Your Archangel Michael Number (And Signs He’s With You) Video

What Is Your Archangel Michael Number?

I think you’ll agree with me when I tell you that it’s not always easy to decipher what messages the angels are trying to tell you and what they mean…

I know it’s not for me sometimes…it’s taken me so long to learn how to interpret the angel messages that get delivered to me.  In last week’s blog called, 9 Powerful Archangel Prayers for Healing…In that post and video, I spoke about how I needed to say a prayer in an emergency situation when I needed help super fast…

Those were the years when I was raising my son as a single mom. Even though he saw his dad every week.

I mean I felt like I was alone because my family really wasn’t there all that much for any assistance really. So, over time I had to figure out more and more what the signs were that the angels were trying to tell me and what the triple-digit numbers I’d see even on license plates.  I was deciphering the message the angels were trying to tell me as I was raising my son so I could raise him in the best way I possibly could.

In this blog post and video, I’ll be asking Archangel Michael questions in channeling the answers for you so you can find out what your Archangel Michael number is and what signs occur when he’s near you.

When I say question, I’m going to ask Archangel Michael a question and then when I say the word, “answer”, I’m going to channel the answer directly from Archangel Michael, so it’ll be his words that I bring through after I say the word, ‘answer’.


Archangel Michael Message…



Archangel Michael, what main message do you have for us today regarding finding out our Archangel Michael number and signs that you are with us?


“Greetings, beloved, seekers of truth…

When I am near you, you will feel a presence that is loving and benevolent. You may sense my energy, surround you with a light of protection and love that will cause your energy system, your aura, your shoulders, and even your neck, your upper back to because you will feel the presence of in endearing, unconditional love, upliftment, encouragement.

Many of you want to know what signs you receive when I am near, and also what number is your Archangel Michael. Number, when I am near, you will feel also a gratitude within the center of your being. You will feel a presence that is ever so loving, ever so encouraging for you to understand how difficult it is to live in a human incarnated form.

Many of you are going through much emotional turmoil at this time. You are feeling the stress and the anxiety of the world chaos and we’re the world’s wars, the world’s political battles, and you may have family members suffering or you yourself may be going through some sort of pain.

We understand why you want to find out what your number is and what signs happen when we are near. When all of the archangels, your angels and guides are close by guiding you, asking you to look up at the sky and those moments when the cloud formation is formed in such a way that will be a symbol for you, a sign that is, but one example of how we try to get your attention to open up your mind and let go of the stress and worry for the moment.

In order to receive higher light and guidance from us. We ask you now to close your eyes for a moment. Picture yourself in your favorite place in nature. Breathing deeply now, letting go of worry and stress just beyond the distance. As you are gazing into the horizon, you see a number of forming in the clouds.

Feel sense and see what number you see. Very good. Let go of overthinking this. Know that that is my assigned to you. That is the number for you to know that I am near.

This could be one digit number two digit or three digits. You’ll know when I am bringing you higher light and love and guidance. When you see this number, it is also assigned from your higher self through the messages from me here today that more guidance is available for you, more angel messages if you would like to receive them in those moments, it would be good for you to take a pause from your day.

Take a break and allow yourself to relax and go into the state you’re in now and ask what messages are most important for you to be aware of? You may want to write those messages down if you have a digital device or a notebook nearby.”


Archangel Michael Meaning…



Archangel Michael, how do we know what our arch Angel Michael Number means and what the signs mean exactly when you’re near. How do we interpret those?


“Just as described when you begin in a relaxed state to interpret the messages that you’ve just seen, the number, the sign that I am near, you will begin to soften and you will begin to unfold more images and more a sense of higher will envelop you.

You may even want to take a nap or lay down for a little bit and then grab your notebook and begin channeling messages from me. I welcome this. I will help you in those moments, unfold those messages, those signs, and what it means, the number it may have to do with what you were going through at the time.

We look for opportunities when we can impart with your higher wisdom and sometimes there’s a delay in bringing through these signs and symbols for you. There’s a delay in you receiving them and that is okay. That is normal and is to be expected.

