How To Achieve Self Actualization In This Lifetime And Avoid The Pitfalls 


The Spiritual Awakening Process


There are potentially many steps or experiences in the spiritual awakening process. It is sometimes where a life decision is made and is acted upon. At other times it is due to a repetitive action of feeling incomplete, or possibly not feeling worthy. Other instances can be feeling stuck in a rut or not feeling like anything in your life feels accomplished or worthwhile.  Feeling depressed, in a continuous and unending downward spiral.


It may be as challenging as all of the above and even more.  Unfortunately many times it requires something very traumatic for a person to set that process in motion and make the choice that it is time for a significant change. That is not to discount that there are those few who came into this world knowing their purpose and spiritual calling from the very get-go.  In any event, it is still a reassuring to know fact that it is never too late to begin your journey.


One must begin the initial process of understanding oneself to be able to observe clearly and resourcefully in an open-minded manner. There has been too much control or interference through perceived filters and implied perceptions to ones meaning of existence.  Think of as many of the clichés, stereotypes, conventions, and assumptions you have based your life upon and toss that out the window.


Removing filters is a difficult process and is something that takes time and consistent practice to reduce. It is not easy when you are a land-based creature and have lived your entire life in this manner.  It is not very far off to think of your fixed established thinking in terms of the thought of being able to walk through a solid wall in your home.


At first thought, you say it’s impossible. But can you do this? Seems to be impenetrable but if you begin to even open your mind to the idea that this is possible, maybe, just maybe there is a way and you can examine that process as always an open possibility.


I would not expect to change something that is impossible in your mind’s eye. But the more you believe in yourself and your superior capabilities that have not been even marginally tapped to date, there will be no change or growth.


That is the challenge to you to move yourself forward and accept the challenge.  But also remember that to attempt to create change with no motion or action is truly wishful thinking…, so go to action!


Taking ownership of one’s actions further illustrates the need to understand that you are of your own making and that you are fully responsible for your deeds. YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE.


Once you fully embrace this idea and take full responsibility, only then will you be able to freely but with certainty participate in this journey of awakening for yourself.

Surrendering yourself to your inner voice and that which governs your truest actions is of tantamount importance to taking full ownership and responsibility. You are also a part of a much larger function and purpose.


Don’t fall into the trap that this is just about “Me”.  No, this is about something much greater; that you function as part of a greater whole. To understand the concept of Energy and Universal Energy Bodies is to truly understand the vastness and complexity of what you are a part of and how you share and distribute your energy to this level of integrated completeness.


Some suggest that the “Truth” is what surrounds you and that is to a degree correct but this is very difficult for us land-based individuals to see clearly.  Due to conditioned responses from the commonly stated nature/nurture to moral, political, genetic, and cultural influences. But the most inherent complication to seeing your “Truth” resides in all the filtering that occurs and how we perceive our own existences based on these aforementioned filtered influences.


Even the dark force influences that pervade society add to this process of the inability to cut through the blurred veil of what is perceived as real vs illusion.  We will discuss this idea of dark force influence further in a later section but for now, it is useful to picture oneself with all these filtered perceptions of reality and oneself as the proverbial individual seeing through a pair or “pop bottle” lenses.



How To Achieve Self Actualization


There are many studies that delve into the understandings of self, ego plus psychic and spiritual awakenings.  It is discussed often regarding this process of “Activation” and even Self- Actualization.


What is important in the initial stages of developing and understanding “Self” is to realize that this is a gradual process just as you have created your present understanding of yourself. If your recall, it did not happen overnight and to wipe away the multitudes of layers and layers of how you identify yourself requires much patience and work.


The faster you allow yourself to clear the slate and begin a new process of open thought, acceptance and definitely a smattering of humility, that is when your new life process begins.  One area that needs to be addressed is a better understanding of that which is labeled Good and Evil.


We are firmly entrenched in this process of good vanquishing evil but to simply casually take a side is to also misrepresent the understanding of these supposed counter-opposites.  We create and have been conditioned in our minds what we portray as evil and good.


