How To Do Spirit Removal From Your House


Episode 3 Paranormal Psychic Show Summary


Listen in as Bethina and Andrea receive a Paranormal Psychic reading from Kimberly answering the following questions:

  1. How to cleanse a house of spirits?
  2. What to do when feeling the negative energy of spirits?
  3. How to get rid of negative energy attached to you?
  4. Unexplained aches and pains – what can they be caused from?


Thanks, Bethina and Andrea!


Transcript of Episode 3 – How To Cleanse A House Of Spirits


Radio Announcer: It’s hard to deal with all the negative energy that’s out there in the world. Welcome to the Paranormal Psychic Show with Kimberly.

Kimberly gives psychic readings to listeners who are experiencing negative energy, dark energy, spirit attachments, ghost or paranormal activity.

Kimberly is a Para Psychic who’s known for her work in the paranormal field. She’s the author of the book, 365 days of Archangel Messages and the inventor of the Spiritual Cleansing Crystal Lights.

If you feel drained by the negative energy around you or any negative energy inside your home, or you’re feeling the negative energy of spirits, the Paranormal Psychic Show is for you.

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Kimberly:  Welcome to the Paranormal Psychic Show. I’m your host, Kimberly. I had my first psychic empathic experience at the age of three. I’ve been a channel for divine light for over 27 years.

I give paranormal psychic readings and spiritual cleansing healing sessions to my clients who live worldwide. Today on the show, Bethina and Andrea sent in their question about how they can remove dark spirits that are around them. How can they make them go away?

I’m going to give them a psychic reading with the help of my guides and angels, Archangel Michael and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team who brings spiritual cleansing, healing and protection light to my clients. And to all of you, all of the listeners who say yes. While you’re listening to this show, get ready to hear what the Archangels and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team have to say for Bethina.

Disclaimer:  I’m not a medical doctor or counselor or lawyer. I recommend you continue to see your medical doctors, counselors, and healthcare professionals and follow their advice. I make no claims or guarantees regarding anyone’s personal experiences or results from completing any suggestions given on the show.

Kimberly: I spent over an hour in meditation, downloading intuition from my guides and angels for Bethina and Andrea. I’m going to get right to the point with their readings because of time.

Bethina: So the question from Bethina is… What negative energy are you experiencing that’s draining you? Was the question to her… and she wrote in saying, “It causes illness and has I get bad luck from this, whatever this dark energy is, I have aches and pains.”… and then her question is, “How do I get rid of it?”

Kimberly: Bethina I’m so sorry. You are experiencing this. The dark entity on the property and around you and your significant other or family members is trying to get people around you to cause harm (to themselves and others).  That is one of the hugest things that I got.

It’s very negative energy, very dark.  A family member or significant others around you have contracts, bonds, and packs with the darker beings on your property.

But, most likely these were made unknowingly because they were vulnerable in some way or had past traumas, meaning they may not have made these agreements consciously. The dark likes to trick humans that are vulnerable and so the bonds and contracts are made that way.

What I also saw is there’s bodies buried on your property from long ago. I saw this as Native Americans buried underneath and around your property. There are past curses that were put on the property by native Americans because of fighting in and around that area that happened back then with the Native Americans fighting for their land and also fighting other tribes. This dark curse caused very dark entities to infiltrate that land and mess with the humans that have lived there ever since.

This dark curse also caused a vulnerability within the land in and around there, which created very dark inter-dimensional interference to occur. This caused a dark access point inter-dimensionally. Some would refer to this as a dark portal that allows very, very dark beings to disrupt the lives of humans that live there.

There has been at least one suicide on the property in the past due to these very dark entities that have been proliferating there through this dark portal from this dark curse from the Native Americans. This can also amplify, increase or cause addictions in the humans that live in and around that area.

There is a family member or significant other that is more affected by this. The areas in which this dark being affects your body specifically… The areas that affect your chakra system is above your Crown Chakra, so where your head area is.  If you go like a foot or two or three or even more above there, there’s a dark implant that looks like an infiltrated version of deep space nine.

It’s an access portal by the dark placed there to try and control you… it’s also in your entire head area and your third eye. There’s a dark silkscreen implant for control and to make you confused. It also makes you see what it wants you to see through this implant to feed you delusion, confusion, and distortion energy.

In your second chakra, your sacral chakra, there’s a dark snake-like proliferated cording… that is very much conscious and alive because it has proliferated off of its host where it came from, the dark being (entity) and it continues to grow.

Below your feet, there’s a dark plate-likee implant that has been put there to block you from accessing Mother Earth’s healing and rejuvenation energy for yourself… it’s been placed in your lower limbs.

An implanted device that causes aches and weaknesses in your ability to support yourself and stand strong in life is there in your spine area, there’s a dark grid, a dark net that’s draining your life force energy (in your spine). It’s literally squeezing the life out of you.

