Empathetic vs Sympathetic – Are You An Empathic Psychic? VIDEO

Empathetic vs Sympathetic – In What Ways Are You An Empathic Psychic?

I think you’ll agree with me when I tell you… that being empathic isn’t always a walk in the park.  There can be some pretty treacherous pitfalls to it such as feeling the despair of humanity or sadness from the world at large.

Do you feel like you absorb negative energy from the world sometimes and you can’t tell whether you are feeling other people’s pain or your own?

If so, you’re going to love this video…

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“Hi everybody, this video is on empathetic versus sympathetic. Are you an empathic psychic?

It’s two days before Christmas and I just want to say Merry Christmas. Love you. Hope you are doing so good this holiday season.

Thanks for tuning in. I’m also going to go over some different aspects of being empathic… Empathic versus compassion because when you’re sensitive you have different parts of yourself that are even during the holidays that are so can get bombarded because of the energy of the earth and the energy of so many things going on here and I definitely go through that, especially during the holidays and I think you’ll agree with me when I tell you that being empathic isn’t always a walk in the park.

There can be some pretty treacherous pitfalls with it and there can be feelings of despair of humanity or the sadness from the world at large that you can take in when you were an empathic person.

I was born in very sensitive and very empathic as I’ve already talked about in videos before and if you watch my videos, you know that and a lot of my clients are very sensitive and pick up on other people’s emotions and absorb other people’s energy and so even the negative energy can feel bombarding at times and so do you ever feel like you absorb negative energy from the world sometimes and you can’t tell whether you’re feeling other people’s pain or your own, so if so, if you go through that, you’re in the right place.

Over the years I’ve been able to further enhance my empathic sensitivities at the same time of learning how to discharge the negative energy from other people and the world mass consciousness that I’m absorbing. In this video, I want to help you do the same if you would like.

Would you like to learn how to do that?

Or at least received some tips on how you can do that? So many of my clients I’ve talked to, one of the requests have been they don’t want to absorb the negativity from other people and they want to feel more peace and joy.


What does empathetic mean?

What does it mean?

An Empathic person

If you’re an empathic person…

I just want to make sure I cover this, an empathic person is someone who can share another person’s feelings.

If you tell an empathic person that your heart is broken, she might touch her own heart and gaze at you, Sadly with moist eyes. Empathetic is a recent term. This is according to the dictionary. I forget what website dictionary, but it comes from the word empathy. It comes from empathy, which was coined by German philosopher Rudolph Lotz in 1858.

Thoughts believe that when you look at a work of art, you project your own sensibilities onto it, so if you feel sad when you see a painting of a woman weeping over a dying lover, that’s because you can imagine what it’s like to lose someone. You love to make the word law to make the word lots turned to the ancient Greek empatheia, which means “passion.”

Empathetic, showing empathy, or reading comprehension of other states. So that’s the definition that’s been made over the word empathy, empathetic, being an empathic person.

So what does it mean to be overly empathetic energetically?

What happens when you’re overly empathetic?

What I’ve realized from years of being very sensitive and absorbing so much from the world and getting it is that when you can hold higher states of love and higher states of connection to your higher self, you stay in a more of an empowered state of being.

You are in a state of holding your energy higher with joy and peace versus dropping down into a pity state. Say something triggers you and you feel triggered with sadness all of a sudden because you watch something on the news or the media or someone in your family tells you something or you get your feelings hurt.

Wherever you feel that sadness in your body that energetically is a trigger of possibly old pain from this life or other lives other lifetimes, simultaneous lifetimes where your emotional body gets triggered with something that’s hurt, caused you pain in the past, but then it causes you.

When you feel pity for somebody, your energetic state, your energy level drops down to a lower vibrational level and when that happens you, it actually makes you more vulnerable to negative interference coming into your org field. You can picture we have an org field all the way around us and we can create that energy body, our energy field to be stronger or we can create it to weaken.

One of the ways that weakens is, is if we’re overly empathetic with say we dropped down into pity or remorse or guilt, those lower energy states that can actually create a vulnerability in our auric field, like an access point for negative energy or dark energy even to enter in and weaken us, and so then it’s even harder to raise our vibration higher and hold those higher states of love.