The common understanding is that they are seen as opposites but the idea that one is better than the other is what leads to a weak understanding.  Energy is universal and you and I are part of a greater whole.  The Universe is an unimaginably vast place and there can be variations and numerous existences within and beyond our consciousness.


A convenient place to start is with the Chinese philosophical concept of Yin and Yang.  One coexists with the other and they are firmly united.  You cannot have one without the other so you cannot expect that one or the other can be destroyed. So this misperception of Good/Evil should be viewed the same way.


One is not to judge the validity of this or that but to understand that they coexist.  Try to think of it in terms of the animal kingdom where you have spiders.  Many of us are afraid of these creatures but the question is “Why?”


Again a conditioned response and many are inclined to kill them on sight. But maybe, if you took time to understand the nature of this creature and why it is so important to the ecological foundation of the animal kingdom, you may begin to accept and tolerate them without instinctually deciding that they should be exterminated?


This is the part of Yin/Yang with all creatures, all energy, all that exists in the physical and nonphysical world.  It is this realization that you can reconsider the basal instinct of killing aspects of Dark Energy, Dark Forces (D.F.s or DFs) or Evil.


Think of the possibility to displace it or move it to another environment or dimension much like the spider you decided not to kill, capture it, and put somewhere else where it is not directly in your immediate domain?


Try to think of it this way and you might have a better feel and respect for DFs in this Yin/Yang idealization. Please don’t get me wrong on this subject.  I certainly prefer Good to flourish, of course !


But the reality is that there is a duality and that must be fully respected and recognized.

This basic understanding in itself will further assist you in the advancement of your, “Self”. To better understand your surroundings and that which exists is key to focusing on understanding your purpose and true spiritual existence.


DFs are there to derail you and to entertain them in any encouraging manner or as fear in your thoughts serves you no great return. But to be able to identify that which is a part of the universal structure that is in place is valuable so you can focus on the positive components of the Yin/Yang that will greatly serve you.


Now, freely think towards opening your mind and thoughts with Love and white light energy with no negative images or feelings. Extend yourself beyond the feelings of fear, guilt, anger, and experiences of guilt.  To begin to explore further into that which is within your “Self”. Know that you already have had experiences in this manner when you have felt intuitively about situations or circumstances.


That is your “Self” or sometimes referred to your Higher Self or Intuitive Self.  This is a spiritual component to the aspect of you that we tend to neglect and also some have even refer referred to as “gut instinct”.  This is who you often refer to when you felt you already knew the answer but disregarded that input and went with your rational thinking or “Logical Self”.


To be able to learn and understand this is to further develop and allow the conversations of your, “Self” to be heard.  It is your primary voice and we tend to relegate it to a secondary role. See it as your direct assistant and it will serve you well.  It is the core piece of who you are and it will reward you greatly if you allow it to speak openly and be heard.


This is where the meditative state will assist you in furthering this process. Many people in the mainstream already embrace meditation for its therapeutic qualities but it is certainly part of the equation of listening and enhancing the abilities of “Self”.


There is a plethora of information regarding meditation and it will be of your choice to decide what technique best suits your style.  During quiet meditation, this is an ideal time to focus and listen to what your “Self” has to say.  You will allow for it to speak to you and any images, thoughts or renderings that come to mind will have significance.


Don’t disregard anything and inventory this process of information for yourself so you can refer to it again at a later time. Some of it may not have any current significance or meaning but may have an impact on a process or event in the future.


As you continue this process of internal awakening, you will begin to see changes towards your deeper understanding of yourself and further embrace your interconnectivity with your surroundings and with nature.


With this greater listening to your, “Self”, understand that the details will become less colored and filtered. The information you wish to interpret or process is less distorted and can be acted upon more efficiently.


You will find you are becoming more honest with yourself and freer of thought. This is the beginnings of your new foundation since you are the only individual whom you control but in turn, can affect many.  Continuing to listen and act with your truest unfiltered intentions and as a result, you then begin to positively impact others.


On this path, you begin to realize the significance of who you are and that you are the one that is solely responsible for your actions.  You, as a being, have choices you make and are fully responsible and accountable for your actions and the resulting impact upon your life, surroundings, other individuals, and all that is across time and space.


