Getting Rid of Demons and Stopping Negative Thinking


Episode 4 Paranormal Psychic Show Summary



Listen in as Brandy and Angela receive a Paranormal Psychic reading from Kimberly answering the following questions:

  1. How to get rid of demons?
  2. What to do to stop negative thinking patterns?
  3. How to break agreements with the devil?
  4. How to end karmic contracts made in past lives?


Thanks, Brandy and Angela!


Transcript of Episode 4 – Get Rid of Demons


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It’s hard to deal with all the negative energy that’s out there in the world. Welcome to the Paranormal Psychic Show with Kimberly.

Kimberly gives psychic readings to listeners who are experiencing negative energy, dark energy, spirit attachments, ghost or paranormal activity.

Kimberly is a Para Psychic who’s known for her work in the paranormal field. She’s the author of the book, 365 days of Archangel Messages and the inventor of the Spiritual Cleansing Crystal Lights.

If you feel drained by the negative energy around you or any negative energy inside your home, or you’re feeling the negative energy of spirits, the Paranormal Psychic Show is for you.

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Welcome to the Paranormal Psychic Show. I’m your host, Kimberly. I give Paranormal Psychic Readings and Spiritual Cleansing Healing Sessions to my clients who live worldwide. Today on the show, Brandy and Angela sent in their question about how to get rid of demons and how to stop negative thinking. I’m going to give them a paranormal psychic reading with the help of my guides and angels, archangels, Archangel Michael and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team. Get ready to hear what the archangels and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team have to say for Brandy. In Angela disclaimer, I’m not a medical doctor or counselor or lawyer. I recommend you continue to see your medical doctors, counselors, and healthcare professionals and follow their advice. I spent quite a bit of time downloading intuitive information with what’s going on with Brandy and Angela. I’m going to get right to the point as usual because of time.


The question from Brandy is Brandy writes in and she says, they make me fat. They make me scream. I can’t work. I can’t exercise or else they attack me to where I have to give up. They live in me and move my tongue and make me talk. Sometimes they embarrass me. Sometimes my stomach hurts. I feel spiritually sick. They have evil entities. They just don’t know it. The demons have talked through them before, but they think it’s themselves. When I need to do something with my life is when it’s the worst. When the evil spirits kickup. How long has this been going on? She writes, they’ve made me really angry all my life. I’ve had them since I was born, but it got way worse when I gave my life over to satanism back in 2010 it got real bad. When the god of the Bible is oppressing me, trying to chastise me into being obedient to every word of the Bible.

She said these demons are here to chastise me. Can’t talk properly. Can’t think on one track of mind. My emotions are out of whack, up and down feelings, hard to sleep when they keep me up. Stomach pain, demons screaming through my body sometimes lethargy, bad hygiene. It’s like a prison in my own body with these demons inside these evil Bible spirits. How do I get rid of them is her question and Brandy is from the United States.


Brandy, I am so sorry. All that you have been through and are currently going through demonic beings have infiltrated you. 60 to 70% or more is what I feel and the intuition that I receive. There may have been some past medicating or drug use that made this worse. Dark demonic spirit possession is happening now, however, demonic beings are replaying negative energy imprints in your mind, looping them over and over again because they have control over your mind.

Demonic dark force beings are trying to make you go insane is the intuition that I get from the Archangels and what I downloaded to a large percentage and degree, the demonic beings can cause harm to you. It’s very high. The likelihood of more harm being caused is extremely great because they have advanced capabilities, unfortunately, and they have control over you as you already know, to a large degree, dark force beings are making you sick because that’s what they intend. A hex or curse has been placed on you by a living person in this lifetime. In the past and there is a Predator ghost also trying to jump into your body and take it over. This Predator ghost caused harm to lots of humans when he was alive. You are an easy target. You are sensitive with gifted abilities and the DFs have full agreement to feed off of you because of past agreements in other lives and dimensions you’ve existed in before.

D F’s meaning dark force energy or dark force beings. Sometimes I call them DF’s for short. Humans living in your home. See dark shadow figures, dark force energy. Demons do punch, push and slap you causing you harm and they do this on purpose. The areas of your chakras and body that are affected are your heart and in your heart, there’s a dark device that I see. It allows the dark force energy, the demons and ghosts to take over your body easier. It allows them to jump inside you basically below your feet, below your feet chakra. There’s a dark net below and around your auric field, under your feet. This allows dark force energy and goes to attach themselves to you and mess with your thoughts. And mind easier. There’s also a dark net around your auric field, around your head area, dark snake-like animalistic demon, dark force energy goes into your head area and controls your thoughts in your crown chakra area above your head.

There’s a dark device that I see you here, this Predator ghost, and you hear this Predator, ghosts, thoughts through this device that’s in your crown chakra above your head because it also, this ghost is trapped by the demonic beings where you’re living and this dark device above your crown chakra allows you to hear the ghosts easier, but it was placed there by dark force energy. It allows the dark force energy to place thoughts into your mind, your spine, cervical area. There’s an implant that allows dark beings to cause harm to you in your spine area. This allows them to jump into her body easier because of this implant in your spine and cervical area. The solution for you is to command them to leave, find faith. It’s not about following what the Bible says out of resentment. It’s not about religion, out of resentment or feeling controlled for you, it’s about commanding yourself to be of the light of God and not of the dark.

