How Does Angel Healing Work?

I believe the connection you have with your soul helps you stay clear.


If you’ve ever wondered how Angel healing sessions really work energetically, you’ll love this video…


Message from Archangel Ariel (day 58 from my book “365 Days of Archangel Messages”): 

“When one door closes abruptly we reassure you there’s another door you are about to open that ushers in the most brilliant light that feels like the most soul refreshing waterfall you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. This waterfall not only connects you, it brings you the soul food you have been seeking. Sometimes opening up new doors is nerve-wracking because you don’t know what energy will greet you. Trust that the right doors for you are the ones that feel like a safe place to spread your wings and fly. Opening these doors will lift you higher right away. Your energy will not drop, it will rise. When your light meets another’s light who feels like a breath of fresh air, you can be assured we are there lifting you both higher.”


Here’s a question for you I’d love to hear your feedback on in the comments below…


  1. What would you like the Angels to help you with the most?

I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.  What you have to share may help other’s who feel the same way you do.


May peace within your heart prevail and may you light the way for others so all can find their way back home.


In Love & Grace,

PS  Archangel Michael and the Healing Team can perform the Angel Healings much more precisely and effectively when you have an Empath Protection Mini Unit (Archangel Crystal Lights) or Portable Unit as well as being in the Angel Healing Sessions For Empaths weekly because it allows them to see your body and auric field more clearly interdimensionally.


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  • Soul contracts cleared – to lift any sadness, pain or doubt – helping you get what you really want out of life
  • Healing of past life Karma with the Angels
  • DNA family lineage clearing (healing the bloodline)
  • A stronger more pure connection with the Angels
  • Activation of your authentic vibrational self
  • Activation that enhances your ability to receive Angel messages for yourself daily
  • Typed Angel message for you and the other group members from Archangel Michael and the Healing Team