Being an Empath can be so flippen’ challenging because you take on the stress and chaos of the world as your own while not even realizing you’re doing it until you are completely exhausted and just need a nap.  Ugggh!


Sound familiar?


I asked Archangel Michael and the Seraphim Angel Healing Team how Empaths can find more inner peace this week in the midst of all the anxiety and stress.  

I then pulled 3 Archangel Oracle Cards for Goddesses and channeled word for word answers for you, sweet Empath, so you will receive much anxiety relief for anything that may be stressing you out lately.


3 Archangel Oracle Cards that I pulled for you for this week’s FREE Angel Card Reading…  Luva you, enjoy…

Life Purpose – (represents the theme of the week)

Nature – (represents the healing antidote of the week)

Playfulness – (represents the outcome of the week)

(There’s no sound to the video above, just magical sparkle blessings for you).

Channeled Message From Archangel Michael and The Seraphim Angel Healing Team For This Week….


 “We are sending you frequencies this week of higher light coded blessings for inner peace.  Empaths especially are feeling the compounded stress going on in the world, the news and with the political arenas.  

If you say yes, we will assist you while you sleep tonight for healing, clearing, and blessings for your emotional body.  As an Empath, it is easy to absorb the emotions of others while you are going about your normal daily activities.  Sometimes you may even feel that resting does not help you as much as it used to.  You may even be feeling tired upon awakening in the morning.

This is because there is a lot of activity happening inter-dimensionally right now all across the planet.  Some of which holds much darkness within it that does not intend good for humanity overall.  

You may be feeling out of sorts lately due to how much activity on multidimensional levels of existence that are taking place right now.  Your prayers requests are heard by us and we are sending you higher light frequencies of inner peace so that you feel more balanced and able to perform your daily activities with more ease of being.  

Your light matters and so does your peaceful state of being.  When you are in distress, those around you feel this as well.  

Doing all you can for your physical vehicle, your 3D body helps us help you better.  Take a nap when you are tired.  Rest and spend time with your feet upon Mother Earth.  When in doubt, request our assistance and rest it out.  

Remember the mantra, “All will be well in the morning”.  Sometimes when you’ve had a day where everything seems to go wrong, this is a good mantra to repeat to yourself so that hope remains with you as you get through the day at hand.  

All is not lost.  You have been found.  We are with you in thought, prayer and guiding you gently each day so that your sensitive empathic nature is connected to Divine light that will lead you all the way home (when it is time).  

Rest assured as you pray and ask for our help much more assistance, new ideas, and higher possibilities are on their way to you.

We love you infinitely, always and forever,



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The Archangel Oracle Cards for Goddesses help you have:


  • Higher protection light from Archangel Michael
  • Chakra healing from all of the Archangels
  • Blessings so you know your direction and life purpose
  • More strength, faith, and trust


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Here’s a question for you I’d love to hear your feedback on in the comments below…


  1. How have the Angels helped you with your Empathic sensitivities?  

I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May peace within your heart prevail and may you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

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Ever had thoughts like?

  • I want this to go away.
  • This wreaks havoc on me.
  • I feel out of place like I don’t belong here.
  • I feel others don’t get who I really am.
  • I want my health to improve.
  • I want relief from the anxiety and stress.
  • I don’t want to pass traumas down to my children.


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