I believe in a world where sensitive empathic souls have way less fear and feel more calm and connected.

Hello, Sweet Soul… I’m Kimberly Dawn.  I help sensitive souls have more support with loving themselves, finding their true love (twin flame or soulmate) & finding their purpose even though they might fear failure, moving forward or what other’s think.

I’ve been an Empath and conduit of Divine light for the Angels all of my life (I’m 45 now). I met my twin flame when I was 43. On a higher level, I am a Seraphim Angel who volunteered to assist the Earth from a distant future time in 3D form incarnate, to bring love, mentoring and Angel messages to tender, empathic souls raising their hand for more help. (If you are ethereally connected you will deeply feel these words to be true).    

I’m the author of the book, “365 Days of Archangel Messages” and the inventor of the Archangel Crystal Light (Empath Protection) Portable Unit (a blessed crystal electronic light that helps my clients have calm, clear thinking so they can live a life that’s purposeful each day).


You are

  • An Angel-lover
  • An empathic, sensitive soul
  • Intuitive
  • Kind
  • Generous
  • Good hearted
  • A giver
  • Deeply spiritual


What I absolutely love and cherish from the bottom of my heart…

  • My twin flame fiance Jer, my son, Shiloh and my kitty Olive.
  • Receiving healing sessions daily from the Angels (through the Archangel Crystal Lights) so the fear releases, I become calmer and can hear messages from my higher self clearly.  (I love hearing Divine messages from the Angels, you could say I’m a bit addicted to it).
  • Knowing how much my clients are being helped by the Seraphim Angel Healing Team each week in the weekly Release Fear Angel Healing Sessions.
  • A simple uncomplicated life with my twin flame.  (We absolutely love our peaceful home and spending time together each day).
  • Oh, and as healthy as I try to eat, I still LOVE Mexican food.  (Cannot stop loving this one).


365 Days of Archangel Messages by Kimberly Dawn 1st Book

365 Days of Archangel Messages – Daily Inspiration, Activations & Healing for Your Body, Mind & Soul.” available on Amazon.  I’ve also been featured in the “Sedona Journal of Emergence”.


Early in my life the subsequent loss I experienced added up to being quite devastated with grief for most of my 20’s and 30’s.  My losses began with my parent’s divorce at age 11, followed by feeling abandoned by my father, mother, and brother as my brother went off to college and my parents divorced.

At age 23 I had the sudden loss of divorce happen when my son was only 18 months old, a second divorce at age 36, the loss of my Mom and the death of my Grandmother in the years to follow.  By the time I hit 40 I felt like nothing was helping with how sad and stressed out I felt most of the time.

Often times I felt as if I did not have much to look forward to from all the sudden loss I had experienced.  All of which seemed liked it was amplified 100 fold from the fact that I was a highly sensitive soul with having majorly heightened sensitivities all of my life.  This propelled me to be on a never-ending search to find a way to heal the sadness, fatigue, anxiety, and confusion.

After getting certified in many healing modalities and working with others going through loss and grief (as I was dealing with my own grief and sorrow) I met my twin flame, my other half of my Seraphim Angel Soul.  We brought through (created) the Archangel Crystal Lights with very specific higher intuitive guidance from Archangel Michael and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team.

Receiving the gift of the Archangel Crystal Lights through daily healing sessions has not only comforted and eased but erased the pain of my past (for the most part) and brought me a Divine light at the end of the tunnel again (which I never believed would actually happen, truthfully).


Post on Facebook…

Facebook post about Sunday's group healings

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What I shared in one of my books and on facebook…

My twin flame and I had an experience with Archangel Michael under the crystal lights again last evening while I was getting majorly worked on by the healing team after the grief and loss group healing Archangel Crystal Light session.  Something had come up to the surface (an old pain or darker grid from childhood that had affected me my entire life came to the surface ready to be transformed up and out by the healing team).  Boy, that was a doozy of an old grid in there.  Still recovering today from that energy surgery but in a good way.

Archangel Michael at the same time was talking to my love as he was holding my hand while out light bodies were being healed on the etheric higher realms.  Archangel Michael was telling us how we planned this reunion long ago and now that we are together we can complete our missions fully because we incarnated into this life to eventually find one another.  It’s like finding a long lost part of yourself and once you do you have more a peripheral complete view of the rest of the picture of what you are here to do as a unified whole.

I’ll never forget that view last night, being worked on with such precision by the healing team so that particular old wound is completely transformed across all time and space within me here and across the timeline.  Then seeing Archangel Michael and my love to my left in the etheric realms having this conversation – at the same time of being flooded with Archangel Michael’s light of love and protection along with my honey’s deep love and protective nature.  

This Universe is so much more vast than imaginable.  If you think you cannot heal or you feel you are broken this is not true.  To be born in a physical incarnation on earth is a rough journey, to say the least.

