Spirit Attachments… What Kind Are There?

What’s covered in this video…

• Ghosts, angry ghosts, disembodied spirits…
• Dark force, demon (full range of interdimensional interference negative non-human spirits)…
• Negative extraterrestrial energy, Negative ET’s & frequencies…
• Dark force energies, entities, ghosts, spirit attachments, and frequencies…
• Negative emotional and mental energy including confusion or chaos in mass consciousness…
• Negative man-made frequencies…

Earth spirits and tree spirits, are they benevolent?

What can ghosts or entities do to you?

How do you do you remove spirit attachments?


Also mentioned in the Video:

Archangel Oracle Cards for Empaths

VIP Spiritual Cleansing Healing Sessions (held weekly)

DIY Spiritual Cleansing Healing Package


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Spirit Attachments

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