Now, when we’re going through times of healing such as after surgery or when something has been triggered, and those of you in the weekly VIP sessions, know, the weekly Vip Angel Healing Sessions, know this process, you know when you get triggered, when you next week during your healing session, you know the Archangels, Archangel Michael and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team.

Go in and clear up whatever’s been triggered across all time and space, and they clear up those access points so that you can’t be bombarded as easily by negative energy, that pain and that you can. It’s like a Sanskara… that’s a yogic term for energy scar that is healed and cleared for you in it at a deeper level.

Those of you in the VIP weekly healings and know that process. You know how powerful that processes and they do it for us every week during those healing sessions and especially as you write down your request to them of exactly what you want to be healed and during that process you are strengthened.

At the same time your aura field… there’s a stronger shield of protection placed around you by Archangel Michael and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team during your weekly sessions yesterday, I just recorded an audio.

I felt so drawn because so many people are very empathic and absorbing negativity of others and it’s channeled messages from Archangel Michael yesterday called, How Empathic Are You?  Archangel Michael Channeling & Meditation (Audio) Instant Download.

It ended up being 30 minutes and he takes us through a meditation to see how empathic you are and also, to hone in, enhance your psychic abilities even further.

But at the same time, I’m putting a shield of protection around you to protect you from the negativity of mass consciousness and other people’s energy. It’s a very powerful meditation slash channeling where he gives you tips and helps take you through a journey to strengthen your auric field and help you.

Archangel Michael brings in light codes for you… blueprints to enhance your psychic abilities, your connection to your higher self.

Because we’re in a time of earth where there’s a lot going on with mass consciousness. There’s a lot of, you see the news, it’s not getting any better, and how do you, how do you stay strong during that?

How do you keep your energy system at a higher vibrational rate, strengthen your auric field, get through all the traumas that even happened to us where we’re triggered with negative energy.

Something hurts our feelings or something feels like it’s just not nice. You know, things happen out there and people aren’t conscious and so you could go to the store, you could have a family member like say something and it just triggers you will.

That’s why I was drawn to create that and that’s why I continue to have the VIP healing sessions is because it helps my clients tremendously clear that out clear and heals on a multidimensional level to where across all time and space, negative energy and dark energy is cleared that might have access points to us.

We exist in many times at once and so that’s what Archangel Michael with the Seraphim Angel Healing Team are so good at helping us be stronger across all time and space, but because this reality that we live in right now affects all the others which were not conscious of maybe we have dreams about it though, and we can be in a stronger state as we go through these deep healings and healing happens in cycles.

When we live on this earth, there’s no way to get around being impacted. We might be triggered being empathic. We absorb the energy from the world because our sensitivities are heightened. It’s like you can picture your org field, you have feelers out there and usually, people that are empathic might have had trauma in their childhood so you can.

You have like these sensitive feelers…

You’re like feeling the world and you’re taking it in through these feelers at all times, but you can. You can strengthen the shield around you at the same time, have also connecting to your higher self and that’s what the audio channeling that I did with Archangel Michael yesterday How Empathic Are You?  Archangel Michael Channeling & Meditation (Audio) Instant Download goes through…

It strengthens the connection to your higher self so that your higher self can come in and dissipate the fear and the doubt and the clear, the fear and the doubt and the old traumas so that your connection to your higher self can help strengthen you as well.

Because that connection to your higher self is vitally important. As time moves on and more stuff happened on earth because you’re going to want it to have that connection very strongly every single day to know what’s best for you, to know whether you should turn right or left or what path you should take.

It’s not because on earth when there’s so much confusion and doubt and you can’t think clearly because you’re absorbing negativity. I’ve seen people over and over make one mistake after the next so-called mistake, but then they ended up getting likea really huge health crisis, like cancer and then dying.

I’ve had people close to me that happened to them, but the cancer was caused by environmental toxins that they breathe it in and they could have prevented it. There’s so much that can happen to us here.

So that connection to your higher self while at the same time of being empathic, that connection to your higher self will help dispel the fear so that your strength comes from that deep place within and you know the truth, you know, which way to go, you know, because of how you feel.

And it will be easier and easier to let go of other people’s wishes for you or other people’s energetic cordings. You don’t have to be pulled around by the world. You don’t have to think, you don’t have to do it on your own without your higher self.

