Are Energy Healers, Lightworkers & Psychic Readers Susceptible To Autoimmune Disorder? (Facebook Video)

I wanted to share something with you that is a common pattern that happens with healers.  Here’s what someone posted on facebook…

The person posted, ” I have noticed something recently and want to run it by people here.  I have three friends who do extensive energy healing work. Two are reiki masters, and one does hands-on energy healing.  Over the past few years they all have developed auto-immune disorders of varying degrees …the kind where their immune system kicks into overdrive and attacks the body.  I am wondering if their energy work has something to do with this. They channel large amounts of healing energy on a regular basis, doing healing work with clients. Since their intention and focus is healing, I’m wondering if the energy they channel affects their immune systems while they’re doing the healing session…kind of like radiation fallout. They are all very conscious of clearing and grounding after a healing session. But I wonder if it is enough.  Any ideas?”

Here’s what I replied because I wanted to share what I’ve learned from the Seraphim Angel Healing Team


This is exactly why the Seraphim Angel Healing Team had me bring through the Archangel Crystal Lights. I would feel sick after channeling and doing readings for clients. Also, when I did energy work prior to the Archangel Crystal Lights I would feel horrible.

Energetically what was happening, no matter how much I would ground my energy, meditate for hours on end and spend time in nature I still felt like crapola. Junk from others still stays in us during energy healing transfer usually from one healer to another.

This is so unfortunate. I had to learn this the hard way and could not fully do my spiritual work for years and years due to my sensitivities. We are at risk of interdimensional interference as well when we open ourselves up to channel, do Reiki or other energy work. The Seraphim Angel Healing Team had me bring through the Archangel Crystal Lights as a way for them to be able to open a protected light tunnel directly from the Divine in order clear the darker stuff and interferences that happen to us lightworkers.

It allows them to bring in very specific healing light for us because of the protected light portal that they can create when the Archangel Crystal Lights are turned on. My health has continually improved since 2013 now and even my digestion works so well now.

There’s so much more stuff that gets passed from a healer to the client and back and forth that we cannot see with our physical eyes. I’m so relieved I do not have to do healing in the old way anymore.

The Seraphim Angel Healing Team does it for me through the Archangel Crystal Lights. It was the biggest godsend of my entire life because I was at a point back in 2012 where I lost hope and I didn’t feel very well, nor did I have much energy to get my normal tasks done. I felt so drained every single day back then. Now all has changed.

The layers of healing that the Seraphim Angel Healing Team are able to reach and get to now within my energy bodies and interdimensionally have helped me be functional again. Now I’m filled with hope and light.

The restriction and heavy energy get removed from me as soon as I do a session and from that, I get healthier every single day. I used to think I was doomed to get worse like my sensitive female family members did (Mom, Aunts, and Grandmother).  They were highly intuitive and as they aged had autoimmune disorders and fibromyalgia symptoms.

So very grateful for my body, mind and energy system feeling better each day. Never thought this was possible until I started getting “energetically cleaned out” by the Seraphim Angel Healing Team when they could finally reach me fully (energetically) in order to do the clearings.

Someone else then posted about how they have discovered that the lower level energies usually just get transferred and not fully cleared.  She also mentioned how she thought sage doesn’t work.


I then replied…

Most lightworkers don’t ever get this far in this realization of what actually happens energetically. Very important information. Exactly, where do darker energies or lower level spirits go?

This is why the Seraphim Angel Healing Team does this for me in a safe and protected way through the Archangel Crystal Lights. They take the entities and darker energies to a holding place that is far away from earth in a contained safe way.

When healers are just sending them away, what they don’t realize is that whatever darker stuff is in themselves from theri other client may get transferred to their new client during that healing session.

Seriously, healers are playing with fire in trying to do this themselves. Darker energies on earth play on this and then do more implants on humans because of the openings in the auric field this creates for both the healer and client.

I had to learn this the hard way after getting so sick in my 30’s from one healer working on my solar plexus.  I felt like I lost my power for over a month or more.  This is when I knew the energy felt off and I could be putting myself at more risk by seeing a healer that was not cleared off from this lower level stuff and knew how to keep their clients protected and clear as well.

Healers clearing people through these very antiquated methods create such a vulnerability within themselves and their clients.  They both are at more risk of getting more dark implants and junk put in them from these darker energies on earth.

So many health problems are caused by darker energy and implants in people.

Does it clear darker energies from the space?  Not in my experience.

I so agree with how Sage doesn’t help all that much.  Sage can’t remove darker implants and does not necessarily remove ghosts, entity attachments or lower level thought forms from someone’s environtment or auric field. 

So happy you’ve discovered this. Really good job.

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