We get beaten up on this battlefield of earth… the scars that are left are these old darker grids in our chakras and light body that ultimately end up dampening our true light.

As old wounds are triggered these old pain grids come up to the surface for release.  Yet what happens with most of humanity are addictions and shoving them back down again with numbing out.  This doesn’t renew and heal the light body.

We are multi-dimensional beings of light.  To only change our thoughts helps yes, however our light bodies are intricate and delicate.  They have been disconnected from the Divine in so many ways with energy channels not being fully connected to Divine light anymore or old pain grids blocking our Divine light connection.

What I was being shown last night was how vital it is to heal our light bodies while in a physical incarnation so we can bring through God’s light all the way and so our soul’s light can completely pour through us, like the most breathtaking and revitalizing waterfall one can behold.  There are galactic healing specialists that are light body healing specialist that help us.  We were seeing more of these amazing Galactic beings of light last night and how much they are overseen by Archangel Michael’s light of protection.

Our bodies are not only physical – what makes up the physical body is the light body which is located in the 4th dimension and higher.  The light body has multidimensional layers to it that often get damaged or dampened by all that happens to us while in incarnation on earth.  

I was asking my sweetheart to ask Archangel Michael how to I explain all that I am being shown to who I am meant to share it with.  The message from Archangel Michael was for me to have a preface in what I type in my books or posts to include: (note: Don’t shoot the messenger).  He was sort of kidding of course and wanting me to understand my role more.

I do not see myself as a healer per say.  I am just the messenger and a Seraphim Angel on the higher realms who has come to earth to portray what interdimensional healing is like from higher beings of light.  I’m here to bring through what the higher realms are wanting us to know with how exactly they are here to help us.  That is all.

All I can do is convey what is being shown and spoken to convey.  Feels like a big responsibility to me at times because what is in this 3D world is not what meets the eye often times.  Now with my Divine compliment in my life, I am so thankful that I’m able to be even more of a conduit of light and healing for those who have clouded thinking and are having a hard time moving forward because of the fear.


May you always feel guided beyond belief with all that you do.  You are greatly loved through the end of time and all of infinity.



May you feel unconditionally loved, cherished and adored.

I often feel as if I’m “going home” to heal the fear and feel calmer immediately… I know I’m being comforted and brought new insights and understandings from higher beings of light within deep levels of my being while receiving Archangel Crystal Light℠ Energy Healing Sessions on a daily basis.

The Archangel Crystal Light sessions have become a “lifesaver” for me in many ways… I no longer suffer alone as I release the fear immediately with a benevolent and protective presence enveloping me with hope, Divine connection and love.


I’ve tried so many other healing modalities during my 20’s and 30’s to try and find something to release the fear, clouded thinking and past traumas that I’ve endured.   I’ve never seen anything work quite like the Archangel Crystal Light healing sessions for me and my clients because we feel immediately better due to how much fear is released and how much we immediately have clarity and calm again.


The genuine feeling of the fear and pain being cleared through the Archangel Crystal Light sessions continually bring me, my family and clients hope, clarity, a sense of belonging and deep peace.

My son and I


As a Mom, I feel such incredible joy for my son who is very much in touch with his life purpose and mission here on earth. (I can’t believe he’s 23 already!)

The Archangel Crystal Light healing sessions have brought him so much clarity, peace, and unconditional love.  He’s now finishing his Master’s degree in Business.


My son creating a customized fitness program for me while visiting him in Arizona (his personal training, health, and wellness skills are phenomenal).


Love my Olive Kitty Baby.

My Training…

-Certified Hospice Volunteer – Scottsdale Memorial North Hospital
-Massage Therapist over 7 years in my 20′s
-Channeling for Empathic clients (over 20 years now) helping them release the fear, have calm and be able to move forward with confidence
-Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, trained with Martha Beck (“O” Magazine Columnist and Harvard Graduate) as a Life Coach
-NLP Certified
-Master Certified Pranic Healer
-Certified Hypnotist
-Angel Therapy Practitioner™ by Doreen Virtue
-Owner and operator of my Crystal Light Healing Center in Sedona, Arizona in 2014, helping sensitive, empathic clients from all over the world in my brick and mortar Sedona Healing Center
-Inventor of the Archangel Crystal Lights℠ for Empaths (Large, Small, Mini and Portable Units)
-Creator of the Archangel Oracle Cards for Goddesses (Empaths)


MBI-certified_life_coach 99 x 99


In Divine Love and Grace,

Kimberly Signature

PS May peace, comfort, hope and unconditional love fill your heart this day and forevermore.

PSS One funny quirk about me that most people don’t know is that I love to crack my twin flame, sweetheart up by doing funny Saturday Night Live improv skits out of the blue. Improv’ ing whatever comes to me that will make him laugh… He almost rolls off his chair onto the floor sometimes. These characters are way different than I am which I think that is why it’s so funny to him.

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