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Episode 6 Paranormal Psychic Show Summary


Listen in as Jessica and Jamie receive a Paranormal Psychic reading from Kimberly answering the following questions:

  1. How to get spiritual protection when you’re an empath?
  2. How to protect your spiritual energies?
  3. What spiritual protection rituals work?
  4. How to use brimstone powder for protection?


Thanks, Jessica and Jamie!


Empath Protection…

I went into a lot of detail in the show to help Jessica and Jamie receive more empath protection.  There’s always so much more I could have said regarding how you can protect yourself as empathic psychic or sensitive gifted soul.

Awareness of what’s going on energetically around you is the first step. If you get a sense that something is not right because you feel it in your gut.  You sense that you are being drained or messed with energetically by darker energies or ghosts, you most likely are!

More of these darker energies are making themselves known on earth.

As a sensitive soul, one can either stick their head in the sand or learn how to protect oneself energetically no matter what circumstance arises.  I don’t feel that is the case with Jessica and Jamie since they are already at the stage of realizing there’s a problem and they have asked for more assistance already.

The dark on earth is growing.  You can see this from watching the news and media.

This is why it is ever so important to pay attention to your inner insights and gut instinct at all times so you know the truth from within.

Unfortunately, for most 3D humans, many will wait until it is almost too late to awaken to what their soul is trying to show them.

Dark beings and ghosts are everywhere… they are in grocery stores, at the post office, they are around cars as people are driving, they are even in your neighborhood as you walk down the street.

There’s no place where dark beings aren’t (quite often) because they love to be where the people are so they can feed, grow, and selfishly gain more power.

Thank God we have the Spiritual Cleansing Crystal Lights running 24/7 in our home because that creates a barrier of protection, an energy dome, a protection Divine light, barrier-shield around our home and property at all times.

I can sometimes feel dark beings hanging around the outskirts to see if they can figure out how to get in because they want to feed but as soon as they try it tastes like a bitter pill to them… it’s not so tasty after all because the Seraphim Angel Healing Team and Archangels has made it that way on purpose to ward them off.

As soon as I say a prayer that they are bound with Christ light and removed by the Seraphim Angel Healing Team they are removed from around the perimeter and translocated either out of this dimension or to another local on earth that the Archangels deem appropriate (they are not killed, only translocated).

But when I get in my car, it’s a different story…

I have a portable set of the Spiritual Cleansing Crystal Lights running when I do errands.  The dark beings try and feed off me and mess with me quite often when I am outside of the protective confines of my home, unfortunately.  However, the energy taste emitted from the protective shielding around my auric field also tastes like a bitter pill to them.  That energy frequency taste has been placed there through all the Spiritual Cleansing Healing Sessions I’ve received.

For our own protection, I mainly use the prayers I say or have on this site, along with doing daily Spiritual Cleansing Healing Sessions and using the Spiritual Cleansing Crystal Lights for protection.

The other suggestions I give on the radio show are because of the questioner’s belief systems and what method would work well for them to get some immediate relief with.

What we believe will work for us is very powerful.  It’s important to remember our visualizations and your beliefs also help protect you when you are developing your ability to energetically protect yourself.

When I say a prayer when I’m running errands for a dark being to be bound with Christ light and removed by the Seraphim Angel Healing Team it is done in less than a minute usually.

I had to be almost knocked to my knees myself by a darker being back in 2013 before I realized I needed to receive Spiritual Cleansing Healing Sessions in order to get the dark seeds and implants removed that the dark beings were using to access and weaken me.

The more Spiritual Cleansing Healing Sessions I’ve received the stronger I’ve become and the more when I say a prayer of protection to clear dark beings from around me… it works!

This can be true for you as well by applying some of the principles I share in the Paranormal Psychic Show.

The more you clear and heal the stronger you become spiritually and the more energetic protection you have around your auric field.


Transcript of Episode 6 – Empath Psychics and Spiritual Protection


Radio Announcer:

It’s hard to deal with all the negative energy that’s out there in the world. Welcome to the Paranormal Psychic Show with Kimberly.

Kimberly gives psychic readings to listeners who are experiencing negative energy, dark energy, spirit attachments, ghost or paranormal activity.

