By listening to this Divine Golden Light Mother Earth Healing Meditation with Archangel Michael and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team, you’ll receive 2-3 times the blessings back to you.

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What I posted on facebook yesterday…


“Had another visitation yesterday with a higher being of light. Verbally able to communicate with them about the hurricanes and hear back verbally.

Many are being woken up right now to tune in further to what their purpose is here on earth and also to what’s going on from behind the scenes that do not have humanities best interest at heart.

Divine healing light is being sent by the higher beings of light to all who request assistance and to the nuclear testing sites underground that have also affected Mother Earth to varying degrees.

Visualizing and feeling golden light from the Divine Source Light and sending that to all in need and the nuclear testing sights will help Mother Earth’s frequencies become more harmonious and balanced if you can do so.

The Divine light you send Mother Earth and all who are requesting assistance comes back to you 2-3 fold. More blessings will be bestowed up on you from doing this Divine light visualization for the planet.

There are more events to come that will shake humanity up even further, this is just the beginning in many ways. This was a precursor for humanity to prepare and request more Divine assistance for themselves and others.

What helps you stay in peace, do more of because your peaceful state of mind (and heart) brings in Divine light for the entire planet.

Your heartfelt love and compassion you send out ushers in more Divine healing light for all.

Love you Divinely.

So do all of the higher beings of light who are assisting all of us right now.”



Angel Card Reading For You Today

From the Archangel Oracle Cards for Empaths Deck

Archangel Raphael Message from my book, “365 Days of Archangel Messages” available on Amazon:

“Be at peace within the deepest core of yourself. You have the incredible ability to heal yourself through peaceful thoughts, prayers, intentions and connections. When you are at peace you create a healing ripple effect that reaches into the cosmos. When something is disturbing you, call upon me to help you find your tranquil center from the core of your being again. Let yourself be submerged in this blissful state as often as possible. You are honored for your dedication and service to yourself and humanity, for it is through you feeling good from the inside that your outer world is elevated and transformed.”


Here’s a question for you I’d love to hear your feedback on in the comments below.


  1.  What did you experience, sense or feeling during the Mother Earth Healing Meditation?

I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.

May peace within your heart prevail and may you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.

In Love & Grace,

PS  Archangel Michael and the Healing Team can perform the Angel Healings much more precisely and effectively when you have an Empath Protection Mini Unit (Archangel Crystal Lights) or Portable Unit as well as being in the Angel Healing Sessions For Empaths weekly because it allows them to see your body and auric field more clearly inter-dimensionally.

Ever had thoughts like?

  • I want this to go away.
  • This wreaks havoc on me.
  • I feel out of place like I don’t belong here.
  • I feel others don’t get who I really am.
  • I want my health to improve.
  • I want relief from the fear and anxiety.
  • I don’t want to pass traumas down to my children.

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