This is why it is advised to rest, unwind, let go for the time being and know that the messages are still there that we have sent you. It’s just a matter of you unfolding them, opening them up like a beautiful gift and seeing what gifts are inside for you to receive the messages from and writing down your questions to me and writing down the answers just as Kimberly is doing in this format.

You can also do the same thing and unfold what is the higher wisdom for you for the day. Maybe it’s a trauma or a hurt or a recent upset and we want to bring you messages regarding how you can get through that easier, higher light blessings for that area of your life. Wisdom regarding how you can interpret such events to be of benefit for you versus them, weighing on you and being a heavy burden to you. We are always looking to uplift and transform what feels like a weight on your shoulders, you see?”


Archangel Michael Represents…



How can we be sure what the signs represent for us personally?


“The interpretation of what you wish, how you wish things were versus the truth of what we are trying to impart with you may be two separate things, so when you, after you have meditated, after you have taken a rest or a nap or let go, taking a bubble bath, even let go of the stress of the day and then began asking us questions.

Asking us one question at a time you may want to write down, I wish things were like this, but they’re not. So what am I supposed to do? What am I to learn from this? Or realize?

And then from there, write down, bring through messages from me regarding what would be of most benefit for you at this time to know and through those channeled messages you bring through for yourself, you will see, feel and know within yourself more of the truth, the actual truth of what will set you the most free.

Usually, it is the bondage of the mind, the cloudedness and distorted energy of this current time you are living in. That impedes upon you seeing clearly knowing what the messages represent. So you may want to write down, at first, this is what you were hoping for, or this is how you wish the situation was, but you know it’s not so please show me the truth now and ask a specific question about that issue at hand.

Then when you begin channeling the message as opening up your gift, the package, you will be able to clearly decipher what the messages are, what they represent to you. One tiny message could be the very pearl that you need to unfold, the rest of the series of messages that we want to impart with you, so not to be hard on yourself when you feel like you are not getting the messages right.

Because remember, when you open up the clam your gift and you find one pearl that Pearl can contain within it, a plethora of pearls for you to unfold. One on locked message opened up will birth more and more and more because the truth shall set you free.  Remember, the truth shall open up other messages.”


Archangel Michael Signs and Angel Signs…



How do we know what angel signs are good and which ones are trying to warn us about something that we need to be more careful of?


“In the precise moment that you are receiving the sign or symbol or a number, you must be aware of how you were feeling in that moment, what has just preceded that moment? What worry or concern are you dealing with?

What feeling do you have in your gut area regarding that worry or concern or what you’re feeling because it is through the feeling sensation deep with inside your central column, the central core of you, your gut, that you will be able to decipher whether it is a warning of some sort…

After resting you may take your notebook out and open it up and ask, is this a warning specifically that I saw the sign in with the feeling and the imagery, the sensations sounds, the even old memories might come to the surface. You may write those down and ask, is this a warning about this? These events, yes or no, and decipher what is a yes or no feeling to you? You may use a pendulum for this as well.

Your body can lean forward for a yes and lean backward for a no. We can help you with that. Your higher self will assist in this area, and then if it’s not a warning, then what message wants to come through? What gifts do you see?

Write down the gift you see within that symbol that you saw and from that gift, you will unfold the messages for yourself. The more you do this, the more practiced you are at this, the better, the easier it will become.”


Michael’s Angel Wings…



Is it possible for us to see your Angel Wings, Archangel Michael, or to actually see you with our physical eyes at some point?


“Yes. Many of you have quite remarkable intuitive abilities. Some have more sentience. You feel me… Some have auditory gifts. You hear me, you can decipher tones and sounds and some have inner vision.

You can see symbols inside your mind’s eye, your third eye. You can unfold what those messages are through your visions, your third eye, your inner vision. This is part of your awakening as well.

