What Are You Doing That Tends To Put You In A Bad Mood? (Facebook Video)

Think about the last time you were in a bad mood.

What happened?

What were you doing that got you there?

For me, it was watching a too violet superhero show.  Yikes!

Jer and I got sucked in.  We kept watching episode after episode until we both were in such a bad mood that night and the next morning.

We realized that watching that show was not the best thing for us to do.  It didn’t affect our psyche or mental state of well-being very well… so we stopped mid-series.

Oh, how we appreciate our peaceful state of being.


Here’s what the Seraphim Angel Healing Team and Archangel Michael have to say about what happens when something tips you over into a bad mood funk…

“Some shows, places and even certain people hold frequencies of mass consciousness that is in tremendous amounts of pain.  As a sensitive soul on earth, it will be more vitally important to notice what causes you to feel “out of sorts” or a bit off.

When your mood shifts suddenly or even gradually… most often there are certain frequencies that are penetrating and triggering old traumas, thought forms and programming within you that makes you feel “not so well”.

This is why we had Kimberly bring through the Archangel Crystal Light frequency devices.  By turning one of them on after you notice your mood has shifted, we are then able to help clear those darker frequencies for you (upon request). 

Your Archangel Crystal Light Portable (or Mini) unit allows us to see what’s happening within your auric field and chakra system more clearly, in order to heal those areas that have been triggered.

During the weekly Angel Aura Cleansing Healing sessions, we are able to bring in deeper layers of healing for you through the protected light portal of the Archangel Crystal Lights.  Which has a lot more energy current flowing during those weekly healing sessions so the healings will be more effective. 

We are so pleased with the progress of the weekly healing VIP members.  You all have done such a beautiful job with allowing these old layers to come to the surface that you are ready to heal. 

As more of these darker frequencies, layers get cleared and healed for you the more clarity you gain and stronger you feel each week.

The support you receive during the weekly healing sessions by us goes way beyond one night of healing per week.  We are in continuous communication with your higher self as to what you most need that we can assist you with energetically, all throughout the week. 

You receive overnight healings each night of the week as well as needed and are ready for them.  The most noticeable loving healing energy can be felt during your actual weekly healing time without question.

The darker frequencies Kimberly and Jer picked up on during that show they watched was one that caused them to feel sick to their stomach some of the time.  This was because their auric field and energy system was receiving darker frequencies that caused disturbances to their thinking and well being for a short period of time (during and right after watching the show).

As they slept and also did a healing session the next day we removed old traumas and darker fragments that had been triggered.  Once those darker fragments were removed their clear thinking was intact and returned to normal again.  They were able to feel grounded and fully functional after these removals were carefully performed by us with soothing healing frequencies that accompanied.

This can and does happen quite often to most humans on earth, not just sensitive ones.  The horrible behavior of humans who harm others can usually be traced back to not only darker frequencies that have triggered that person. 

Usually darker energies around that human… even placing suggestions into them that penetrate their thinking usually through old traumas and darker implants in their auric field and energy bodies.  

This gives you a brief synopsis or overview (in simplified form) where violent acts that harm hundreds of innocent bystanders could possibly stem from.

You can liken this to programmed, darker frequency structures that can go off or are triggered within humans causing them to act and behave in almost robotic-like chaotic, sometimes violent extremes.  Think about the recent shootings you have heard about in the news.

It’s important to understand that we cannot remove all darker frequencies, fragment or implants all at once.  Usually, it takes some sort of small emotional trigger in order for a darker seed or fragment to grow… like a tiny root on a plant in order for us to be able to pull it out or remove it fully for you.

This is why those who are in the weekly Aura Cleansing Angel Healing Sessions who also own an Archangel Crystal Light Portable or Mini Unit have received the greatest healing benefits out of all Kimberly’s clients due to how many layers, darker seeds, fragments they have allowed to come up to the surface for us to clear and heal for them.  

It can be taken as a good sign when one gets emotional triggers or feels overly emotional.  This means there usually are some distortion frequencies or fragments that can be cleared for you with additional healing frequencies of soothing energy brought in for you simultaneously by us.

Those who have been in the weekly Angel healing sessions for close to a year or over a year now have made enormous progress with being able to identify what areas they get triggered into a bad mood in so they can receive healing with those old traumas during their weekly healing treatments.  

What used to hold them back a year ago no longer does (for the most part) and they can see much more light at the end of the tunnel (so-to-speak).  This progress is huge for the weekly Angel healing recipients because they feel within themselves just how far they’ve arrived in their soul’s journey on earth (more in 1 years time than they were able to make in 10 for some).  

It will be key for you to begin to identify what activities, thoughts, people or places cause your mood to shift.  From here you’ll want to note how long you remain in a lower frequency state. 

Jotting this down helps you begin to identify the energy culprit times, places or people that tend to trigger your frequency state to lower.  Your inner awareness of this will help you become more attuned to what’s dragging you down in your environment and what’s helping you hold those higher states of peace, love, joy and abundance feelings.

We love you infinitely, always and forever,


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Your Archangel Message…

Message from Archangel Metatron: “There once was a time when those on earth needed to stay together for survival. Some still choose this alignment as a couple. When your consciousness has been elevated to be able to see, feel and sense many quantum realities at once, survival becomes a matter of choice rather than circumstance. What limits those that cannot see or sense multi platinum options here is their connection to the Creator, which is where their true power source is never ending, always beginning and never runs out of options, ideas, resources, time and income. When one forsakes the journey of their soul for a physical scarcity role model they have forgotten the bigger picture completely. Where is the missing link? It is not within lacking resources or a misguided connection of where those resources actually come from. The empowered soul realizes their resources come from harmonious alignment to all that is and all that ever was. You see, the Creator’s Love for you is never ending and ever beginning, it always was and will be. Once this is tapped into for good, the scarcity of resources mindset disappears. We align you today and harmonize your energy system with Creation, with God, with the Divine. All the shackles are falling away now and you are remembering the truth of your infinite supply.”

Here’s a question for you I’d love to hear your feedback on in the comments below.

  1.  What puts you in a bad mood?  In what ways can you begin to change the patterning of what you do in order to remove yourself from the bad mood culprit in the first place?

I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.

May peace within your heart prevail and may you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.

In Love & Grace,