Does Kimberly do in person healing session?

Messages I channeled from the Seraphim Angel Healing today regarding the question asked, “Does Kimberly do in-person healing sessions?” to my assistant (it’s been quite the evolution of higher awareness of exactly how the healings work since owning my healing center in Sedona in 2014)…


Kimberly only provides sessions the way she does in the 3 options listed below because…





The Archangel Crystal Light healing sessions we provide through the blessed frequency signaling device (Archangel Crystal Lights) Kimberly has brought through on a 3D level (running in her location) are designed to assist clients in the safe and comfortable environment of their own homes.


As a healing is requested through this website (, we bring healing to client’s  through a protected Divine healing light portal.  This healing light portal is opened up from a Divine Source Light Frequency Signal we have created through the Archangel Crystal Light signaling device.


When this Divine portal of healing light is opened up inside of client’s living space through our frequency signal, it also assists their home to receive higher Divine light so that it contains within it more love, peace, joy and abundance blessings that will continue to benefit them, their loved ones and Mother Earth herself.


This ensures that clients do not have to drive after they receive a healing session because of the delicacy of the healings performed within their 3D and ethereal bodies for their overall well-being.


When Kimberly owned her healing center in Sedona we noticed her clients would have benefited from another 60 minutes of resting time after their healing session with an added 24 hours of surrounding themselves with only positive energy and people.


Instead, they were often bombarded with the negative energy of driving in traffic and the negative environments or people they encountered afterward.


Resting after a healing session (for as long as needed) is able to fully take place for clients receiving their healing session from the comfort of their own homes.  Along with not having to deal with any disruptive energy around them during the first 24 hours after their healing session was much more beneficial for the client to receive the full positive effects of their in-depth healing.


This is for the protective benefit of both Kimberly and her clients because Kimberly is a Divine conduit of light during her client’s healing sessions and we want her energy to be just as protected.


The higher order of protection is to assist clients before, during, and after their healing session so they receive the deeper benefits from the healing they are wanting to experience.


The healings are of a higher order of light and love, which involves a protective Divine light portal to be opened up and also close in a protective manner as the healing is complete.


We do much preparation work before Kimberly’s clients receive their healing session and afterward to ensure that this Divine higher light of protection is securely in place.


This is easy for us to do on our part, however, it takes some 3D preparation work on behalf of the client to ensure that they receive their sessions when they have time to rest afterwards and can either have a frequency signal running (Archangel Crystal Light Portable Unit) or the Archangel Michael House Clearing Audio playing before and after their session.  This assists in their 3D and ethereal body completing the healing process without the negative energy of the outside world bombarding or impeding upon the depth and intricacy of the healing session they just received from us.


Most all clients feel the blessed higher light of healing happening right away by us.  We ensure that the Divine healing is noticeable for them so they feel the goodness of all that is occurring for their overall well-being.  All of the healings are performed in alignment to what their soul-purpose and life mission is here on earth. It is the most beautiful of experiences to receive as a 3D being of light.