Kimberly is a Para Psychic who’s known for her work in the paranormal field. She’s the author of the book, 365 days of Archangel Messages and the inventor of the Spiritual Cleansing Crystal Lights.

If you feel drained by the negative energy around you or any negative energy inside your home, or you’re feeling the negative energy of spirits, the Paranormal Psychic Show is for you.

You can listen live weekly on Saturday nights at 6:00 PM on 1100 AM KFNX, broadcast from Phoenix, Arizona in the United States, or you can listen to the podcast worldwide by subscribing to the show through iTunes.

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Each case is uniquely fascinating. Making the Paranormal Psychic Show a riveting journey of higher awareness and what the dark does not want humanity to know.



Welcome to the Paranormal Psychic Show. I’m your host, Kimberly. I give Paranormal Psychic Readings and Spiritual Cleansing Healing Sessions to my clients who live worldwide. Today on the show, Jessica and Jamie sent in their questions. Their question boils down to the subject of empathic psychic abilities and spiritual protection. I’m going to give them a paranormal psychic reading with the help of my guides and angels, Archangels and Archangel Michael and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team listener discretion is advised because the information presented is about how to deal with dark, negative energy and it may go against normal 3D belief system thinking different solutions are given based on each person’s belief system and what the higher beings of light, no would work best for them at this time.

Disclaimer, I’m not a medical doctor or counselor or lawyer. I recommend you continue to see your medical doctors, counselors, and healthcare professionals and follow their advice.


The first question is from Jessica. She’s from the United States and she writes, She’s hearing voices, evil thoughts. She’s being drawn to take compulsive actions. She’s feeling anger and distraught and despair. She has numerous health problems, too many to name. Her loved ones are NOT experiencing the same thing… this is happening all the time. However, she is feeling the negative disturbances, but she feels that they’re worse in the middle of the night and she says it’s been going on for many years and it’s been getting worse.

She feels the darkness inside. She’s hearing voices, seeing entities, hallucinations, and angry outbursts. She says this has affected her ability to function in life very much because she sees demons everywhere. She has no idea why this has gotten worse. Her question is how does she bind it?


Thank you so much, Jessica, for sending in your question. Jessica. The first thing that I got for you when I was in meditation and what I’m shown intuitively is that there are dark entities that are there around you. They are trying to perpetuate addiction type energy and tendencies with you. You may be living on tainted land because there was past violence on the property that opened the door for darker beings to access humans living there. There is dark spirit possession happening now and it feels like it takes over and starts controlling you at times, which causes you to do negative behavior patterns such as self-sabotaging behavior.

At times there are ghosts that are comfortable on the property that is hanging around. They are causing sickness, energy to occur with the living humans. There you are a sensitive empath, Jessica. This is also why dark force energy, dark entities are attracted to you because they want to feed off of your light, your energy. You may see the demons as dark shadow figures staring at you or hovering over you. At times these dark beings are making humans sick in the house by sending sickness frequencies. There is a dark portal that is letting the dark inside the house. The chakras and areas of the body that has been affected are your heart chakra. There are dark force entities that have put a dark cording in your heart chakra so they can drain your energy reserves and feed off your light. They are also trying to squeeze your heart to cause health issues because they want to cause death if they can in your feet and even your energy, your auric field that extends below the feet are affected.

There’s a dark snake looking energy that’s underneath your feet, blocking you from receiving healing energy from mother earth and it blocks you from receiving, revitalizing life force energy as well from also being grounded. So you might feel wobbly at times and it can also cause you to be sick in your head area. There’s a dark device, a cording going into your head because it is controlling your thoughts. The dark is the dark entities. The dark entities don’t want you to think for yourself. They want to take over you. They want to jump inside you, fill you up with their darkness, their energy and take you over. That sounds horrible and it is, but that is their intention and I have to say it like I see it. I have to say it to you so that you’re very consciously aware of this in your arms. There are dark implants in your arms to try and get you to not be able to move as easily and further.

