Setting Boundaries With Others (Both Physically and Energetically)

How Do You Set Better Boundaries With Others?


Many of my clients have recently asked the question, “How can I set better boundaries with others?”  Most of my clients are sensitive souls who struggle with setting boundaries at times.

I definitely can relate, as I had to learn the hard way in my 20’s and 30’s about how to set healthy boundaries with others.  All too often in this 3D world, givers can be left feeling depleted by their “taker” friends and relatives.

Below are channeled messages from the Seraphim Angel Healing Team regarding setting healthy boundaries for yourself.  Enjoy…


Message from The Seraphim Angel Healing Team (and Archangels) regarding setting boundaries:

“When you notice yourself feeling a depletion of energy during or after interacting with others, this should be a signal that you may need a stronger shield of protection around you energetically.  This could also be an internal warning signal that others in your presence want more than you can give.

Often times the early warning signals are knocking on the door, way before the feeling of depletion sets in.  You may feel anxiety or resistance around a certain person and dread interacting with them beforehand.

Your anxiety can be a Divine messenger that whispers in your ear, “This is too much for you right now… set appropriate boundaries for yourself.”

Will you listen to the early warning signs before your energy gets too drained?

You may want to ask yourself, “In what ways can I set firm boundaries with this person or group of people?”

Meditating with your Empath Protection Portable USB Unit after you ask this question will help you receive clearer answers from your higher self.  The distortion energy is cleared from around you as soon as you turn your unit on.

Your Empath Protection Portable USB Unit is a Divine signaling device that enables us to see through the dimensions because it is a beacon of light that signals our frequency.  We then create a protected light portal (protected tunnel of light) to you and are able to clear the darker energies of distortion and confusion from your environment.

Playing the Archangel Michael House Clearing Audio also does the same thing we just described.  We mention this as a way to assist you further in times of need.

In order to set stronger boundaries with others, it is important to remember your own self-worth.

Asking yourself the question, “What boundaries do I need to set with others that will add to my self-worth and help me be more functional?”

The answer will usually be practical and simple in nature.  The more straightforward you are with yourself as to what you most need (in order to be functional) will show you where the line is.

You may also ask yourself, “What am I no longer willing to tolerate?  and… “What do I need to do instead?”

This will pinpoint for you the specific circumstance that needs stronger boundary setting.

If you fear how others will react or the repercussions of setting those boundaries, you may want to meditate further and play out different scenarios of exactly how you want to set the boundaries needed.  Seeing in your mind what you would prefer instead.

If there is still some residual fear left with regard how to set appropriate boundaries for yourself you may want to talk to a trusted friend or professionally trained counselor.  The situation may need a trustworthy outside perspective that can help you find alternative ways of dealing with the given person (if that situation feels unsafe in any way).

The Cutting Cords with Archangel Michael Audio will further assist you with releasing any energetic cords with others who drain you.

Your physical proximity to the person, whether it be in person or online will also need to be considered.  Often times placing more physical distance between the person so that your energy system can recuperate will be needed. 

This helps you have enough time and space to receive more clearing and healing so that their energy isn’t enmeshed into your auric field (and so darker energies can’t mess with you from any energetic cordings with them).

Your Divine connection and your inner healing matters to us.  We are working with those of you in the weekly Aura Cleansing Healing Sessions diligently with this (with your request). 

For those of you in the weekly Aura Cleansing Healing Sessions the more you set appropriate boundaries for yourself, the stronger you become. 

Each week your Divine connection strengthens as more layers of the darker seeds and fragments get removed.  The more triggers that happen during the week, as painful as they often are, the more clearing and healing happens for you.  

We know some weeks are more peaceful than others.  Often, it is the dark playing upon others that causes them to “act out” and say or do hurtful things.  

Keep in mind that you cannot control what others do or say, but you can clear and heal those darker seeds and fragments within yourself that get triggered by others.  This is a beautiful process of you realizing your Divine nature and pure light connection with your soul.

Allow Divine light and love to be with you in thought deed and action.  Lovingly speak your truth.  Setting firm boundaries with others IS, IN FACT, loving yourself and others because you are clearing and healing the old, outworn unhealthy patterns as you do.

We love you infinitely, always and forever.


Your Archangel Message…

Message from Archangel Michael:

“Behold a newly created Divine Day has arrived for you. What are you wishing you had more of? Picture this now and visualize this wrapped in my light. Feel, sense or see this area of your life transforming into something even better. What does that look like and feel like now? Let the blessings continue to unfold for you inside of God’s Grace. For it is in God’s Grace that all that was thought impossible is made whole and real. Go forth into the eternity of your life and pronounce all that you love to the world and amongst your circle of friends. The ones that are for what you love will be reaching and sustaining new heights with you. Celebrate your love shining forth in all the glory hours of your day.”

Here’s a question for you I’d love to hear your feedback on in the comments below.

  1.  In what ways are you led to set healthy boundaries for yourself?

I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.

May peace within your heart prevail and may you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.

In Love & Grace,

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