Because it’s almost like when you try to do it on your own without your higher self’s guidance, that is when there are more regrets that happen because that’s the ego part of us thinking, we can do it with our three d self and we don’t need higher advice.

If there’s higher advice and strength because your higher self sees everything happening down here at sees all your moves every day, what’s best for you in your future? It’s routed.

Your higher self has routed out your pathway, so by negating that you are more disconnected. You don’t feel peaceful, you feel the negative bombarded by the negative energy of others and you feel despair and more sadness, so connecting to your higher self, you feel peace.

Abundance can come easier when you listen and sure you can go through trial and error process. As an empathic person, you still need to test things out.

Your higher self isn’t just going to tell you, okay, play these numbers and you’re going to win the lottery… Usually not! Doesn’t work like that because that’s usually not the lessons that your higher self wants you to learn your higher self.

Once you to develop that strength, your higher self wants you to know and decipher within yourself which is why going a certain way works for you as an empathic person. Why making certain choices will work for you because you’ve learned about your 3D body, your physical body, how your brain works, how your mind works along with your higher self guidance.

You’ve learned how to decipher when you try to overtake and turn the ship your own way. The ship might turnover, it might be too fast, but you’re using your higher selves guidance.

The ship can be like gently, slowly, directly guided to find the abundant island, the blessings, the miracle island, the place, the land that you are looking for, those things in life that you want to manifest your dreams. I just want to make sure I cover everything here, so empathic, psychic. I wanted to talk about that intuition.


Empathic Psychic

When you’re empathic psychic abilities are honed, your intuition is enhanced and you can see smell, fear, feel, taste and hear and know things easier.

Talking about fear, when your psychic empathic abilities are honed, you can decipher what fear is your own and what fear is coming from others or mass consciousness, and you’re able to set that aside. That’s part of your development of developing your psychic empathic abilities.

When you’re psychic, empathic abilities are honed and that’s what Archangel Michael takes you through in the audio channeling that was created where he guides you through a meditation. He helps you hone that even further and connect to a fine-tuning your psychic awareness sensitivities enough to where you can keep out the negativity, at the same time know what’s best for you.

I just want you to have a good life. I do. I want everyone on earth to have an amazing life and just have all your dreams come true, but there are so many pitfalls here.

When you’re in human existence when you are born incarnate and there’s no getting around that there is negativity. There’s dark energy.

There’s, it’s like trying to find your way through this maze and it’s full of challenges and tests and you know, will you make it through to find your door out of the dense amaze and into more of your enlightenment, into more of your higher selves, connection into your awareness.

You’re awakened state of being and if you want that for yourself, that’s what I want for you and that’s why I’m creating this video today.


Empathy and Compassion

If your heart goes out to someone or something because you can sense what they might be going through, but you can also hold higher states of being and take action from compassion versus indifference. That is empathy and compassion combined.

You know those people in your life. You can think back of the people that just seemed like maybe a doctor you’ve seen or healthcare providers or anyone where they just don’t have that compassion. It’s like you don’t expect them to drop down to a sad state, but you want people to have compassion for what you’re going through. That means they understand versus walking into say a doctor’s office and they’re just indifferent and you can tell like they have no feelings.

They just are cutoff almost emotionally and just that indifferent state. You know you don’t like that. You don’t fully trust that person when they’re in an indifferent state.

So having empathy and compassion helps you do what you came here to earth to do, but still hold those higher vibrational states so you can always be connected to your higher self and dispel negativity, but at the same time of having compassion for humanity, compassion, empathy and compassion for your loved ones and those that you care most about, that internal state of that empathy and compassion helps you tremendously because that energy you send out in a higher vibrational state comes back to you.

It comes back to a thousandfold comes your blessings, are able to reach you more versus if, if you’re just cut off emotionally and so many people are doing that, cutting themselves off with medication, alcohol, drugs. I’m numbing themselves in so many ways and it just that way has repercussions and there are negative repercussions from doing it that way.

There are ways of reaching a higher enlightened state that is healthy and strong in your auric field instead of weakening your auric field. Like all the other numbing techniques usually weaken you and they make you more vulnerable.

Merry Christmas, I’m going to say that again from my heart to yours and then I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

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Empathetic vs Sympathetic


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