Now as you see the absolute significance of who you are and what power of light that you hold within you.  This is a very good place to be but it also can be a juncture that can also lead to corrupted thought and even regress to misguidedness and despair.


Meditation and asking for assistance from your, “Self”; learn to use and rely on the tools you now behold. Yes, ask for assistance as necessary from those you trust and know are true themselves.


It is a navigational process and one that you have already practiced in reaching this point, yet you now have more tools and experiences at your disposal. Rely on all those experiences, senses and listen closely to your inner voice.


Again, you are fully responsible for your actions and knowing which part of the Yin/Yang you embody is your decision alone. Yes, it can certainly be a challenge but no one but yourself can decide that otherwise.


As mentioned, be keen to what may attempt to derail you and know that there are those forces that prefer to access you and use your energy for their absolute benefit and satisfaction.



Dark Entity and Dark Force Energy


Since we have broached the term Dark Energy or DFs as I may commonly refer to them.  It is this understanding of that portion of Yin/Yang existence and how they pervade humanity and all dimensions.


If you are accepting the idea of a Universal energy and realizing that we are all a part of a much greater whole, you can appreciate the perception that DFs are present.  They are known to exist dimensionally and interdimensionally and it is a common topic these days on shows depicting various forms through ghosts, demons, devils and that which cannot be explained and cause trauma and discourse with 3D humans.


They have the ability to take various forms and some can be mildly troublesome to seriously dangerous. Their intent is to feed on positive life force energy and gather strength which furthers their ability to cause more harm and chaos.


But one must also understand that all these interpretations of apparitions seen on commercial television and through the media are only a partial representation of this phenomenon.


DFs are the root of the issue in most all of these cases directly or indirectly.  They can be interpreted as a virus that invades a living organism or cell and if successful can inject its DNA into the host infiltrating the host which eventually spawns more of itself.  From this analogous point of view, as we see in nature, the host incubates the pathogen and then begins to experience symptoms.


Ultimately if not checked, can lead to complications, very serious complications, and even death. DFs can operate very similarly and they can connect to you via cording.  This sometimes can be a part of the process when an entity may enter a living individual or with enough repetitive interactions an attachment can occur spiritually and interdimensionally.


This is a means of drawing your life force energy and can also allow for energetic implants to be placed within you. Think of these as seeds that are sown in your interdimensional body and lay dormant until an appropriate moment occurs by certain triggering events (typically emotionally based) that allow for these to flourish and even migrate out to find a new host.


Recall the earlier concept of filtered views of your reality. If you are corded and seeded with implants, given you have this already filtered view of reality, this process further impairs the view of reality to the extent that it affects your emotional interpretation and perceptions so your actions can then be solely directed to the benefit of that DF infiltration.


Sometimes this infiltration process occurs directly with a living host as described and other times it can be through a secondary host such as a spirit or ghost that was either already infiltrated by a cording before its Earthly departure or at post-death. These secondary hosts who have been affected and under the guidance and control of DF energy essentially can play out the will of the DFs much like an accessory to the primary DF.


Another means of DF transference that is not commonly identified is via media and communications. Remember that what we have spoken about is regarding energy. Things even inanimate and in everyday living not appearing to have anything to do with energy is a part of the Universal energy.


For instance, a  wall in your home is composed of atomic and subatomic particles held together by nuclear and other forces. So realizing that energy is energy in whatever apparent form it takes makes it an ideal medium for energy transference, transmutation or transportation. In other words, it’s like the power in the electrical line that comes to your house.


It travels along that cable to get from a power plant to the outlet in your home. If everything like walls, soil, water, humans, and even air is comprised of energy, then DFs can use any of these things to travel along like the example of the power cable to bring electricity to your home.


So how does this jibe with media and communications?


This is a transmission of energy that is sent to you and received by you through cable or higher energy transmissions through the air.  If you watch pre-recorded infiltrated information, it can very well transmit its affected content over this means of energy transfer and how ideal is that for DFs?  You receive the end product directly infused to you with electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) from your TV screen.


