7 Ultimate Saint Gabriel Prayers + Archangel Gabriel Messages For You

7 Ultimate Saint Gabriel Prayers

I believe prayer is one of the most powerful things we can do when we are in need of higher assistance.

When I was raising my son as a single Mom I needed to pray a lot because I knew I could not get through the tough times alone.

I knew the Archangel and Angels could see more than I could see because they know all of what’s going on here on earth and why it’s happening.

Are you going through things in your life where you know you can’t do it by yourself either?

Would you like extra help from Archangel Gabriel for what you are going through?

Archangel Gabriel is a benevolent Angel who guides and protects those who call upon him who is in need of more energetic assistance.

Archangel Gabriel will be there assisting you instantly, the moment you call upon him.

Below are 7 Archangel Gabriel Prayers I channeled that you may say when you know you want extra help from above…


Archangel Gabriel Prayer for Protection


“St. Gabriel,

“Please surround me with Christ light of protection now.

Surround me with your light of protection so that I may see the truth and know what’s best for me overall.

Remove all negative energy and dark entities from around me that are bringing me down in any way.

Cut cords between me and anything else that’s not for my highest and best good.  Bring in continuous protection light for me and my loved ones.

Thank you and so it is.



Archangel Gabriel Prayer for Healing

“Archangel Gabriel,

Please heal me at a deep cellular level from what the root cause is of what ails me.

Protect me in all ways as I open to receive this higher healing light from you.

Help remove any doubt I have about my ability to self-heal through God’s light and love and also through your blessed healing light.

Thank you and so it is.



Archangel Gabriel Prayer for Strength


“Saint Gabriel,

Bring me the strength from the heavens that I need right now.

Show me what I can do that will be the best choice for me to make when making decisions.

Remove all doubt and fear I have about the situation at hand.

Help me to have the inner strength I need to persevere and to thrive in all circumstances that may arise.

Help me to feel the presence of your strength so I may know my own.

Thank you and so it is.



Archangel Gabriel Prayer for Anxiety

“Archangel Gabriel,

Remove all of the anxiety that I have been feeling through and through.

I give you permission to clear the fear and also any self-sabotage I’ve been doing knowingly or unknowingly.

Help me to know deep within my being what my true capabilities are.

Show me where I should strengthen my skills so that I can be fully confident with who I am and what I’m capable of.

Thank you and so it is.



Archangel Gabriel Prayer for Abundance

“St. Gabriel,

I open myself up to the Christ consciousness light of abundance where all goodness resides.

Help me to be fully connected to the purest of Divine light so that I may realize my abundant and prosperous nature.

End all contracts with darker energies or with those in my physical life who are not for my highest and best good.

Remove all that stands in my way of me receiving true prosperity from source light energy.

Help me to know how worthy I am of receiving all the abundance, love, light, and security that God and the Universe have waiting for me.

Thank you and so it is.



Archangel Gabriel Prayer for Conception


“Archangel Gabriel,

Assist us to conceive the child God has waiting for us.

Show us what we can do for our own health that will help us conceive the soul that wants to be born through us.

Remove all doubt, fear, anxiety, and uncertainty that stand in our way of this blessed gift of life.

Thank you and so it is.



Archangel Gabriel Prayer for Peace

“Saint Gabriel,

Clear and heal all that’s getting in the way of me and my loved ones feeling deep peace.

Remove all the negative energy within me and around me, that’s causing me to feel out-of-sorts.

Release all karmic situations, cordings, and darker energy within me or around me that’s bringing me down or that doesn’t have good intentions for me or my loved ones.

Help me to be 100 percent connected to God’s Divine Light.

Assist me in knowing I am worthy of this.

Thank you and so it is.




Channeling Archangel Gabriel

Channeling Archangel Gabriel is something I’ve divinely honored to do.

As you read the messages below from Archangel Gabriel, keep an open mind as to how possible it is for any situation that you face to be blessed and anointed by Archangel Gabriel because you are a child of the Divine who deserves to realize your full potential here on earth.


Message From Archangel Gabriel I Channeled For You…


You have been guided here today to read this channeling from myself, Archangel Gabriel alongside Archangel Michael and a multitude of Christ Consciousness Archangels and Angels that are overseeing this channeled blessing for you today.

You are adorned today with the highest of holy energies through love.

What once was is no longer.  We are bringing in a very special Divine light for you right now that is assisting you to see the dawn of a new day for you and those you care about.

Allowing the self-doubt that you have to be cleared and released now.

Your light is increasing in strength.

Saying the prayers you have read… some of them daily, if needed, will bring in this very same level of healing tones of light for you and your loved ones.

Believe me when I tell you that you are worthy of all you ask for.

Humanity has been engulfed in darkness for far too long.

This does not have to be the case for you.

We ask you to feel your heart expanding now into a vibrant emerald green light.

Allow this healing green light to permeate all of your being and auric field now.

Receive these Divine blessings available to you through the words that you read in this channeled message.

If you say yes, the darkness and negativity that has been pervading your thinking will be lifted and cleared for you now.

You may want to rest a while after reading this and saying the prayers because the light you are receiving will continue to enhance your inner knowingness of what’s possible for you.

Rest assured the light of you knows what’s best for you.

The frequencies being sent to you right now are of the higher order of blessed Divine light.

Allow your love to grow within your heart with this realization of inner truth you are feeling.

All of your trials and tribulations have been for a very divine reason.

There is a season for the passing of the old.

Allow today to spring forth the dawn of a new day for you because you have the ability to see through new eyes now.

All of your prayers to me will continue to be heard.

I will bring you a sign if you ask this of me to help you feel I a near and to know this as inner truth.

My deepest love is with you.


In Divine Love Always,


Archangel Gabriel”



May Archangel Gabriel’s prayers and messages continue to bless and expand your heart, your life, and the life of those you care about.


Let me know in the comments below how the prayers and messaged touched you.

What you share may help someone else going through the same thing.


Please share this with any friends who may benefit.

PS If you would, take a moment to share the image below on Pinterest because your friends will love it.  Thanks… I appreciate you!


7 Ultimate Saint Gabriel Prayers - Archangel Gabriel Messages For You



Message from Archangel Gabriel I drew from my book…

365 Days of Archangel Messages (available on Amazon)


“What uplifts one person assists the many. Touching one soul’s life has the potential to raise the light quotient of millions. Grass-roots movements and profound collaborations all began with one seed of an idea. The betterment of all happens in those moments when you are propelled forward to make one small bit of difference in the life of one person. The seeds of peace exist within everyone. As you continue to listen to the smallest grain of an idea you are being supported by authentic power from the Divine to bring revolutionary peace to every nation, every city, every continent and every ocean that has any kind of disturbance happening.  To be alive on earth right now with the intent of peace and healing for all, you help anchor that light in for everyone. It all starts from flooding in that peace within you, today, right here, right now.”

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