They want to drain your energy further by creating you to almost not be able to move in your central column that is infiltrated like 50 to 80% like I said before, depending on the day infiltrated means the dark can go into your central column and control you take you over 50 to 80% and that’s not good because that means they’re jumping inside your body. They’re going inside of it and causing you to do things. This can be causing you to do much self-sabotaging behavior and perpetuating addiction energy because they want full control over you. The solution I see is to find a good psychologist or grief counselor. That’s first and foremost to assist you with getting over any past grief that you have been through. You’ll want to get a good medium as well who has a background in counseling or a grief counseling background to move on the ghosts that are hanging around on the property and hanging around you and your home.

You are sensitive and these ghosts are trying to communicate with you. They need a trained medium to move them onto the light, into the light fully and completely go with your faith. Bring in different religious leaders to remove all demonic energies and entities from your home and your body. This will need to be done by someone who has performed exorcisms or dark force entity removals before. Depending on what your faith is, you can call a priest, a rabbi, a showman, a Wiccan healer or administer, but this will work best if you find someone with your beliefs and faith to do this. Because it is your belief that it is possible that creates this to be done. You’ll want the religious leader to clear and bless your house, your property, and you. You’ll also want them to fully close the dark portal door that was open by this violence that occurred on the property long ago, and you’ll want them to seal all dark doors completely.

If one religious leader isn’t able to fully do this and you are still experiencing dark energies, find different religious leaders. Until this is resolved, it may take more than one. You’ll also want to command all dark entities are demonic spirits to leave by using banishing brimstone powder, brimstone powder by saying, I command all dark entities, negative energies, and demons leave me my loved ones and home now and forevermore. I end all contracts, bonds, pacts, agreements, alliances, and curses made knowingly or unknowingly across all time and space, all dimensions and all timelines. I bless myself, my loved ones and my home with Christ light and the light of God all the way through from this day forward. So be it. And so it is the blessed banishing brimstone powder and blessed rocks from nature that you choose. The other thing I got for you is to choose blessed rocks from nature, larger ones, even two to three inches in width.

They don’t have to be huge, but ones that you’re drawn to. Sprinkle the brimstone powder around your property, doors, and windows and placed the rocks that you choose in all four corners of your property. If you can’t do it on your property, say you rent, you want to do it inside your property, on the perimeter inside your home and ask mother Earth herself to protect you fully. They incur for protecting you from all demonic force energies from all demonic dark forces. You’ll want to download the Archangel Michael House Clearing and Blessing audio to bless the banishing brimstone powder that you get online or you get in person somewhere. When you get it, you’re going to want to bless it with this, so place it nearby the audio that you play and ask Archangel Michael, utilize the audio to bless that brimstone powder.

Play this audio in your home on low volume or through headphones for 30 days. You can just bless the brimstone powder for half an hour or an hour before you use it, but then it is advisable to play the Archangel Michael House clearing and blessing audio for 30 days straight for your home and you at least once a day to begin clearing dark energy. You’ll want to repeat the prayers in that audio in your mind when you listen to it. You want to do that often for you is what I’m getting to further cut cords and release dark attachments from yourself so that you can end contracts with the dark entities right away. You want to choose either morning or night, probably at night before you go to sleep so you can sleep better. Very important to end contracts, bonds, pacts, alignments and agreements with all dark entities and beings across all time and space, all levels, all realities from the beginning of time till the end of time for you, the Archangel Michael clearing and blessing audio download.

We’ll do this for you as long as you say in your mind yes to the prayers or repeat them after you hear them once at least important for you to realize that the tiniest of changes will equal exponential results for your life. Jessica, the smallest steps you can take for self care, for spiritual cleansing, for health and wellbeing will bring you great rewards three, six and nine months from now, more than you may realize at this time. It will take much determination and commitment on your part to fully make a commitment to the light and take the necessary steps to make these changes for you. At this turning point in your life, you have the ability to tell all darker energy in and around you to leave, to command them to leave because that is your birthright. It will take you reaching out to the help of others to assist you. However well you improve your strength, your inner strength to be able to release all dark entities and attachments from your energy system. This will help you improve that. Stands strong and have faith with reaching out for additional assistance with what has been mentioned. Your commitment, Jessica, to see this through… Is key. Thank you so much for sending in your question. Get ready to hear what solutions the archangels and the Sierra from angel healing team have to say for Jamie next, but first we need to take a quick break. We’ll be right back.