These gifts are opening more and more for you at any time. If you want to open up these gifts, we invite you to meditate and ask that your inner vision be awakened. Your third eye be opened up to your higher guidance, the wisdom of love coming from the divine, for you awaken your ability to see and know the truth for yourself.

It is through you asking, that gives us permission to help you to enhance these gifts, to awaken them and activate them for you. It also takes your due diligence, your practice with unfolding them.

You may see out of the corner of your eye angel wings. When your eyes are open, you might see auric field colors. When your eyes are open or closed, all of these gifts can be enhanced and further awakened. There is no judgment from us as to how far you’ve awakened or open your gifts.

These are for you to utilize for your best judgment, for you, for you being a seeker of truth, to decipher what it is that you were here to do. What is in alignment with your soul? What is your soul’s purpose?

How are you here to serve and help humanity? How are you here to serve and help God the divine through your soul’s presence on earth?

That awakening will awaken your other gifts if you wish them to open, to be enhanced, to be activated. It is through your requests that give us permission.”


Archangel Michael Symbols…



What else would you like us to know about Archangel Michael symbols?


“It is through meditation that more answers will unfold for you. It is through quiet moments, away from mass consciousness. It is through writing, through art, through creativity, through spending time in nature that will assist your awakening process here on earth so you will know what symbols are important for you to pay attention to.

It would be wise for you to highlight or circle in your notebook the symbols coming to you, whether it be a feather or an Ankh symbol or a heart animal in the clouds, a rabbit, and write down at that moment what that message means to you.

Ask us, what is the truth of this? What are you trying to tell me through this rabbit that I just saw and you may be pleasantly surprised at the answers we bring you? It is through they asking that you’re awakening happens.

It is through the asking that you’re opening happens to this divine love, these higher activations that are always available for you.

You may also want to download the Archangel Michael Peace & Meditations (Audio Instant Download) that Kimberly has channeled from me through those meditations for more peace, are activations that I bring you through. Those audio downloads, those audio meditations that will activate and enhance your intuitive abilities through the second you’ve pressed play on any of those audios.

You will feel incensed me. I will be there, clearing the negativity, clearing the worry, bringing you peace… bringing you joy, but most importantly, bringing you higher activations for what you’re ready for at this time. It is ever so important at this time that you ask for these, that you partake in this.

If you are so called because the activations you receive are preparing you for what is to come there, restrengthening you. I bring you strength protection around your auric field, protection in your central column, strengthening light so that the negativity bounces off of you and so that you don’t absorb the negativity of others.

That is also very important in your awakening process so that you can see clearly decipher the signs and numbers, what they mean to you. I invite you to listen to those meditations because these activations you will receive are vitally important for you.

If you say yes for your further awakening process and evolution here on earth.”


Archangel Michael Color…



Archangel Michael, what color represents that you are near?


“Close Your eyes right now. Envision me in your third eye imagery, envision, picture, feel, or sense what color you see around me as the backdrop or all around the image that you are looking at me in your psychic centers, your higher awareness.

What is the first color that comes to mind? This is your chosen color for me. This is unique unto you, but this color you are seeing right now means I am near and I am here for you.

You may ask me a question now. You may ask for my assistance, what would you like my assistance with? Even if you don’t see this color and you need my help, you can picture me.

Picture the color you’re seeing now and asked me a question. I am here to serve you. I am here to serve all of humanity. At this time. We cannot emphasize enough how much it is in the asking that you shall receive.”


Archangel Michael Shield…



What is important for us to know about your shield, Archangel Michael?


“My shield is a sign and symbol for you to know that it is important for you to energetically protect yourself here on earth because of the energies. There are energies that are not for your highest and best good or do not have the best intent for humans.

This is why I’m often depicted in pictures battling these negative beings.  Now they have a place in the realm of beings… It is all part of God. Yet when those energies get to be too much, when they get to be over-populated, you can picture it like a population.

They feed off of the light of humans and they feed off of the chaos and the negativity. This is when a cleansing happens.  This is when a lifting up and out of these energies must partake at some time, some point in the future, but right now it is important for you to know that the earth is full of this heavier, darker energy.

