Divine Timing. YOUR Life Matters. THIS Divine Orchestration is Happening… Angel Guidance + Frequency + Spiritual Awakening (Top Weekly Facebook & Instagram Posts)

The following posts, videos, and photos are from this week’s top spiritual awakening, frequency and angel guidance that I posted on Facebook and Instagram.

As you read and view each one, see what messages mean the most to you and let me know in the comments below.

You are loved unconditionally by the Angels and Archangels.

Enjoy receiving mega doses of love while you read and watch the video clips.

Ahhhh, rolling out muscles helps align the ligaments, joints, and bones. Better body alignment = being able to hear the Angels more clearly. What helps you with your body alignment?
May your day be full of blessings from the Divine and may your heart be filled with love.

Hope can be found in nature as we calm the mind and become one with the Divine. What are your favorite nature locations?
May your day be full of heartfelt love.
My yummy basil plants. So appreciative I’m able to deliciously enjoy fresh basil with my free range veggie omelet in the mornings.
Sunflower microgreens. Love these little treasures in my fresh salad.

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Row of organic baby spinach in one of my 6′ x 4′ raised garden beds.
Organic cilantro, cucumber, and sage in my other raised garden.
Now the Zucchini is really taking off. Will actually get to eat it with our salad when my son visits us soon here in Oregon.

When I have visitations with the higher beings of light each week they tell me that my energy bodies and auric field will continue to increase in sensitivity, yet the protective shield around me will keep getting stronger.

It is such a trip each day because I feel so much with other people’s energy when someone comes close to me or I see others online or on tv.

The higher beings of light said I’m walking around in a physical 3D body, yet my ethereal body extends directly upward, past my physical presence and is connected to the Divine directly due to being who I am as a Seraphim Angel on the other side. Like a lightning rod from Source light is what my light has been designed to be here.

This is both challenging and freeing for me. I don’t function or think like others who are more 3D based. I don’t really see the world from a 3D perspective, from this world’s viewpoints.

They said those with near-death experiences might have something similar with their etheric body extending past their physical body.

They said I was created to not be very 3D by nature and how I function needed to be more etheric due to my mission here. The 3D filters of how the brain functions needed to see past the veil of illusions.

No wonder why I had to go through so many hardships early on. The grief was horrible for me for so many years. I was told I needed to go through all I did earlier in life to relate to others and to what’s happening on earth at this time with the darkness thinking it is prevailing… that before I came here I knew the grief would be unbearable at times.

As my awakening continues I’m strengthened by the fact I know I only have a certain number of years left before it is time to go back home.

Letting go of 3D forms and structures are not easy for many humans. It is what feels safe and familiar to them.

As time continues on before it is time for departure there will be much more letting go for many. In the letting go of what used to be familiar in a 3D sense will be a very bright light waiting for those who reach for Divine light and ask for assistance.

There will not need to be a physical death for many when this Divine timing occurs. Many have already said yes to this on the inner planes of existence. An ascension will occur for many.

What feels so scary to let go of can be a beautiful transformational process of awakening… unlike any other physical incarnated experience one has ever had.

This is an unprecedented time on earth. With each horrific thing that happens, know this: the Angels and higher beings of light are right there bringing Divine light and healing (reaching through the veil) with those that are ready.

Miraculous happenings are occurring everywhere. There’s nothing that’s impossible if it’s aligned with Divine Will and one’s soul’s purpose by Divine design.

What seems too hard to get through can be realized through Divine Grace. When all is said and done the experience beyond the veil, into the Divine’s hands will prove to be the most awe-inspiring journey one has ever taken.

As the fear, resentment, and hurt are transformed… freedom’s grace-ride awaits.

Here’s a question for you I’d love to hear your feedback on in the comments below.


  1.  What touched your heart the most?

I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.

May peace within your heart prevail and may you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.

In Love & Grace,