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Does your home or office have negative energy? Do you sometimes feel drained and depleted or out of sorts for no reason. If you answered yes to either of these, you could have dark, negative energy hanging around feeding off of you or your loved one’s light because they’re drawn to feed off of humans and any other desirable energy. The Archangel Michael House Clearing & Blessing Audio clears negative dark energy, ghosts, and negative residual energy. It also brings divine protection light by Archangel Michael and the and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team. The more you play the audios, if you’re ready for your house or office to be blessed by Archangel Michael and the Archangels, you may download the Archangel Michael House Clearing and Blessing audio here.


Welcome back. I’m Kimberly, your host of the Paranormal Psychic Show.


The next question we have is from Jamie and Jamie is from the United States and she writes, my life has gone down ever since I woke up with a gift. In the beginning, I could communicate with spirit guides and angels, but I’ve had a mental breakdown and at times my body won’t work. I have painful feelings all day long. No one near me is experiencing the same thing. These negative disturbances happen every minute of every day for almost a year. Now I have a gift from God, but now it feels more like a curse. I actually thought of suicide for the first time in my life. I’m experiencing painful physical pains, communication all day long. I can hear physically from inside my body, no peace of mind. I drink sometimes just so I can’t hear the inner dialogue and I can’t hear them for a minute because it’s every second of every day. Why won’t good help me? She asks.


Thank you so much, Jamie, for sending in your question. The first thing that I intuitively saw and got for you is that there are ghosts hanging around you that have been taken over by dark entities. They are being controlled by dark entities and you are hearing these disembodied spirits cry for help. These ghosts, their cry for help, they’re wanting you to help them. There is a particular disembodied spirit, a ghost who passed away on the property. You are also hearing there has been a murder on the property or very close vicinity around there where you’re living and you are being contacted by the ghost. That was murdered for help but there are dark entities that don’t want you to help them and are trying to block you, which makes you not feel well. There is a stalker type, dark force entity that watches you and affects you negatively while you’re sleeping.

It’s feeding off your light because you are a sensitive, gifted soul and it sees you as an easy target. In some regards. There are demonic type creatures that come and go in your living space because they have been in that area for a very long time and they find you as a tasty treat. Unfortunately, this is causing you to feel nauseous at times. These demonic creatures are placing thoughts in your head of suicide. They have gotten others to commit suicide before and are trying to do it again with you. The percentage, these demonic beings that are around you can harm humans and you are 70 to 100% I would rate them as a level nine or 10 with their ability to cause harm to living humans. There is a dark gateway near the property where you live letting these demonic beings in and they feel they have free rein to come and go in your home right now and free rein to do what they want with you.

You could call them more Predator animalistic demonic beings because they are predators that hunt their prey to destroy and feed off of the areas of your body. This is affecting is your second chakra, your sacral chakra, the kind of implants and cordings. I see what else is happening there is the dark cordings that you have in your second chakra are growing and proliferating these dark cordings the dark entities have in you are blocking you from being creative because they are depleting your creative life force energy, your head area, your Crown chakra is affected. There’s dark thoughts place there and dark seed type energy place there in your thoughts by these demonic beings because they want to get you to do self-sabotaging things and harm yourself. You may also be experiencing digestive issues is what I was sensing and there are some dark seeds and energies there in your digestive tract as well as affecting you negatively.

Jamie. The solution that I get for you intuitively and what I was shown from the archangels and angels is the dark entities will trick us in our dreams or even trick us in other dimensions. We exist in in order to gain full access to us in this dimension so they can do as they please. I was shown a past life where the dark beings have done this with you and that’s how they are accessing you in this life. On this timeline (in your life now), you must command all dark entities and demonic beings to leave because you have the ability to do that fully. Your higher self has allowed this to happen so you can learn from your own empowerment and abilities fully here on earth. It’s time to know your own strength and power in the light. You’ll want to command all dark entities and demonic spirits to leave by using banishing brimstone powder by saying this command the same command that I told Jessica, I command all dark entities, negative energies, and demons to leave me my loved ones and home now and forevermore.

