Positive Energy Secret #2 – How To Accomplish Your Dreams Without Beating Yourself Up…

Ever feel like you’ll never get there?…

Or do you wonder how others can do it, but you can’t?…

If so, you’ll love what’s shared in this video…

Your Archangel Message…

Message from Archangel Gabriel:  “When creative inspiration hits, take it as a sign that expanded soul purpose blueprints have been given to you by us and your soul. These blueprints hold within them a few to several options for you that could expand if you’d like them to. Try some of them on for size and see which ones feel better to you. You don’t need to act on them just yet. Be willing to ponder them for a while and even write down as many ideas in your notebook that come to you. Give yourself a week to years if needed to see if the idea still holds a “charge” of light for you that says, YES! If one does, then move forward with thoughtful footing and if need be ask others who have skills in areas you may not, to assist you. This helps balance out what can carry your soul blueprints forward. Also, ask me to energize for you the blueprints that feel the most vibrant to you. This is my specialty and it is an honor for us to bless them for you. We salute you on your earth journey. You are well on your way to your most joyous heart giving self. You are beaming.”

Here’s a question for you I’d love to hear your feedback on in the comments below.

  • What challenges or frustrations do you face when you’re trying to accomplish your dreams?
I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.

May peace within your heart prevail and may you light the way for yourself and others so all can find their way back home.

In Love & Grace,

PS Please send this to a friend if you feel they may benefit from it.  Thanks!  xoxo

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