Demonic Possession – How Do You Protect Yourself From This?


Episode 1 Paranormal Psychic Show Summary

Caitlyn and William receive a Paranormal Psychic reading from Kimberly answering the following question they’ve asked:

  1. How do you tell the difference between demonic oppression (dark interference) and when I need to set boundaries with family and friends?
  2. How do you set emotional boundaries with family when there’s demonic, negative or dark interference happening?
  3. What to do if you have a spirit attachment, entity attachment or demonic possession happening?
  4. How to get rid of demons?


Thanks, Caitlyn and William!


Transcript of Episode 1 – How To Protect Yourself From Demonic Possession


Radio Announcer: It’s hard to deal with all the negative energy that’s out there in the world. Welcome to the Paranormal Psychic Show with Kimberly.

Kimberly gives psychic readings to listeners who are experiencing negative energy, dark energy, spirit attachments, ghost or paranormal activity.

Kimberly is a Para Psychic who’s known for her work in the paranormal field. She’s the author of the book, 365 days of Archangel Messages and the inventor of the Spiritual Cleansing Crystal Lights.

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Kimberly: Hi, I’m Kimberly. Welcome to the Paranormal Psychic Show. I’m the host of the show.

You might be wondering what’s does a Para Psychic means? I Para Psychic means I give paranormal readings, psychic readings, and spiritual cleansing healing sessions to my clients who live worldwide.

I had my first psychic empathic experience at the age of three. I’ve been a channel of divine light for over 27 years.

Today on the show, I have two guests, Caitlyn and William. Caitlyn called in her question and left it on our voicemail line and it’s about negativity and negative people around her… asking what she can do about it.

Her question is wondering what does she do about all the negative energy she’s sensing from people around her?

I don’t want to give everything away, but I’m going to give her and William who submitted his question a psychic reading with the help of my guides and Angels, Archangels, Archangel Michael and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team who brings spiritual cleansing, healing sessions and protection light to my clients whom I absolutely adore.

Here’s how I do the psychic readings…

If you are feeling drained by negative energy around you or that’s in your house… at your workplace or around your loved ones…

Or, you believe you’re experiencing the negative energy of spirits or feel dark energy, mood swings for no reason or feel drained by certain negative people and you’d like to have a free psychic reading on the show, I invite you to leave your voicemail question at (928) 362-0359…

By leaving a message, you have a chance of your voicemail being played live so that I can intuitively look into what exactly is going on energetically in around you that’s bothering you.

Or you can simply submit your question here.

Get ready to hear what the Archangels and Seraphim Angel Healing Team team have to say for Caitlyn, who left a message regarding the negative energy that she’s experiencing around her.


Disclaimer: I’m not a medical doctor and I don’t practice medicine. I don’t diagnose, heal, cure or treat disease. I recommend you continue to see your medical doctors, counselors, and healthcare professionals and follow their advice. What I advise is a compliment to conventional medicine. I make no claims or guarantees regarding anyone’s personal experiences or results from completing any suggestions given on the show.


Kimberly: Without further ado, here’s Caitlyn’s question…


Caitlyn: Hi, my name is Caitlyn and I have a question about how the dark can use other people, our families and loved ones for the past year or so. I have not been able to be in contact with many of my family members and loved ones because I often feel a gut instinct or achy feeling, um, during or after listening to voicemails, receiving cards, um, any sort of connection. And I feel that keeps me paralyzed from responding even though that doesn’t feel like a very kind thing to do. And, um, interactions often, um, leave me out of sports and not myself. Um, and sometimes causing me to choose unhealthy behaviors, um, and make unhealthy choices for myself. So, uh, this is like I’m feeling more isolated and alone and also misunderstood. But I would like to get to the bottom of what is going on here energetically with them so that I know what to do to help. Um, how can I approach the situation with better boundaries are for protection or if there are certain relationships that I need to just let go of in order to move forward with my highest and best life, that’s aligned with my soul’s calling. So how can I tell the difference between dark interference and where boundaries need to be set or are those two things the same? I’d love any tips for how to communicate this in a relationship. I’m wondering if it even needs to be addressed directly in a relationship at all where you feel as dark energy is at play or if it’s best to just leave the situation or relationship altogether or ask for higher assistance. So overall I’m wanting to know how do I know the difference and make a decision that will feel the best for me. Thank you so much for your help.