I end all contracts, bonds, pacts, agreements, alliances and curses made knowingly and unknowingly across all time and space, all dimensions on all timelines. I bless myself, my loved ones and my home with Christ’s light and the light of God all the way through from this day forward. So be it. And so it is saying that very strongly with command, every day you’ll want to play the Archangel Michael House clearing and blessing audio download. You can find it clear, paranormal.com to bless the brimstone banishing powder when you get it. Play this audio in your home on low volume or through headphones for 30 days straight, at least once a day to begin clearing that dark energy. You’ll want to repeat the prayer in your mind that you hear on that audio when you listen to it often to further cut cords and release dark attachments from yourself so you can end contracts with the dark entities right away.

Any curses that have been placed on you need to be fully ended and cleared. A curse from a demonic being may have been placed on you. Be sure when commanding the dark force energies to leave and any contracts that you also say that you end all curses because that needs to be ended on all the time. And space all realities, all timelines because the dark force can access you through them. Placing curses as well. A reiki master who has training in clearing dark entities and demonic energy from people may be of great assistance to you is what I’m getting and that’s not the case with everyone, but it will be important to get references and to find out from their past clients if they’re lives have improved the clients of the Reiki master and gotten better from their services. Finding someone who’s working fully in the light of God.

The light of the divine is important. This person that you find to assist you will also be able to assist you with further energy protection for you so this doesn’t happen again. They’ll also be able to help you with your gifts is what I’m getting. You may need to interview quite a few to find someone well versed and trained with protecting individuals against demonic type entities. A word of caution. There are some Reiki masters that haven’t learned higher protection techniques that are fully of the light, so it’s important to also know it might be a trial and error process to find someone who’s of a blessed higher order and brings only the Divine light in for their clearing and blessing work. The VIP weekly Spiritual Cleansing Healing Sessions, you can find it clear. paranormal.com will help you tremendously because the rest of the dark cordings, the dark implants, and dark seeds will be removed by the Seraphim Angel Healing Team within your energy bodies.

You’ll also be able to think more clearly because you will be connected up to your higher self completely from those healing sessions. Along with receiving a strong shield of protection. Each week you receive the healings that energy protection becomes stronger around you. You’ll want to get a good medium who has a background in counseling or grief counseling to move on the ghosts that are hanging around on your property and in your home. Your sensitivities are increasing and these ghosts are trying to get you to help them so they need a trained medium to move them on to the light, into the light completely. There is a prior lifetime where you’re being accessed, as I said before, from these dark entities that need to be cleared. Inhaled, you’ll want to say a command which is also a prayer that we just said earlier… keep saying not every day. You’ll want to say that out loud in order to end all of that. Clear bonds, pacts, contracts, agreements. I say that again because that’s how important it is. It’s important, Jamie, for you to remember to set appropriate boundaries for yourself with the takers in your life in order to regain and retain your inner strength. You are wise or Jamie and stronger and more capable than you think you are. Have full faith when taking these steps mentioned. You drawing a line in the sand and saying no more will be key.

Thank you so much, Jamie, for sending in your question. Get ready to hear the biggest tip. The Archangels and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team have to say that will help you have more spiritual protection, energetic protection right away. But first, we need to take a quick break. We’ll be right back.

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Welcome back on Kimberly. Dawn, your host of the Paranormal Psychic Show. The biggest tip from the archangels that I’m getting to tell you is that it’s important to remember as a sensitive, empathic, gifted soul that by not saying no to the takers in your life, this allows the dark beings to then be able to take advantage of us further. But instead by setting firm boundaries energetically, mentally, and physically with other living humans, you’ll also be able to do this with dark negative energies more easily from boundaries equals you taking care of your overall wellbeing and health. And this means your auric field gets stronger energetically each day that you apply healthy living strategies for yourself in a practical way and in an energetic etheric way as well as a spiritual way.

You have found the Paranormal Psychic Show for a reason. The more you clear, heal and awaken, the stronger your intuition and energetic protection become. Stayed tuned for next week’s show. As I answer more questions sent in by listeners.

May you feel infinitely protected, blessed and guided by divine light, always.


May the Paranormal Psychic Show bless and expand your heart, your higher awareness, your life, and the lives of your loved ones.

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