How To Deal With Being An Empath


Episode 5 Paranormal Psychic Show Summary


Listen in as Theresa and Jim receive a Paranormal Psychic reading from Kimberly answering the following questions:

  1. How to find empath help?
  2. How to get rid of ghosts or unwanted spirits?
  3. How to clear your home of negative energy?
  4. Empath protection – how to have it?


Thanks, Theresa and Jim!


Gratitude may be the focus this week…

With everything that so many are facing with fighting off dark entities affecting them negatively, it’s important we are grateful for all the love and blessings in our lives.

I enjoy helping those that submit their questions to the Paranormal Psychic Show who are in much greater dire straits than most of my clients because by knowing the truth of what’s taking place energetically, they can more easily choose for themselves the best course of action to empower and protect themselves including their loved ones.

I feel the Angels and Archangels want you as a listener to know how fortunate you are and recognizing your situation certainly isn’t as bad.

It’s extremely challenging on my part to fit two readings into each week’s show since I only have around 7-10 minutes for each reading (approximately)…

The guidance I am receiving to share has to be chosen very carefully as well as succinctly with what will make the biggest difference in each person’s life (along with the lives of many listeners).

The people who submit questions that get answered… some require very specific assistance.  The guidance I’m being led to say to them may not make sense to some, however, my guides and angels are having me give specific feedback for certain people (based upon that particular person’s belief system) to assist them with very difficult situations.

I feel the Angels and Archangels want you as a listener to know how fortunate you are if your situation isn’t as bad.

Perhaps gratitude is truly the theme of the week. : )


Transcript of Episode 5 – Empath Help


Radio Announcer:

It’s hard to deal with all the negative energy that’s out there in the world. Welcome to the Paranormal Psychic Show with Kimberly.

Kimberly gives psychic readings to listeners who are experiencing negative energy, dark energy, spirit attachments, ghost or paranormal activity.

Kimberly is a Para Psychic who’s known for her work in the paranormal field. She’s the author of the book, 365 days of Archangel Messages and the inventor of the Spiritual Cleansing Crystal Lights.

If you feel drained by the negative energy around you or any negative energy inside your home, or you’re feeling the negative energy of spirits, the Paranormal Psychic Show is for you.

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Stay tuned…

Each case is uniquely fascinating. Making the Paranormal Psychic Show a riveting journey of higher awareness and what the dark does not want humanity to know.



Welcome to the Paranormal Psychic Show. I’m your host, Kimberly. I give Paranormal Psychic Readings and Spiritual Cleansing Healing Sessions to my clients who live worldwide. Today on the show, Theresa and Jim sent in their question. Their question boils down to the subject of how to deal with being an empath, an empathic medium? I’m going to give them a Paranormal Psychic Reading with the help of my guides and angels, Archangels, Archangel Michael and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team. Get ready to hear what the Archangels and the and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team have to say for Theresa and Jim.

Disclaimer, I’m not a medical doctor or counselor or lawyer. I recommend you continue to see your medical doctors, counselors, and healthcare professionals and follow their advice. I spent quite a bit of time downloading psychic information with what’s going on with Theresa and Jim so that it’s precisely accurate with what the Archangels and the angels want me to convey to them and to you as a listener, I’m going to get right to the point as usual because of time.


The first question is from Theresa. She is from South Africa and she asks, she sent in the question, spiritual husband, eating in dreams, spirit of fear, spirit of hatred from people, stagnation in life, physically and emotionally, spirit of death. And then the question was, what health problems are you experiencing? Was posed to her in the online form and she writes back chronic arthritis of the joints, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, painful feet, and bunions and she says, my son is experiencing the same thing and they experienced this greater. When the sun goes down during the night between 4:00 AM waking up and she sees herself eating in a dream, sometimes at midnight, she says it’s been going on since the age of 23 there’s been evil attacks that have been happening to me at different times in different sorts. She says not being able to move my legs, not being able to move my legs when going down and up the hill, not being able to bend my knees, kneel down or use a bucket for passing water. It’s painful in my tendons, back of my knee pain, front leg pains, they can arm, ankle pain. It has distracted my wellbeing in functioning physically people hatred made me to be a lonely person. My plans are swept away by unexpected circumstances. I had to have only one child in my life. She says where I’m working now in the community, they don’t appreciate me and she wants to know how to positively conquer all of these problems. I pray often and sometimes I feel a lack of faith. She says I believe in Archangel Michael and I was copying prayers from him because I trust his prayers.


