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Enjoy listening to part 1 and  part 2 where I share what I’ve learned in my journey with the Seraphim Angel Healing Team and the Archangels regarding Deep Nutrition, Weight Loss For Women, Reiki and the Ketogenic Diet.

Comment question posted: “As an Empath, how can I release excess weight caused by sensitivity to other people’s emotions?”

Part 1

Part 2

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Something I forgot to mention is how much the Ketogenic Diet calms anxiety for me as an Empath.  Gaba is activated, which has a calming effect, because of the brain utilizing its energy from ketones released by the liver as fuel instead of glucose.

Many are experiencing Metabolic Disorder from eating processed vegetable oils and sugars in their diet.  This is starting as early as 6 years old in some children.

My own metabolic processes have been affected negatively for years, creating my body to hold onto weight more readily from the processed foods, vegetable oils, and sugars.  This is why a modified version of the Ketogenic Diet works well in my body if I eat mostly whole foods and very little chemicals or processed foods for my meals like the book, “Deep Nutrition” suggests.

Please note: Some people’s bodies can process sugars and carbohydrates better than others and not gain weight eating a higher carb diet.  Unfortunately, my body isn’t one of them.

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  1. What question do you have for the Angels regarding being an Empath?


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Ever had thoughts like?

  • I want this to go away.
  • This wreaks havoc on me.
  • I feel out of place like I don’t belong here.
  • I feel others don’t get who I really am.
  • I want my health to improve.
  • I want relief from the anxiety and stress.
  • I don’t want to pass traumas down to my children.


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