Kimberly: Thank you, Caitlyn, so much for calling in and trusting to leave your question for me.

I call in the Archangels, Archangel Michael, Seraphim Angel Healing Team to protect us, you and everyone listening with Christ white light and I asked that anything negative may not interfere in this reading.

Anything negative or dark must be removed and it will be removed by the Christ consciousness, angels and guides so that this reading is clear and comes from love and not ego and that all darker negative energy be lifted up and out and removed. Thank you. And so it is.

You brought up an excellent question, so I’m going to go ahead and channel word for word for you Caitlyn. That gut feeling and achy feeling you feel with certain people in your life including family members, not wanting to return their voicemail or keep in contact with them.

I’m sure many listeners can relate to with certain people or even family members, unfortunately. Your light is very strong at this point.

Caitlyn, you have had many spiritual cleansing healing sessions and you also own the Spiritual Cleansing Crystal Lights which you run, which helps clear the negativity in and around you. It helps bring in frequencies of protection from us.

We are able to tune into your prayers and the frequencies around you. There is darker interference that occurs when you feel that feeling in your gut instinct or when you feel your throat clinch up or you like you need to cough or you feel like you can’t speak your truth.

Those are the times, some of the signals that show you that dark interference is happening. You have other signs as well, body signals that you have already written down and noted to yourself of when dark interference happens, even when your emotions are triggered with this other individual in your life.

When your emotions are triggered, dark interference most often can be at play because they feed off of your light and they are trying to find an access point to feed off of, to interfere and confuse your thoughts enough to weekend your emotions and to get into your emotional body in order to play upon your emotions. They are able to feed off of your light through this other individual’s attacks and the other individual’s verbal degrading comments.

You have noted this to yourself… You have understood this at depth…

The times when it’s important for you to set boundaries are the times when you know your physical space is being intruded upon and you know you’re not being treated well. Those are the times to set 3D physical boundaries for yourself of what you need for healthy living. (Firm boundaries).

What do you need as far as boundaries, space, your own time for yourself, your own energetic space in order to have rejuvenation time and to be able to function for your career and your soul’s purpose, your work that you’re doing?

That’s when to set boundaries.

When those boundaries are being intruded upon and you don’t feel functional when your functional 3D ability has been decreased in some way. It can be one and the same…

Dark interference can happen at the same time when you need to set boundaries with the other individual.

Stay tuned for the rest of the reading. We need to take a quick break and I’m going to finish Caitlyn’s reading. Stay tuned. Be Right back…


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Kimberly: Welcome back to the Paranormal Psychic Show… I’m Kimberly.

I’m going to finish channeling the Archangels, Archangel Michael and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team for Caitlyn…

Now, there were times in Kimberly’s life where she dealt with certain people in her life who were abusive during those times in her past.

We would advise her to set strong boundaries for herself in order to not allow that individual to intrude upon her space or degrade her with their words because that happened. The dark most definitely was trying to trigger her enough or weaken her energetic field. So what’s what happens is your energetic field gets weakened…

The dark knows your trigger points. You don’t have to say, these are my emotional wounds…

The dark can read your thoughts. They can read your energy. A lot of them have abilities way past what human abilities are, even though they’re lower consciousness and they’re very selfish beings.

They play upon humans and they feed off of them.

So you, your energy… they are reading it, they can tell how to push your buttons.

They can place thoughts in this other individual’s mind just like they did Kimberly and the person that affected her negatively had many dark beings around him that would play upon his thoughts enough to press Kimberly’s buttons.

The same thing is happening energetically with you at the exact right moments or wrong moments for you. The dark is coming through this individual to trigger you and to weaken your auric field enough… your emotional body energy body enough to find a vulnerability or an old wound, old emotional wound from your past.

Everyone on earth has emotional wounds from their past, no exception.

Then they’re able to find an avenue in… in order to try to infiltrate your auric field, enough to feed off of you…

To get a taste very similar to a drop of blood in the ocean and the sharks can smell the drop of blood.

All it takes is one drop and then the feeding frenzy happens with the sharks. The dark energies are the same. A lot of times humans that have dark energy infiltration that’s worse than other people… the dark plays upon them and you can look at those individuals as they’re just darker people altogether.

You all have seen individuals… and have dealt with them, where you just get a bad vibe around them and your stomach does drop and your gut instinct tells you, I do not want to interact with this person. I do not want to be in or around them.