In your shoulders area… There’s a dark ball type implant. I actually saw both shoulders, so implants, which also causes aches and pains in your central column. Your central column is about 45% infiltrated by dark.

When you sleep, this can become worse because they can access you deeper. In your dream state. You can think of your central column in its healthy state as an open column of light that’s fully connected to your soul’s light and God’s light. When your central column is infiltrated to this degree, this creates a person to be controlled by the dark and they feel like they have no control over their lives, which isn’t true, but it causes them to feel like that.

The solution for you is…

The first step is commanding this dark being and entities, commanding them to leave with determination! This means you draw the line in the sand fully.

Now moving forward, I also saw what would help you is saging your home while saying prayer number eight inside the 9 FREE Archangel Michael Prayers of Protection.

I also got for you to find a Native American Shaman to clear your land from this Native American curse. Have this Native American Shaman clear and bless the land and house.

Have them do dark entity and implant removal sessions on you and your loved ones who live with you or who visit with you. You may need eight or more sessions to remove a lot of the implants that are causing you the most suffering right now. Then you’ll want to receive weekly or monthly sessions after that with what you can afford with this Native American Shaman.

Get referrals to find this Native American Shaman. This person needs to be living a healthy lifestyle and have no addictions such as alcohol or drug use.

The person or the people who refer you need to have gotten better from using this Native American Shaman services. Not Worse. Find out their results, the people or person that refers you. You don’t want a dark infiltrated, Native American Shaman.

You need to find one that is fully working with the higher beings of light, the Angels and mother, God, Father God completely. When you receive healing sessions from them, you’re going to want to have them tell you what they are removing because for you, when you are told what type of dark implants and entities they are removing and clearing, you will have proof within your own mind that it is possible for you to get better all the way. In essence, you’ll then be able to give yourself permission to get all the way better from here, and this will bring you the inner fortitude to empower yourself completely from here on out.

Be careful with choosing this Native American Shaman because many Shamans claim to be working fully with Divine Light, but darker beings have infiltrated their Shamonic work in ways they may not even realize consciously.

Thank you so much, Bethina for sending in your question.

Get ready to hear what solutions the Archangels and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team have to say for Andrea next, but first we need to take a quick break. We’ll be right back.

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Kimberly: Welcome back I’m Kimberly. Dawn, the host of the Paranormal Psychic Show.

Andrea: Andrea sent in her question and her question is, “I hear knocking and no one else can hear it. None. One of my sons can’t find a job. The other one is having issues as well. When it’s quiet is when the disturbances are the worse.” How long has this been going on? Was the question posed to Andrea and she says, “Almost two years”.

My youngest son is not himself. He’s agitated. When I’m not home, I don’t hear the knocking. I really believe someone is doing witchcraft. How can I make it go away?

Kimberly: Thank you Andrea for sending in your question. When I looked into this in meditation, I believe your gut instinct is correct.

What I got is there has been a dark spell performed on in and, around the property or home you live in because of anger from this male and them being in pain over something that had happened to them. I’m getting, this is a male who has practiced some sort of dark spells because they couldn’t forgive others.

This person had obsession and compulsion and also personal power struggles. They very much have dark demonic energy within them that caused them to have violent and destructive tendencies.

And there is a ghost on your property. It’s a disembodied spirit inside your home that feels guilty about something… guilty about something they did.

It’s a male ghost that’s trying to get your attention. It sees the demonic energy that this spell has caused, but also it’s being controlled to some degree, a large degree by this demonic force due to the guilt it holds and it’s trying to get your attention so he can he be heard and set free even though he’s going through tremendous amounts of pain being inflicted upon him by this demonic dark being.

So the knocking is trying to get your attention. The ghost is doing the knocking.

Your are a very sensitive soul who can hear the knocking. You can hear this ghost. You have the gift of mediumship that you can choose to develop even further if you’d like to.

The ghost passed away on this property is what I got. You may want to do a property search with a local historian to find out who’s lived on that property before and what happened to them while they were living and how they died.

There has been violence on that property from past owners of that land or house that caused a very dark door to open. Allowing these dark beings in.

Your youngest son is also a sensitive soul and is becoming agitated from these darker beings messing with him.

There are websites where you can look into who’s died on a property, but sometimes the best research would be your own through a local historian society library, past tenants or even newspaper archives.

I looked into the areas of you and your son’s chakra system and body that has been affected by these dark beings. Your son… above his crown chakra. There are dark tentacles from this dark being that has been blocking your son from being fully connected up to his higher soul, to his soul’s light.

And your son’s throat chakra… there’s an implant there to prevent him from speaking his truthfully.  In your son’s first or root chakra, there’s a dark grid placed in your son’s root chakra for the purpose of scaring him into doing what this dark being once him to do.

Even provoking him to get agitated and lashing out in anger at others, and you might see this in other family members as well.

The solution that I saw for you and your family is that it’s going to be very, very important for you, Andrea, to command it to leave because you do have the power to do that completely.