It is already understood that EMF radiation is used to identify the presence of spirits and entities through EMF meters/detectors so knowing that this energy form can be traced to paranormal activity suggests a potential direct link to DF infiltration or cording.


So these are simple fundamental examples to illustrate how DFs and DF infiltrations might occur and the methods used to transfer themselves from one being or place from another.  Due to the variety of intermediate forms and many of those that are yet to be categorized or even identified, this is a significant topic of its own merit.


At this time it is simply important to understand that this force or energy exists and can attempt to influence all of us in some manner.  To be conscious of this allows you to at least be aware of the potential for these negative energies that exist around you.


This may then beg the question of how one can protect themselves or remove any cording’s or seeds from their own energy bodies?



Spiritual Cleansing and Healing


Since we are all highly susceptible to this cording and attachment process (especially Sensitives and Empaths), this concept is also of particular importance for those 3D individuals who participate actively in the paranormal.


The issue with DFs must be treated respectfully and with intention as many will attest to already but they are still the greater minority. For a person who is in this process of Awakening their spirituality, it should be undeniably compulsory to cleanse and heal oneself.


This cleansing is required to disconnect those cordings and even the removal of some of the seeding that has taken place. This also assists in the process of reducing and eliminating the filtering that has occurred not only from DFs but from the experiences of simply existing on this Earthly plane.


It should then be logical for anyone to participate in the process in order to remove these cording’s or seeds that are attached to them.  This is an area that the majority of people do not undertake nor are even remotely aware.


It should be seen very much like maintaining your hygiene by brushing your teeth or taking a shower.  You get dirty every day and you clean yourself since you know it is important for your health and demeanor. In the same manner, you should be cleansing yourself of any cording’s or infiltrations that occur from your daily activities.


There are a variety of ways to accomplish this and can be part of your daily ritual. You may already have a particular blessing or prayer that can be verbalized or even played from a recording.


Asking the Archangels such as Archangel Michael to assist you in cutting cords and connections is one of the most effective ways to accomplish this.  A very useful and available blessing can be found on and using the 9 FREE Archangel Michael Prayers of Protection.


Using a device that generates a healing light energy as you play such a blessing or recite one yourself can be even more effective since the 3D conventional thinking is so accustomed to being externally oriented. What is meant by this is that we are accustomed to using some external means to address our issues and that can be described literally in the concept of “Deus Ex Machina”.


Simply, in this context to use an external device that can do the work for us and given our 3D mindset, that can be certainly advantageous to our belief in ourselves.  There are such devices that generate healing light that allows the Archangels to be more effective by not only honing in on your geographic coordinates and vicinity but primarily transfer and direct healing frequencies to you and also the removal of cording’s and aspects of DFs from your multidimensional core and “Self”. is also a resource for such a device. You can also greatly benefit from this routine if conducted during your meditative time.  Being in touch with your, “Self” in this meditative state is to speak very directly to that which is your truest form.  Also, the benefit of even more energy healing when done in numbers can provide even more significant energy transfer.


Again such sessions that use large numbers of participants is available through This is the energy of your light frequency and the amount and character of this energy. As you continue to heal and cleanse yourself, greater, and purer levels of this light energy is generated.


This, in turn, directly benefits you and since energy transfers as it returns to the greater energy body and in this case fuels the “Yin” portion of the energy domain.  Also, Mother Earth is a direct beneficiary of this so you have given your energy, as well, to that with which you reside upon and also back to the greater energy body that is of the Universal (“Yin” inclusive) and highest order.



Benefits of Thankfulness, Gratitude, and Gratefulness


Congratulations to you for dedicating to yourself the effort and application of creating that which is of the truest YOU.


Through this greater understanding of what exists around you and within. You will continue to learn and develop your greatest skills as you advance, finding the means to eternal oneness with your divine “Self”.  Through this sometimes seemingly circuitous journey, this is who you were destined to become and now you are directed on the path to complete this process.


You will embrace that with which you understand with clarity and assist others by your example with your open light and sharing that which is of your undeniable love.


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