At this time, there’s no judgment upon these energies because they are all part of the divine and God, they all have a place they are taken. We take them to where they need to go, their rightful place, which is not here.

They need to, but they are balancing. It is just like positive and negative energy both exist, but when too many negative energies are around, a certain person… they feed off of their light. It can drain a person. It can drain humans, and so this is why I am depicted with a shield.

You too can have a shield around you. You too can have this negativity. These energies cleared from in and around you. A good, simple, quick meditation that was created through me through Kimberly is The Golden Rose energy Clearing Audio Instant Download.

It is the Golden Rose energy Clearing with my activations… the audio download where I bring through an energy clearing for you to clear these negative energies. This is a quick to the point way that will give you some protection and shield you.

It is important for you to know that your light is very important on earth at this time. Your light is… And can be a pillar to the divine, bringing through higher light codes for the earth, bringing through strengthening energy for mother earth. This is part of your awakening process that we are assisting you with at this time.”


Guardian Angels and Archangel Michael Protection…



Archangel Michael, are you like a guardian angel to us because you guide and protect us?


“You know me as a guardian, I have many more functions than this as well on earth and in different dimensions, in realms with the divine assisting on many planes of existence, multidimensional levels of existence.

I assist on this is why it is important for you to know what happens on this energy plane of earth. You exist on effects. Everything else you can think of it as an ecosystem. It affects the other dimension, dimensional realities that exist.

I assist on all of those. I am a guardian.

I do protect and that is one of my abilities and gifts from God given to me to assist in the protection and strengthening the energy of humanity.

Again, you asking for my assistance is ever so important in order to strengthen your own energy field and withstand any storms. You may also listen to the Archangel Michael House Clearing and Blessing that was recorded as a way for me to have permission to come in and clear your home space and the energy around you so that it strengthens your home as well.

The light that you bring through from the divine and your prayers and allowing and listening to very high level blessed meditation activation such as these that have been created for you are a great gift to you and all of humanity at this time.

We cannot impart this enough because that light that you bring through that you give our permission to clear these energies for you to strengthen you, to strengthen your protection around your home and yourself and your family helps the entire ecosystem balance of what is happening here on earth.

You are bringing through very high Divine pillars of light that can run through you when you play these audios, when you pray… when you listen to these activations because you are giving your permission for our great assistance in a deeper way than your human mind can imagine.

We’re assisting on multidimensional planes of existence…

You allowing us to assist in this way helps you feel more energized daily. It helps you have a clearer mind. It helps you not feel so heavy and sad, not pick up on the sadness of the world too much so that you become out of balance.

It helps you stay in connection to the divine source of love that is always here for you.”


In Closing…



Archangel Michael, what would you like to say in closing?


“All of your requests are heard, your prayers for protection and safety and assistance we wish to say to you that you receiving the messages, the signs the symbols writing them down.

We will also be giving you guidance along with your higher self as to practical steps to take for self-care, practical steps to take to balance out these parts of yourself, practical guidance as to what you can do for yourself with your nutrition, with your food, with every day.

How can you strengthen your energy system, your energy body, your physical body, those tiny steps we say to you and for you to know the tiniest of changes… Smallest steps are the ones, the very steps that lead to the greatest change overall.

The smallest of changes, the micro movements, open up spheres of light (blessings) for you, so you may say, I wonder if playing this audio would work right now or this blessing or this instant download. We say to you, that is a tiny change that opens up a macrocosm of divine light and blessings for you.

The smallest of self-care improvements, your health, what you are ingesting can have the largest, the most impact of healthful living overall for your longevity, for your improved health, because one small decision you make today impacts your life multiplied by 365 days a year, multiplied by the number of years you have left here on earth.

Ask any shall receive. We’re with you. We love you infinitely, always, and forever.


Thank you, Archangel Michael, for all of those beautiful messages today.


You also might want to check out the blog post and video mentioned at the beginning… 9 Powerful Archangel Michael Prayers for Healing.


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