Thank you so much Theresa for sending in your question from South Africa here in the United States if you’re listening or even the UK, if you’re in Norway, Canada, any other country, South Africa we see there is some different customs there such as carrying water and going up and down the hill.

So Theresa is presented with unique problems to her community. I found it very interesting to bring through information for h, r. So Theresa, I hope this helps you greatly. This information I’m going to convey here. What I got for you is that there are ghosts of people who have died, disembodied spirits hanging around you and they are infiltrated by dark energy, meaning they are controlled for the most part by dark energy. There’s also old bonds, pacts, alignments, agreements. Contracts could be just verbal with people in your past where there’s dark entities, dark beings messing with you through these old agreements that need to be broken. There’s demonic, dark energy draining you and affecting you negatively right now and it has been for a while. The demonic spirits are very harmful to you and they get physically abusive with you. It looks like a demonic land creature and it needs to be exercised out of your home space from hanging around you and out of your body fully.

These demonic spirits are putting energy in you that are making you sick. There is a hex or curse placed on you by a living person from your past. You could still know this person that needs to be cleared and removed by a Sangoma, a South African healer Shaman that you trust. They will also be able to perform the exorcism of all demonic spirits that have infiltrated you, your home and your space. You are a medium, a channel, a very psychically gifted person. This is why you’re attracting ghosts around you because they want you to help them. The ghosts are hanging around for that reason. Dark force energy, the demonic spirits are hanging around for a whole other reason and they definitely need to be cleared from around you. You see dark shadows, dark figures around you. The demonic spirits are trying to get you to do self sabotaging behavior so they can bring you down even further.

It’s important for you to know that, but something else note is there are ghost hanging around you who enjoy being abusive towards women and children as well, so the ghosts are infiltrated by dark and they are doing things that are not good because they are controlled by dark energy. All of these demonic attachments are delaying your growth and your evolution. Theresa, your first chakra, your root chakra. What I saw is there are cordings by this demonic being in your first chakra, your root chakra, which also could even include your feet, your head area. There’s a dark cap placed on your head over your Crown chakra to try and block you from hearing your higher self, trying to block you from hearing your soul, your inner spirit, your emotional body and implant has been placed in your emotional body to control your emotions and bring your spirits down when this demonic being wants to feed on you because it grows and gains strength.

When it can do that, when it does that to you in your spine area, there’s a dark device that I saw in your spine by this demonic being that was put there to siphon off your energy so it can grow in power by draining your life force energy, your central column is infiltrated by a demonic entity. Your central column is in the middle of you where your soul resides. This is 30 to 60% infiltrated depending on the day. The solution for you, Theresa, that I was told and that I received downloads to convey to you information from Archangel Michael and from the Archangels to tell you is I know you are bound by some customs that are a part of your environment. However, there are important action steps, 3D processes you haven’t been taking due to your own guilt, family reactions and conditioned responses. That’s key for you to realize because these need to be addressed.

First and foremost. This is vitally important for you. Allow others to help you with the self care and action steps you know you need to be doing, who you ask to assist you… Will help you, but you must reach out to them. You have been hesitant with asking for assistance in a 3D way, a physical way, but it is time to ask Theresa. You do know that you can get help reach out to them. You’ll also want to find someone who can assist you on a psychological level, like a counselor, a person who specializes in helping others psychologically with the things that they may be facing, a professional that you know who’s helped other people that you know with their mind, their thoughts, their emotions. You need to reach out to that person. The Sangoma, the Shaman healer will be able to help you with how to better care for yourself and with all the body weaknesses and pain you’ve been experiencing.