When your energy drops like that and your gut instinct just churns, you know, this is not a very healthy situation. That is the very time to set strong boundaries for yourself.

Many individuals have many beings that you could think it’s just one dark being, but there are groups of them.

Sometimes when people say they see shadow people, that could be a darker being, but many groups or a bigger group of darker energy can be attached to that one dark entity… so they can feed off of others in packs.

Same with the sharks that come in packs and that is why it’s also important to set physical boundaries for yourself because setting the physical boundaries, saying, “No, you may not enter my space here”.

Drawing physical boundaries… “I’m going to do this if you do this”… and then follow through and actually do that and not let them intrude upon you. In those situations, it’s time to find refuge and set strong boundaries.

There are cordings that need to be cut and spiritual ties and agreements across all time and space, spiritual contracts that you have with certain individuals and this particular individual… you have a soul contract with.

You are a very clear channel at this point, Caitlyn.

You have practiced your ability to bring in Divine light. You’ve had a lot of healing sessions, spiritual cleansing sessions with us.

You can connect very strongly going into meditation with your Spiritual Cleansing Crystal Lights on and we’ll assist you greatly asking that all bonds, packs, alignments, agreements, cordings, spiritual contracts with this individual and any other family members that you feel intrudes upon your boundaries…

Ending contracts, bonds, packs, alignments, agreements, associations, this life or past lifetimes consciously made or unconsciously made across all time and space, all dimensions, all realities, all timelines be ended and cleared and healed across the timeline for you will help tremendously.

There are certain spiritual contracts that were made before humans came here with a soul agreement between two individuals. We invite you to channel information about that from your higher self. Call us in and picture connecting to your higher self, to the Divine highest light source possible when you do this.

God, Source Light Energy, Christ’, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, the highest light source that you believe in, and then you can ask… “Do I have spiritual contracts with people that need to be ended?”

Write and channel information about the contract you have between you and this individual that continues to intrude on your boundaries, that’s going to help you and the information you channel.

You can ask that all of those bonds contracts that are prohibiting you from moving forward with your soul’s purpose, your life purpose, your soul’s calling be ended. This is going to help you clear those up.

We want to encourage you to continue taking steps for your life path and soul’s purpose. You are doing a beautiful job right now with taking those beautiful steps, tiny baby steps daily forward to do what you know your purpose is here on earth to do. We know it took you a long time to get to where you’re at right now.

We encourage you to continue Caitlyn. You are doing a good job.

Lots of energy is still coming through… lots of overlighting I see from the Archangels, Archangel Michael, and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team.

You as a listener might also feel the frequencies of healing that are coming through these airwaves… it’s incredible.

That’s what they do. When I begin channeling…it’s golden light, white light.

Anyone that’s open… any of you that say yes and want more assistance in healing energy… Want to feel them giving you a sign, a message, healing frequencies. Just say yes right now and you will feel more energy coming through your body.

That’s very much healing frequencies that help you. It will begin to help you get in touch with your higher soul’s calling, your higher self, why you are here and your soul’s purpose.

Very, very good. Thank you, Caitlyn, so much for calling in!

Get ready to hear what the Archangels Archangel Michael and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team have to say for William who submitted his question regarding having demonic attachment that’s haunting him and he is seeing dark shadows on the wall.

It’s pretty bad, so I can’t wait to assist him with channeling the Archangels, but first, we need to take a quick break. We’ll be right back…


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Kimberly: Welcome back. I’m Kimberly, the host of the Paranormal Psychic Show. The next question we have is from William…

William asks, “I have a demonic attachment that’s haunting me, showing me shadows on the wall. Scaring me making me want to kill myself with fear. I just want it removed. I think it is trying to possess me”.

First of all, William, I’m so sorry this is happening to you. This is extremely serious… what you’re dealing with here.

There are many things I want to tell you. There’s not much time left in the show, but there are some things that it’s important for you to know so you can make choices to move forward and get the thing out of you that’s or trying to influence you at least try get it away and out.

There may be in your past or somebody in or around you might have done like witchcraft or spells… practiced them, so I don’t know if you know of anyone near you or around you that’s done any of that… dark spells?

Dark spells can open a doorway and let these things in and then the dark entities can haunt you for years and years and years.

Also, I’m seeing some past current or current addictions, even if they’re mild addictions, they could be someone close to you as well that can open a dark door.