Find some sort of faith where you feel that you can get help in finding a church or spiritual group you can believe in, that you can receive more assistance from you are in a place where you have to have a commitment to the Light. Only even a priest can do an exorcism. Find somebody that can do an exorcism, but that you believe in such as a faith that you believe in, that you don’t feel that you have doubts about a person, like a priest that can do a full exorcism. Find a medium who is a psychotherapist to rid that a ghost. All of the ghosts that are messing with you from around you. But also they will help move these ghosts on so they are not trapped there anymore. Get a medium with a background in counseling so they can not only assist you, but they can assist the ghost with psychotherapy and counseling.

Be careful when finding this medium because they need to be working in the light of God only with the light of the angels and not have dark infiltrations speak to their past clients and see if they’ve been able to cross disembodied spirits over to the light, fully find out if they’re past clients have gotten better from their services. Not Worse. You must declare yourself of the light and depart from all past darkness agreements, pacts, bonds, alignments, and associations that were made and anything you’ve aligned yourself with originally this life or past lives. Without a strong declaration made of the light departing from dark completely, you will not be able to disconnect from dark force energy demons completely in this life. It will take an entire embodiment of who you wish to align yourself with, completely aligning yourself to guide to the light completely, wholeheartedly all of your Being.

If you don’t do this first, if you don’t do this firm and strong declaration, you’ll never be able to remove yourself from negative experiences and no matter what you do, it won’t be enough to repair from this prior dark relationship agreement. Many who get into Satan worship or satanism don’t understand the consequences and they only see short term gain, which is unfortunately shallow typical 3D thinking. Some of these original agreements in a prior lifetime, those existences prior have exposed you to this since you were born in this lifetime. How do you wish to move forward? Brandy will be key. It will take you completely absolving yourself from this demonic, satan connection, this dark force energy, this dark force agreement, and alignment completely absolving yourself. This will require additional assistance mentioned and will be based upon your new choice, your new declaration, and whether or not you can accept more assistance.

You will need to find an absolute commitment to whatever choice you are making since it will be your conviction towards your inner resolve to let go of previous preferences and make a completely new commitment. Not only is your soul interfered with, but your mind is greatly distorted by the dark beings by these demonic beings. This will require additional assistance to get help dis-linking your mind and your soul from all demonic dark energies with getting extra assistance and help with exercising the dark out of you. You must return to your own conscious abilities so the dark is not interlocked inside of you any longer. Thank you, Brandy, so much for sending in your question. As I know this is going to affect many in probably a good way because it will help them realize what they can also do for themselves that is of the light of God, of positive that will help bring their lives forward and your life is not lost.

If you make a commitment and a new command and a new declaration for yourself. I wish you all the best Brandy.

Get ready to hear what solutions the Archangels and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team have to say for Angela next, but first, we need to take a quick break. We’ll be right back.

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Welcome back. I’m Kimberly, your host of the Paranormal Psychic Show.


The question Angela sent in from Canada is, I feel like I’m unlucky in all aspects of my life. Money, men, job, move. I can’t sleep and sometimes forget things and overthink too much, worry, crying, depressed, unhappy. A very long time I’ve been feeling like this. I just hurt too much. I’ve been crying, feeling down, depressed, not sleeping much, worrying like I can’t do anything. I can’t get what I want like move money, man job and I want to be treated like a human being by men.

I just pray a lot and I can’t calm down. I always think negative and feel like I don’t deserve anything. Please help.


Thank you so much, Angela, for sending in your question. The intuition that I downloaded for you by the archangels and Archangel Michael. What I got is there are non-human dark beings feeding off of unhealthy living and negative thoughts that you’re having. They’re like scavengers feeding off a rotting carcass. I know that’s graphic, but that’s the image that I was shown and there are also ghosts around you that are infiltrated by dark beings that are feeding off of you and playing with your thoughts as well. These dark forces beings that feed off of you energetically can cause harm and infiltrate your mind and thoughts to some degree. You have intuitive gifts and other spiritual gifts. You are a sensitive soul that these dark beings like to infiltrate and feed off of ghost that is also dark force infiltrated, infiltrated by dark beings, are trying to jump inside your body.

They’re trying to go inside of you so they can utilize your body for their own purposes. You may be acting out in some way acting out with addictions and unhealthy living possibly. I’m sensing that you have created openings within yourself because of these addictions, whether they’re in the past or present, I’m not sure, and not living a healthy lifestyle, so this allows the dark to feed off of you. There is a poor me syndrome happening that was acquired from an early age which has led to a victim mentality. The only intention of the dark beings around you is to perpetuate more negative experiences so they can feed, enjoy and relish in your situation. The negative and dire situation you find yourself in. The chakras and body parts affected. I see your second chakra. Your sacral chakra has a dark device in it and the dark beings can cause harm to you and your body through this device, your head area.