Reaching out to those just mentioned in a 3D way. Taking action steps to reach out to them is absolutely needed and we’ll bring you solutions right away. The counselor person you talk to first, we’ll be able to help you make some important decisions and clear up the confusion you have inside of you. The thoughts that are so confusing where sometimes you can’t sort through things, they’re going to be able to help you make better decisions and think more clearly. Things need to be addressed on a conscious level. First with a counselor type of professional and then the demonic exorcism, the removing and healing of this demonic entity, this demonic being from this hex and curse needs to be broken, ended and cleared out of your physical body by this Sangoma, Shaman healer, this South African Shaman healer that you may already know about. However, be sure to find someone you trust and you might want to get a recommendation from the professional counselor that you receive help from. Thank you so much, Theresa, for sending in your question. Continue to have faith and continue to pray and ask Archangel Michael for assistance. You have what it takes to get through this. Have confidence in yourself and keep taking the action steps needed for your life and continue to ask for assistance from those around you that you trust. I wish you all the best. Get ready to hear what solutions the Archangels and the and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team have to say for Jim next, but first, we need to take a quick break. We’ll be right back.

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Welcome back. I’m Kimberly, your host of the Paranormal Psychic Show.


Jim from the United States’ writes… Time goes by too fast. He feels angry at times. He sees lots of shadows. He gets drained from the house and he says his loved ones experience the same thing. The negative experiences he says are the worst. All Times. There’s not any particular time of day or night, it’s worse. It’s just all times. How long it’s been going on. He says is since December, what’s happening to him is he says, he’s been experiencing bad luck. Things get moved around. A man did die. They’re in the home not long ago. He has flying things that follow him and they’re not angels and he says, I’m not going crazy if I sage. They go away. Where did these come from? Is his question also. He says, There’s a lot of spirits in the walls watching and yes, I can see them, he says.


Thank you so much Jim, for sending in your question, Jim, what I received for you intuitively are that there are ghost hanging around you for a reason, and that reason is because you are a natural born medium and empath. All this is occurring so that you can awaken your gifts even further and learn how to have command over your gifts and abilities that you already had coming into this world, but right now they’re awakening even further and this is happening to you because it is time for you to learn how to work with your abilities and develop them even further. There are some ghosts hanging around you that are infiltrated by dark entities, but not all of them are. Some of the ghosts might be trying to get people to cause harm to themselves and others that are living in the home. There is dark energy, a dark entity hanging around you that is messing with you because you’re a sensitive and gifted soul.

It likes to feed off of your energy because of your abilities. There may be a female who’s living in the home who is acting out because of the ghosts and dark energies hanging around the dark energies hanging around once them to do self sabotaging behavior. Some of the ghosts are trapped by dark entities who won’t let them leave because they are holding them there. This needs to be cleared and removed and the ghosts need to be released from this hold and invited to go to the light. Fully living humans in the house are empathetically or empathically absorbing sickness, energy from residual energy of previous a previous person in the home that was sick. You all because you’re a family are more sensitive. You, especially Jim, are more empathic, but all of you, because it runs in families are absorbing previous sick energy from someone who was sick in the home, a previous owner or someone who lived there.

The chakras and areas of your body this has affected is your second chakra. Your second chakra has a cording by a ghost there and a dark being that needs to be cut or removed, cleared in, healed your third eye. There’s a dark net around your auric field. This sometimes blocks your third eye. This needs to be cleared and healed your mind, your mental body. It’s important that you find a parapsychologist and or a psychotherapist who specializes in helping gifted, sensitive people learn about their abilities and learn how to protect themselves energetically and learn how to help the ghost cross over fully. Finding a pair of psychologist you can work with that would help you learn about your abilities more and help you have control over them would be greatly beneficial for you. It would help you embrace your abilities and gifts more fully and be able to learn how to help the ghosts that are hanging around you because they want you to assist them and they are persistent.

It is important you address this first because it’s affecting others in your household. It’s affecting your family. By embracing your gifts and learning about them, you’ll be able to energetically protect yourself and your family better with more ease, spiritual cleansing, healing sessions you can would help you tremendously because the dark cordings, the dark net around your auric field would be cleared and healed. You would be connected up more securely to your higher self through those energy healing sessions, and you’d be able to hear your higher self and your guides and angels much more clearly because any other blacks would be cleared and healed that prevent you from learning about and using your gifts fully. You would also receive a strong shielding of protection around your auric field that would become stronger each week by you being in the VIP Spiritual Cleansing Healing Sessions weekly, or you can get the Overnight Spiritual Cleansing Sessions as well.