It will be important for you to cut cords.  Download for free 9 FREE Archangel Michael Prayers of Protection, saying prayer number eight and nine on that pdf download daily for at least two weeks will cut cords with anything that’s draining you and with dark energy that’s trying to get a further hold on you and your family.

I’m also getting for you to call a psychic medium into the house to communicate with the ghost. Find a medium with good reviews and references. Make sure they know how to cross souls over to the light fully.  his may be done in person or over the phone.

Be sure to check references to find someone who’s working with the Angels and who is of the light. You’ll need to weed through the bad apples to find a good medium who’s honest and knows how to cross souls over efficiently with ease and grace.

You’ll also want to download the House Blessing Download Kit and you’ll want to play the main audio on that daily for at least two weeks or more. Then play it at least weekly after that. Because what that’s going to do is bring Archangel Michael and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team in to clear your property. If there’s any other ghosts, even dark energy hanging around, that’s going to clear that for you the more you play it.

You may want to purchase a small bottle of pine tar water on Etsy or online and spray that very carefully around the perimeter of your property and around your home itself, especially in front of your door, the front door and back door.

So it gives the message to the dark entities that they are not welcome there. While you say a prayer of protection that no ghost or dark entities may cross the line of your property from this day forward and they may not interfere in the lives of your family members again.

If you are dealing with dark entities that can be nasty with your loved ones and you using pine tar water around your property and around your home as well… this will bring you added physical chemical protection because most dark entities do not do well in or around pine tar water because of the chemical makeup of it.

Be sure to get pine tar water and not just tar water because pine tar water is safer for your skin, whereas tar water is dangerous for your skin. (Regular tar water can hurt your skin if you get it on it).

When you get the pine tar water, you’re going to want to play the House Blessing audio…The main audio that you’re going to download from the House Blessing Download Kit. Play that and ask Archangel Michael and the Archangels through that audio to clear anything negative or dark associated with the pine tar water (itself) that might come from (the seller) the person that made the mixture of the pine tar water.

So what that audio is going to do… is it’s going to cut cords between that pine tar water and the person who created the mixture who sold it to you. Y

You’ll want to find a good psychologist for gifted children, for your son to go talk to about his feelings. They will help him learn how to sort through his emotions and give him helpful strategies for dealing with upsets.

You’re also going to want to do the Spiritual Cleansing Healing Sessions overnight or the VIP Spiritual Cleansing Healing Sessions to clear and heal the implants and dark grids from you and your families energy body from your chakras in from your body system in auric field.

You can utilize this experience that you have gone through and I’m so sorry you have gone through it, as a means to empower you and your family further because it will. It absolutely will empower you if you choose to do the steps mentioned.

Thank you, Andrea, for sending in your question.

Get ready to hear what further tips and suggestions the Archangels and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team have to say to help you with any negative dark energy your experiencing.

But first, we need to take a quick break.

We’ll be right back.

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Kimberly: Welcome back to the Paranormal Psychic Show. I’m your host, Kimberly.

Some tips I have downloaded for you intuitively are… letting go of what could have been…resolving any guilt feelings will help you clear up vulnerabilities you may have that give the dark and entry point into your auric field and your thoughts.

Which affect your health negatively in the long run because the dark likes to feed off of human weakness.

You can think of many dark beings as an ant colony. Sometimes I’ve gotten visions of huge dark or demonic ants that like to harvest human soul essences.

These soldier dark force ants find vulnerabilities in humans, auric field, their energy bodies, their thoughts, their mind, and then they cord into these areas to steal the person’s soul essence.

To then bring back to the queen (the stolen soul fragments of humans. This is how the dark force works. This is how they grow in power. As they do this, they work in groups or colonies.

Usually, they will drain a person’s life force energy by cording into them through human vulnerability areas, past traumas, until that person becomes completely ill with sickness and even dies.

What will also help you is releasing worry and fear around what other people think of you and having to get other people’s approval.

Cutting cords with others will also assist because most humans have dark force energy feeding off of them. If you have an interaction with somebody, even angry interaction or sad, any kind of charged emotion… this allows their dark force energy that’s feeding off of them to then… cord into you and deplete you.

This is why my higher self, my soul has been born on this earth (to help humans with this). This is why I’m here in physical incarnated form because it’s my soul’s mission to assist humans who have been negatively affected by dark force energy.

You have found the Paranormal Psychic Show for a reason.

Pay attention to your inner clues, your gut instinct, because too many humans on earth are distracted with their old habits and patterns that only allow dark force energy to feed off of them further.

The more you awaken to what your own soul’s purpose is and the more you claim your right to say no to these darker influences, the more abundance, love, freedom, and peace you’re going to have on a daily basis.

Stay tuned for next week’s show as I answer more questions sent in by listeners.

May you feel infinitely protected, blessed and guided by Divine Light always.


May the Paranormal Psychic Show bless and expand your heart, your higher awareness, your life, and the lives of your loved ones.

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