I see cordings and dark grids inside there. The dark energy, the dark beings are trying to get you to harm yourself through infiltrating your thoughts. They are placing thoughts inside of you for you to do even more self-sabotage behavior and perpetuating addictions. Your emotional body, there’s dark seeds in there implanted, thereby the ghost around you and this ghost actually has a preference for women. Yes, they don’t like women but they are drawn to them. This particular ghost, dark energy especially dislike women and are therefore further attracted to you in your spine. Cervical, there’s an implant placed there by a Predator dark force energy that wants to feed off of your energy and drain your life force. It wants to suck the life out of view completely. Your throat chakra. There’s a dark seed placed there by dark force energy. There’s a dark net around your auric field, but it was placed there so the dark force energy can feed off of the negative energy you generate so it can grow in power so they can grow in power.

The solution, if you don’t make new choices, Angela, to improve, the only way for you to go is to spiral further downward. A negative attitude will only hinder your recovery. Here you may want to limit the consumption of unnecessary foods that cause you to further have addictive tendencies and that caused Moodswing such as sugars, processed oils, and non-nutritive food substances. If you don’t take care of yourself clearing up addictions and living a healthy lifestyle, it’s like a carrion left in the desert and the dark carnivores begin to feed on the stench. You have a steep hill to climb and it’s complicated. The first steps in the process are to improve your health and welfare. I understand that this may sound graphic and it may sound stark to you. However, it is so important for you to find a psychologist specializing in working with sensitive humans and addictions will help you raise your self-esteem and be able to learn new healthy behavior changes.

Then spiritual cleansing healing sessions…the VIP weekly Spiritual Cleansing Sessions will be extremely important for you to participate in when you can afford it. They are extremely cost-effective and reasonable in pricing for all that you receive when you can because of how much spiritual cleansing these dark implants devices will be removed for you from your commitment with the weekly healing and cutting cords, ending contract by saying the prayer that you receive each week before your healing session begins and from the Seraphim Angel Healing Team, very precisely. Removing dark force energy, dark force beings, dark force implants, seeds in you, in your body systems and your auric field… the moment they get triggered with more emotions. The Seraphim Angel Healing Team that you’ll receive energy healings from spiritual cleansing sessions are divine, higher level light beings, very precise, clear, and of the light healing specialists with what they do.

I’ve never seen anything like it. My clients say the same thing. You can read the testimonials here. Through the VIP spiritual cleansing process with removing that dark force energy so it no longer has a hold of you. What have also brought in for you is a stronger protection shielding around your auric field every single day from you participating in that from Archangel Michael, the Archangels, and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team. What else will be important is to get a Spiritual Cleansing Crystal Light Unit and have that running 24 seven in your home because that’s going to bring protection energy from Archangel Michael and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team around your home 24 seven and around your auric field and body systems. So you have a stronger shield of protection every single day as you keep those lights running. The spiritual cleansing crystal light’s very important for you to get and that what that’s going to do is remove the implants, dark cordings, dark net, and dark devices from within your energy body system from within your body parts and your organs and your aura and chakra system.

Cutting cords with dark scavengers that are manifesting within yourself that you are inviting in by the choices you’re making is vitally important. It’s important for you to download the 9 Archangel Michael Powerful Prayers of Protection and healing and say prayers and number eight and nine especially to cut those cords.

It’s time for you, Angela, to draw a line in the sand, create a stopping point for yourself and say no more turn around back into the direction you originally were born on earth in what your soul intended for you to focus upon and do, which is first and foremost, living a healthy lifestyle, a healthy life, taking good care of your welfare wholeheartedly making that your first priority is your first step. I wish you all the best. Angela. Thank you so much for sending in your question.

Get ready to hear what further tips and suggestions the Archangels and the Seraphim Angel Healing team have to say to help you with any negative dark energy you may be experiencing.

But first, we need to take a quick break. We’ll be right back.

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Welcome back. I’m your host Kimberly dawn of the Paranormal Psychic Show.

The biggest tip I get intuitively from the angels to tell you is that all of these solutions mentioned don’t mean anything if you just stop giving it a go after a little while. This is an ongoing process of healing and cleansing that will always benefit yourself and enhance further protection for you. We are inundated by a constant barrage of dark interactions daily. These daily glancing blows are always a part of the human condition and that’s why we are so careful in protecting and encouraging healing activities that nourish your inner light, self, and wellbeing.

You have found the Paranormal Psychic Show for a reason. Pay attention just as you start your day, brushing your teeth, showering plus self-adornment and hygiene of the exterior.

The same must be done internally and energetically as well. The more you awaken to your soul’s purest light, the more peace, love, and abundance you’ll be able to receive. Stayed tuned for next week’s show. As I answer more questions sent in by listeners, may you feel infinitely protected, blessed and guided by Divine Light, always.



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