The Seraphim Angel Healing Team would precisely do all of this for you to assist you by you receiving those healing sessions. What else would assist you? Is you learning more about your gifts and abilities, searching, researching books at the library online on protecting yourself energetically, spiritual protection, energy protection, and also books on developing your gift of being a medium. You may also want to find books on parapsychology to see what types of parapsychologist you would like to work with that you want to assist you. Be careful when reading books on energy protection because some of the authors may not know it, but they may be infiltrated by dark energies and you’ll need to use thoughtful discretion as to what techniques they teach that work for you and are fully of the light and are safe and are in the light. I suggest always calling on higher protection from Archangel Michael and Christ before reading those books and even before I psychotherapy session, because that is part of you learning to protect yourself energetically and you don’t want more cordings to happen between any professionals you see who might have darker energies hanging around that want to cord into you because of your sensitivities and they like that energy to feed off of.

Remember your faith of believing in the Archangels. Archangel Michael Christ, God, whoever you call in that is close to source light energy is of utmost importance. Your faith in their ability to protect you is more important that you focus on that than any fear about dark entities. Your ability to call in higher help will override the fear. The more you practice and the more Spiritual Cleansing Healing Sessions you receive because the darker implants and the darker grid type things will have been removed and usually that’s what causes the excessive fear are those darker implant that’s been placed there by dark entities. It’s very important for you to set boundaries, energetic boundaries with the ghosts and with the dark entities hanging around telling them they do not have permission to bother you or your family and it’s time they leave will be of great importance for you. The more you set boundaries as to when the ghost can come to talk to you.

Setting rules and boundaries just like you would with children… This will help them know when you can listen to them and possibly help them. It’s important you command the dark entities. However, to leave very firmly, you have the ability to do this. You can purchase blessed brimstone powder or blessed black salt online and place it around your property and especially around your door and windows. Then command that all of the dark beings, entities, demons must leave and may not go beyond that line. May Not cross the line into your home saying this, command out loud will banish them out of your home and away from your family. When you purchase this brimstone powder and or black salt, blessed black salt, you’ll want to cut cords and contracts with the person you purchased them from. Ask Archangel Michael to clear them. If you have the House Clearing and Blessing Package by Archangel Michael you’ll be able to play that audio and it will do blessings for you on the black salt or brimstone powder.

If you do this and you are still experiencing negative activity inside your home, then you may want to choose to call in another medium to cross the ghost over to the light and banish the dark from your house with techniques that they know. You can learn how to do this from books yourself though, just stay away from any witchcraft or spell books because that will only open a dark door. That would be very hard to close and it would make things way worse.

The choice is yours, Jim, if you want to learn about and develop your gifts as a medium and learn how to manage your abilities better, it will benefit your family greatly if you choose that, but only you can make that choice for yourself. If you choose not to go that route, then you’ll need to be sure to find extra assistance from other mediums to do this for you so you and your family can get some relief and I highly suggest downloading the Archangel Michael House Clearing and Blessing audios to play them continuously in your home to remove dark energy and ghosts.

And you can the Archangel Michael House Clearing and Blessing audios here.

Also, if you haven’t done so already, download the 9 FREE Archangel Michael Prayers of Protection because that will assist you greatly. Thank you so much Jim for sending in your question. I wish you and your family all the best. Get ready to hear what further tips and suggestions the Archangels and the and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team and Archangel Michael have to say to help you with any negative dark energy you’re experiencing. But first, we need to take a quick break. We’ll be right back.

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Welcome back. I’m Kimberly, your host of the Paranormal Psychic Show.

The biggest tip from the Archangels that I’m getting to tell you is that if you’re an empath sensitive or an intuitive, it’s extremely important that you learn how to protect yourself energetically and learn how to bring in that extra assistance that you know you need to get in order to clear the dark energy from within you and around you. You have found the Paranormal Psychic Show for a divine reason. The more you clear heal and awaken, the stronger your intuition, your higher connection to your higher self, and your energetic protection around your auric field becomes. Stay tuned for next week’s show. As I answer more questions sent in by listeners.

May you feel infinitely protected, blessed and guided by divine light, always. Namaste’.

May the Paranormal Psychic Show bless and expand your heart, your higher awareness, your life, and the lives of your loved ones.

Let me know in the comments below what touched you the most about this episode... I'd love to hear!

What you share may help someone else going through the same thing.


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