This is for you if you:

  • Have any of the symptoms listed above
  • Want your business to be making 2x as much income or more
  • Want your home & property to have a Divine Creativity Blueprint for your business
  • Want your home & property to have a Success & Prosperty Blueprint for your business
  • Are launching a new product or service and want it to be blessed by all of the Archangels


This is not for you if you:



Clear.  Bless.  Empower.  Weekly.  Monthly (or as often as needed).

For Your Home, Your Business, Your Projects, Your Creations, Your Property & Your Ideas.


Do you have any of the following distractions while you are working from home?

  1. Trouble focusing
  2. Feel drained or tired easily
  3. Find yourself procrastinating
  4. Make unnecessary phone calls
  5. Prioritizing is challenging sometimes
  6. Feel like you are pulled in 10 different directions at one time


These are the symptoms of a home not being clear of other people’s thought forms, chaotic energy & mass consciousness frequencies.


What does this actually do?

1. Archangel Michael and his team clear your home of all lower energies that are getting in the way of your business flourishing with success, prosperity & abundance.

2. Archangel Metatron and his team bring in Divine Sacred Geometry coding for your Home, Your Business, Your Projects, Your Creations, Your Property & Your Ideas that anchors in and holds:


  • Divine Prosperity
  • Divine Protection
  • Divine Joy
  • Divine Health
  • Divine Creativity
  • Divine Success
  • Divine Abundance
  • Divine Longevity
  • All of the Divine Treasures Waiting to Reach You 


  • Archangel Energetic Spiritual and physical support with all areas of your life, health and clarity
  • Raises the vibration of your home and property with Archangel frequencies
  • Draws in abundance, wealth, joy, happiness, prosperity, and success
  • Archangel Metatron & Archangel Michael strengthening of the protectio
  • Home Smudging Prayers with Archangel Michael
  • Archangel Metatron’s high vibrational Divine sacred geometry for manifestation
  • Archangel Metatron’s sacred geometic coding for electrical protection

Archangel Michael House Clearing & Blessing for Work at Home Business Owner

Worth over $1008 for an entire year of monthly house clearings (if played once a month)


Name of person this is for…


1. Purchase to start your Archangel House Clearing & Blessing now .

2. Download & play the Empowered Archangel Michael & Metatron House Clearing & Blessing .mp3 from the thank you page to receive your full house clearing & blessing.   

  • Your home and property clearing will begin the moment you purchase, through overnight, completing itself by morning.
  • By playing this empowered prayers, you are able to clear your home & property over and over again, as often as needed.
  • Archangel Michael & Metatron delegate as many clearing & abundance angels as needed each time this blessed audio is played and you say your name at the beginning of the prayer.


Bonus Gift #1 – 1 month of Archangel Continuous Positive Energy

Bonus Gift #2 – Empowered Archangel & Lakshmi Prosperity, Abundance & Divine Treasures Blessing included for Your Home, Your Business, Your Projects, Your Creations, Your Property & Your Ideas.

Removing of Obstacles that stand in the way of you receiving all the goodness, success, wealth & prosperity the Divine has waiting for you



  • Negative extraterrestrial energy & frequencies
  • Dark force energies, entities, and frequencies
  • Astral entities
  • Imprinted energy of others in the house or on the property, past or present
  • Cordings
  • Negative or dysfunctional programming, patterns, and belief systems from mass consciousness or dark force
  • Pain, stress, abuse, distortion and trauma energy
  • Imprinted past life time impressions in the Earth of the property and area
  • Illness, sickness, inflammation, and disease energy
  • Negative emotional and mental energy including confusion or chaos
  • Negative man made frequencies
  • Any vehicles associated with the property will also be includedstacles that stand in the way of you manifesting all the love, goodness success & wealth the Divine has waiting for you ..