The ghosts there want to catch things on fire is what I’m sensing to further cause harm and damage because they don’t want the living humans to be there. They feel like it’s their location and I agree with you, viola, that it is a level 10 the danger of these demonic beings, dark entities and ghosts that are there. The demonic beings want to squeeze any life out of the living humans there that they can. They don’t care about how much damage they cause in your second chakra. I feel like there is a dark type device implant in your second chakra sucking your creative energy out of you. This drains your energy and blocks you creatively. In your third eye, there’s like a dark technical type thing going into your third eye because this dark being once to control what you see in your heart chakra. I feel like there’s a dark implant in your heart chakra put there by darker beings to not only monitor you but also cause you much suffering. There’s a dark net, which is often the case in these situations around your work field and lungs. It’s suffocating you in making your arms ache. That’s also the feeling you’re having around your arms. Your central column gets infiltrated from the dark beings from cordings that they have in you. About 40 to 50% is how filled up at times you can get from their dark energy going into your central column.

Anyone living in the household, like family members, if they struggle from any addictions, it would help so much if they got extra assistance, got professional assistance with clearing those up because not doing so only allows the demonic beings to access them more freely. It’s advised that you get the heck out of there, Viola with your cat. You’re going to want to do that as soon as possible. If you want to get your health and mental wellbeing back. If you don’t move out of there, I see more health issues happening to you and a further decline psychologically and mentally. You will need to find a psychologist you can go to who knows how to work with sensitive or gifted people who can help you. You may even want to find a parapsychologist. They will be able to help you with your gifts and to become mentally and emotionally stable.

Again, you’ll want to listen to forgiveness, chakra balancing or grounding meditation regularly, preferably a channeled Angel or Archangel meditation to help Balance Your Energy. After moving out, you’ll want to find a medium who also specializes in grief counseling to move on the dead that is hanging around you because they want you to help them. This medium will also teach you things about your own gifts that will help you become spiritually stronger for you. You’ll want to find an in-person healer who specializes in removing entities, attachments, and cordings. You may want to find a person by asking the priest or a church leader. This person needs to be gifted in the area of bringing in blessings from God. This person may even be a priest. You may need to find more than one spiritual leader, priest, or even Priests from different churches to assist you because it’s going to take more than one most likely to fully clear that for your family if they want to clear that and remain on the property.

It’s important for you to realize that the tiniest of changes, Viola, will equal exponential results and rewards for your life. The smallest steps you can take for your own self-care, your own spiritual cleansing, your health with meditation, with your own wellbeing. This will bring you great rewards six months to a year from now, more than you may realize at this time. So be sure even when you don’t feel like it, take those tiny small self-care acts and do ask for help. Take those action steps for your own self-care and wellbeing. With regard to your family, the demonic beings, it doesn’t feel like in that area and vicinity because of all that’s happened there and those demonic beings have been in that area for a very long time. It doesn’t feel like they can be gotten rid of completely in and around that property.

They can only be kept at bay if your family were to take action steps they need in their own lives to do so. If your family stays there, they will need to bring in different religious leaders to move on the dead and perform demonic exorcisms of the property and themselves. It may take more than one religious leader to do this because some religious leaders have more spiritual power than others and are more effective essentially with removing the dark energy demonic beings and ghosts. There is a prior lifetime where you are being accessed by these darker entities that need to be cleared and healed across the timeline. Past lives. You’ll want to say a command, which is also a prayer you’ll want to say, I end all bonds, pacts, agreements, alliances, or curses made knowingly or unknowingly in this lifetime or other lifetimes that are affecting me now and so it is.

Amen. It will take much determination and commitment on your part, viola, fully making a commitment to the light and taking the necessary action steps, the steps that you know are best for you to take to change this around to say no more. You have the ability to tell all darker energy in and around you to leave and they may not bother you when you leave there and you move out. This is when it is vitally important to find a psychologist or a pair of psychologist and a medium who specializes in grief counseling.

You have the birthright to say no more. The dark may not mess with me any longer. It will take you reaching out to the help of others to assist you. They will help you improve your inner strength to be able to release all these dark entities, attachments from your energy system, stand strong and have faith with reaching out, taking the action steps of moving like you already said you were guided to do your commitment to seeing this through is you having the faith and the dedication to make sure you keep taking steps forward. Viola, I wish you so much. Love healing blessings and support as you do what you know is best for you. When we get back. I’m going to channel word for word messages for all the listeners regarding what you’ve heard today and how you can best protect yourself from negative energies. We need to take a quick break, but we’ll be right back.

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Welcome back, I’m Kimberly, your host of the Paranormal Psychic Show. I’m going to channel word for word messages now for you as a listener regarding anything that the Archangels want to bring through. Now we want to thank you for tuning in. As a listener, you are receiving many higher frequencies from all of us, angels and Archangels and higher beings of light. Anything that you need assistance with you can pray now and ask and that does create a protected opening for you to receive higher blessed assistance from us. We are sending you frequencies of love, healing, peace, and inner guidance. All of your intentions of when you intend good for your life and to take steps forward with what you know is for your highest and best good and your wellbeing of you and your loved ones. You are changing the frequency and the vibration from much distress energy that the dark energies on earth have and they don’t intend well for others and humans and the saddens our heart, but it is how your earth plane (your earth’s surface) is at this time.

It is what you are living amongst. This show is about your higher awareness of what is happening energetically. More healing and help is available for you then you may realize taking steps forward to get more assistance with those areas of your life. They may not even be paranormal that you need extra assistance with… this will help you open up more doors of goodness, love, and understanding for that which you need help with the most. As you call on us, we hear you and are there in less than a split second.. we are there assisting you. We thank you for tuning in today. I channeled just a little bit of the messages that they wanted to bring through me for you, and I just want to remind you, you have found the Paranormal Psychic Show for a reason. The more you clear, heal and awaken, the stronger your intuition and energetic protection become. Stay tuned for next week’s show. As I answer more questions sent in by listeners.

May you feel infinitely protected, blessed and guided by divine light always.


May the Paranormal Psychic Show bless and expand your heart, your higher awareness, your life, and the lives of your loved ones.

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