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Decluttering Your Life – How Do You Do It In A Way That Makes Your Life More Joyful?


I love this new show on Netflix called, “Tidying Up” with Maria Kondo because teaches us how to spark joy in our life through a Japanese decluttering process that’s surprisingly simple.

You probably can relate to the feeling when your home becomes overburdened with too much clutter.  I definitely can!

For me, it feels like I can’t breathe or I feel burdened by a sense of restriction because there are too many things that I see in my space that I no longer use very much.

What I love about what Marie teaches with decluttering your life is that it’s not about what you get rid of as much as it is about what you keep that sparks joy for you.

Marie says to only keep items that give your body a “ching” or surge of energy that feels like joy.

Here’s a preview of the hit Netflix show…


Marie seems to absolutely adore messes as she brings more awareness to the homeowners of how to bring more peace and joy in their life by guiding them to keep a vision in their mind of what they want their life to look like moving forward.

Marie Kondo says that holding a clear vision for what they want their home and future like to look like will help them move through the process of tidying up more easily.

Here’s a video clip of Marie organizing a junk drawer…



In the Netflix series, “Tidying Up”… it’s amazing how much you can see the homeowners are more in touch with their “authentic selves” after going through the process.  It’s as if a huge weight has been lifted off their shoulders and they have a lighter feeling that enables them to move forward in areas of their life where they previously felt stuck.

When we change our physical space by only keeping the items that “spark joy” we make room for our higher-selves to guide us more easily towards living our soul’s purpose here on earth.


I just made more trips to drop off items at the thrift store after asking myself, “Do I want to sell these or keep them as treasures?”

If my answer is no, then they go in the trunk of my car to be dropped off at St. Vinnies or Goodwill.

Ahhh… off to another home they go who can see them as a blessing.

I know for me when I’m not looking at old projects lying around or items that don’t have a purpose in my life any longer… I feel more open to the pure potential of goodness, abundance, new creative ideas, love, peace, and joy.

What areas of your life do you feel stuck?

What areas of your home would you like to tidy up the most?


I’d love to hear from you in the comments below… what you have to share just might help someone else.

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