It basically creates cracks and holes in your auric field. And it allows the dark to basically start entering into your auric field. And that can feel like almost a possession because they can go into your central column and then there’s darkness in there from like a darker being or group of dark beings.

But addictions can open that doorway and cause cracks in your auric field.

There’s also, I see a child ghost around you. That one is pretty mild in the property that you’re living. Now. The ghosts there are like comfortable, so they stay there.

But still, it’s important for you to realize that ghosts can be infiltrated by dark energy. Dark energy can cause ghosts to push people down the stairs or cause harm to people in the property you’re at.

Now I’m picking up pretty strongly in or around there and it could be something close by. I feel like it’s at the property. There’s been a suicide committed on the property.

So that residual energy and that dark force energy, that dark entity, a demonic entity that caused the person there before to commit suicide is influencing you.

This is why you’re having thought about killing yourself because this dark entity, want you to.

There’s been in a past property you’ve lived on… there’s been murder on that property, so there was a dark influence there as well. That was a property you’ve lived on in the past.

I’m also seeing that it’s important for you to clear up current or past addictions or those around you to live a healthy lifestyle… And clear up current or past addictions (you and those around you).

The more healthy you can become and clear up addiction stuff or even people around you stopping any dark stuff… don’t use a Ouija board. Don’t use dark spells… You or anyone around you… And live as a healthy lifestyle as you can!

Taking the best care of your body, your auric field gets stronger.

Taking care of your body’s nutrition and ending addictions automatically creates more of a protection around you because otherwise, you are way more vulnerable.

It’s important to send the ghosts that are near or around you to the light because they’re not helping because the dark can use them to also get to you. These are some of the dark shadows you’re seeing.

If you have had Faith in your past of any type of religious belief or faith from where you used to go to church go back to it.

I would highly suggest seeing a holy person, whether it’s a rabbi or a person of your faith to go talk to with counseling and tell them what’s going on and ask them to do a clearing for you of this dark entity, this demonic entity.

Tell them it is trying to possess you. That’s what you feel… and it’s trying to get you to kill yourself.

It’s important for you to seek assistance and help. Very, very important.

Use the words of the highest order that you know that you believe in, such as saying, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I command that you leave. This is not your rightful place. You must leave”!

And also moving is what I’m getting that you might not want to live at the location you’re at. I don’t know if you can afford to move, but the location where you’re living is also influencing you to a great degree (negatively).

If you had the Spiritual Cleansing Crystal Lights, I would suggest leaving those on 24/7.

You can download the 9 FREE Archangel Michael Prayers of Protection.

Say those prayers, but using Jesus’ name usually always works!

Saying all the prayers with command…

Calling in Archangel Michael and calling in the Christ Consciousness Guides and Angels and sending any ghosts that are around you to the light… telling them it’s time to leave.

Urge you… urge you to find a holy person!

If even if you have to go to several holy people that can do all in the highest order and remove demonic possession from inner and around you.

The reason why I tell you to go to your faith is because it’s important to go back to what you believe in because that’s going to help you the most… So strongly to remove that dark energy around you.

The Spiritual Cleansing Crystal Lights clear the negativity in and around your energy system and any old dark seeds or implants the dark entities or demons might’ve placed in you.

That’s important to do on a regular basis when you’re dealing with it at this level when it’s got to this point… Important to clear up any addictions when it has gotten to this level with you are anyone around you doing the same.

Don’t be around people that are doing dark spells or witchcraft.

Move if you can and find a holy person to talk to immediately.

I wish you all the best. William! Thank you for sending in your question.

Thank you so much for tuning into the Paranormal Psychic Show.

It’s been a blessing and a gift for me to channel this information today for Caitlyn and William.

As a listener, if you can relate to anything that I have channeled… The Archangels, the Seraphim Angel Healing Team, Mother God, Father God, Christ… whomever you highly believe in… are with you, helping to guide you.

Continue listening to your higher self and continue connecting inward because that’s also how you stay safe and protected… By hearing what your inner being is trying to tell you.

Remember to subscribe on Itunes to the Paranormal Psychic Show. You’ll want to download the 9 FREE Archangel Michael Prayers of Protection.

Tune in next week to the Paranormal Psychic Show.

May the Paranormal Psychic Show bless and expand your heart, your higher awareness, your life, and the lives of your loved ones.

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